Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Ignorance of the Duck

I am quite amused by the ignorance of the Duck. He feigns that he hates Liberterians but seems to have found a candidate that is even more anti semitic than he is, Ron Paul. He is quite vocal in his ire when it is directed to genuine Liberterians like Jason Papas or Warren. However, his angry comments about Baron Sascha Cohen's lampooning the comatose Paul as Bruno are revealing. The alliance between Code Pinkos, OWS, Nazis, Commies, Truthers and the Paultards have a common denominator da Jooooooos.

As for the Paultards who claim to be genuine Conservatives while forming alliances with Nazis, Communists
and OWS mutants, nobody is fooled. While Beakerkin and Newt were fighting Communists Paul and Rothbard advocated appeasement.

The Duck is clearly ignorant about the history and political realities of the Guyanese people. Competing Marxist parties stoked racial hatred between Indians and Blacks. The only thing Marxists did accomplish was to annoy everyone into emmigrating. A toxic brew of crime, corruption and malfeasence has made the place into a hell hole.

Anyone familiar with the odd politics of the Guyanese community could easily describe what those attacks were. Contrary to the media spin this was part of the Black vs Indian animus that is familiar to Guyanese and Trinidadians. The Mosque and Hindu Temple were part of this pattern. The Mosque was targeted because the worshipers are Indians. The Hindu Temple was targeted on a similar basis. The MSM focused on the Muslim angle because it fits their far left agenda. The reality of racist Marxist far left governments stoking racial paranoia doesn't play well in the Obama big media and academia cocktail parties.

My own family is almost entirely Hindu with a few Christians. The functions are mostly Indian, but Blacks from the same village do attend. When dealing with the reality of Guyana it is interesting to view the country in a more rural setting. Although there is clearly racial tension when one leaves the community in the community it is a different matter. The neighbors get along very well along regardless of race or religion.  I liken it to NYC in the early seventies in suburbia. The family next door was a valued nieghbor. Unfortunately, low life political hacks stoked racial hatred for its own sake. Crime was more likely to impact poor minorities than upper middle class white people.

In reality we need to get back to big table Americanism. The divisive class warfare of the Obama camp is unamerican and has no place in our nation of shared values and ideas.

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Ducky's here said...

Come on Beak, was the Guyanese guy who went on the firebombing rampage a friend of the "family" or not?

You and Pam Geller are both silent on this issue.