Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Media BS in NYC attacks

Once again the mindless Marxist imbeciles in some mainstream newspapers have misrepresented a hate crime. The attacks in Queens were against a Mosque and a Hindu Temple by what appears to be a mentally disturbed man with many screws loose. The media focuses almost entirely on the Mosque and makes little mention of the attack on the Hindu temple. The reason for that is plain and simple portraying this as the work of a lunatic doesn't suit their long term make Muslims into perpetual victims.

No doubt some left wing blogger will attempt to connect this with Pam Geller. Of course using the same idiotic techniques that made the media attempt to spin the far left Giffords shooter into a talk radio fan we can point to the person believing in Marxist idiocy that religion is the opiate of the masses.

I am not too upset with the showing of Santorum. At one time I backed Santorum because other than Newt he has been the only one who has confronted Ron Paul. I am still with Newt and will remain so. Santorum and Romney are preferable to Obama. If Ron Paul pulls a miracle or is the VP on any ticket I will depart the GOP and become an independent. There are those who point to the Paultards as an important vote. There are plenty to strenuously object to the conspiracy and bigoted world of Ron Paul. The film clip of Paul starring in the Bruno film should be shown everywhere. Paul is a clueless dimwit and I contrast this with the rather dignified manner Alan Keyes comported himself when simnilarly interviewed by Borat. It would be nice to see Joe Biden interviewed by another of Baron Sacha Cohen's persona because he is so stupid that he is kept under wraps by the Obama administration. In fact any impeach Obama talk is ended with do you want the dumbest politician in DC to be President.

Anybody but Ron Paul running against Obama is fine.


Ducky's here said...

The pig who did the bombings is Guyanese. Friend of the family who spent to much time listening to Beak and his puke friend Geller?

beamish said...

I'm still in Gingrich's corner.

Romney, Paul, Bachmann, and Huntsman are deal-breakers for me.

Bachmann and Huntsman are over with, and the sooner we get their drop out notices, the better.

I'll sell my own blood plasma to raise money for Obama if Romney or Paul are on the ticket at all.

Perry I'd begrudgingly vote for, but I won't campaign for him.

Santorum is my fall-back after Newt. I'll vote for him, but not as enthusiastically as I would for Newt.

Ducky's here said...

Help me out, Beak. How one interviews with an ass nugget like Borat influences your voting decisions?

Always On Watch said...

Regarding that fire bomber in NYC....CAIR is doing a victory dance as his deeds "prove" Islamophobia is dangerous.

beakerkin said...

According to NYC statistics there are at least 130,000 people of Guynese heritage in NYC. My family is Hindu and Indian so the odds that I have ever met this person are slim.

If you knew anything about my community this is obviously a crime against Indians. Both Marxist parties in Guyana stoke racial hatred and have turned the country into a dump.

Z said...

Haven't wished you a happy new year yet, Beak....I wish you a good one. Where's your new 3 month stint, by the way?

I've started to think Ron Paul is a little cuckoo lately...there's a creepiness that's hard to see. IMagine him on a stage debating Obama? Just the visuals...?!!

Ducky's here said...

Beak -

I'm afraid I have to persist and ask for you help. Since you are an officer you can take action in these serious matters.
Once again the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, yes the same organization that allowed Arab crafts to be sold during the Palestinian film festival, has become a Muslim propaganda stooge.

They will be hosting an Iranian film festival in an attempt to convince us that Iranians are really human beings with human concerns.
With all the tension over Iran I think we can agree the timing is suspicious.

Would you be willing to start an action to shut this down or bring it to the attention of your friend Pam Geller?

Thank you,