Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Death of a Jerk

We come not to praise the most vulgar nasty parasite on the web but to burt him. He was despised by all that had the misfortune of meeting him. Much of the informatiom provided was accurate. The question of who wrote ther disturbing material that conveyed molesting his kids is unknown.

He was a sick man who stole people's identities and created dozens of poorly created personas such as Shanghai Charlie and nine or ten versions of Socrates. He harrassed every female he came into contact with and penned such classics as Jews into the Ovens. I did battle with him for years and the genuine article lost many a carefully established over years.

He learned to stay clear for the most part. However, every now and then he wanted to test the investigator and lost. Writting samples are like fingerprints and his style was spotted in seconds. His poorly created personas were a text book example of a person who slaved over grammar without grasping creativity or entertainment value..

The planet is a better place without this king of trolls.


-FJ said...

Yet no apologies to the innocent are forthcoming.

No surprise there.

beakerkin said...

Innocent of what. You admitted that you were Socko. Lets see multiple aliases and a proclivity for gassy discussions of philosophers. There will be no apologies for your folly,

beamish said...

FJ is not Socko, but a different anti-Semite entirely.

-FJ said...

My sarcastic "admission" was years after you destroyed Homer's reputation by falsely accusing me of being a paedophile. And now you cry that I don't post under a single avatar. waaaaah!

beakerkin said...


While you are not Socko you are clearly another disturbed sort. Why follow a person who behaved as you describe?

You have other places that welcome your boorishness, kindly remain there. This blog does not permit sock puppets or cater to Paultards.

-FJ said...

I am clearly a "disturbed" sort? If having and upholding moral values constitutes a "disturbance", then I am certainly THAT.

Why follow a person who behaved as you describe?

Because your heart was in the right place, even if your mind was missing a few logical connections. Just like it is now. You don't think that I felt bad for Donal at the time? The difference between us was that I felt it better that she learn how to take care of herself. If she was going to become a twentieth century woman, she didn't need a "man" to protect her. And being the "man" and trying to do the "right thing" was something you felt that you had to do.

And try as I might to convince you that I wasn't Socrates, was a futile endeavor. Your stupid "I can read Soc's fingerprints" meme was in full swing.

You're basically a good person beakerkin who tries, but doesn't always succeed, in doing the right thing. You've got "old fashioned" values and I admire that in a twenty-first century inhabitant.

That, and I hate communists, socialists, and sixties "progressives". I liked how you took them on.