Thursday, January 19, 2012

thank you Front Pa ge Magazine

Readers of this blog need to sample the comments of the Paultards at FPM. The Paultards claim divine linneage from the founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson had his own issues with Muslims abducting Americans. Obviously the Paultards missed the part about no tribute.

There are some of you who question my depiction of FJ as an anti semitite. If the term Israel firster is bigoted when uttered by a commie Ducky its context does not change when uttered by a Paultard. Claims of Israeli contol of media, government are bigoted by Ducky and when FJ waxes off about Paul being attaced by the Jews we need look no further.

Now the claim that Paultards are true conservatives who include Stormfronters, Code Pinkos and OWS morons and Gingrich, Santorum and the opponents of Paul are Neocons is laughable. Sorry, but Mark Levin remains a Reaganite and Ron Paul left the GOP in protest of his policies. Now Paul claims Reagan and his legacy while the record shows he ran against famed lefty Russel Means for the Liberterian Party nomination. Is Means somehow a true Conservative? Means himself would never utter such lunacy and it is time Paultards admit this and quit insulting everyone's intelligence.

In actuallity Paul is the heir to the Lyndon Larouche style political cult with populist bigotry added.

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beamish said...

"Neocons" *are* Reaganites.