Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Oldie

Raising a young child frequently involves some sacrafice. I have been stuck watching the Disney and Nick kid shows wich are not that badwith one or two exceptions. I was flipping through the stations and found Mannix on Cloo. I haven't seen that show in 40 years, but remember it as a kid. I like the old detective shows and it would be good to see Jake and the Fatman, the original Kojak, Hawaii 5-0 and so forth.

I also wanted to see the episode of Welcome Back Kotter where Epstein gives Ducky a wedgie.

Ducky: Okay class who knows about Karl Marx
Horshack: Oh-Oh Mr Ducky. That was the name of one of the Marx Brothers who didn't make film.
Ducky: No no no you peasent trash. He wrote about class struggle.
Barbarino: Hey nobody insults Horseshack but us.
Ducky: Sit down you cheap Fonzie wannabe hack.
Washington: Epstein our substitue teacher needs an attitude adjustment.
Ducky: Unhand me you working class simpletons can't you #%^%^ see that you need your betters%^&^7
Epstein: Kotter was right on a teacher's salary all they can afford is Fruit of the Loom.

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