Sunday, January 08, 2012

An Apology to the Pagan Temple

I do offer a sincere apology for blasting the multi persona FJ/ sybil. Since our parting of ways I tend to ignore FJ. FJ has been less than honest about being a Paultard. His defense of Paul's history via the news letters and absurd statements are on a moral par with truthers.

Now many absurd statements have been made over the years. However, while Reaganites and others were fighting the Cold War Paul and Rothbard advocated appeasement. He is still advocating Rothbard style appeasement in his talks about Iran.

In NYC I have had my own dealings with Paultards. They are on a par with Truthers, Holocaust Denniers, Nazis and Communists. Sorry, but we do not hear Newt or Santorum supporters talking about saving the country from the Jews or taking up arms. Mental illness and stupidity are all part and parcel of the dishonest Paultard toxic brew.

With Newt for now, but anyone other than Paul is fine.


The Pagan Temple said...

You don't have to apologize to me over that shit. As long as nobody threatens anybody's life or any other illegal activity, its all good. I've got to say though, FJ doesn't really strike me as a Booger-Eating Paultard, and certainly not a Nazi or Klan type. A lot of people like aspects of Paul's domestic policies, and for that matter most of his foreign policy is all right. It's just on the Middle East, particularly Iran, Islamic terrorism, 9/11, and Israelis versus Palestinians where he goes way off the rails. Plus I question his fidelity to the "gold standard" and this nutty shit about "competing currencies" is just not ready for prime time. Or for that matter the Saturday morning kiddie shows.

queenish said...

Speaking of moral parity with "truthers", make any false accusations of pedophilia against innocent blogger lately, beakerkin?

queenish said...

Still schilling for AIPAC candidates against Ron Paul I see. No surprises there.

Rita said...

I would prefer to spend my time actually having healthy debates with honest people. I find them to be much more intelligent than people who hide behind multiple online persona debating themselves.

Funny that I described the same antics as Sybil when "they" hijacked other people's sites.

The psuedo-intellectual bull is boring.