Monday, January 09, 2012

Why We Like Tebow

Why does a Jewish NYC resident with Hindu family like Tim Tebow.

1) All of us love and admire the person who plays fair, works hard and is told by experts he can't do it and does. Tebow is pure heart soul and determination. He works harder than the rest and plkays hard but fair.

2) He respects his team mates and opponents. He doesn't even have a bad word for his detractors.

3) He represents and embodies Christian values and spirit admired even by non Christians as myself. Likely he is probably there for a team mate down on his luck because it is the calling of his savior and a heart held value. He advocates his beliefs positively without dennigrating others who think differently.

4) He is genuinely modest and appreciates those around him.

5) He is positive at all times.

The fact that someone so wholesome and appealing to all is so hated by the Duck tells us more about the Duck than Tebow.


Ducky's here said...

Nice try , Beak.

I don't dislike Tebow but rather the whole media circus that has arisen around him.

His kicker nails a 60 yard field goal to win a game and we hear about Tim and divine intervention.

His receiver grabs a short pass and gives a great stiff arm and Pittsburgh blows coverage and we hear about Tim. A bit much for Diane Sawyer to do a segment on Tim and divine intervention.

His personal qualities aren't exceptional. He's a mediocre passer and he's going to get burned in Foxboro.

But keep trying Officer Strutter.
Say Hi to Pam Geller and the rest of your hater buddies for me.

beakerkin said...

Except that you have been ranting about him before he picked up a football. Tebow is a leader and the team has rallied around him.

As far as haters commies have a monopoly on hate. They preach class warfare and have a history of killing. You are quite the anti semite and have a history that speaks for itself.