Monday, January 09, 2012

Football Talk

We like Tebow and the passion and integrity he brings to the game. He seems to be getting better each week, but he is not beating the Patriots. The only equalizer is freak weather that could even things up. Tebows friend upstairs sends a blizzard or 50mph winds and all of us start Tebowing. Making this better is the Communist Duck ranting afterwards. Not going to happen but if it did priceless 44-21 Pats

Despite all the talk about the Saints outdoors they beat the 49ers. There is too much firepower to hold for too long. Brees and not Aaron Rodgers  is the best QB. I would love to see this game in a rainstorm but it isn't happening.

The Giants have over achieved and other than JPP and Tuck when healthy are not exceptional. Webster is the best and he is merely better than average. Offensively the Giants can score points when they can run and the line does have serious issues. Green Bay's Offense is good and they should put up enough points to beat the Giants 31 -17. Victor Cruz gets blanketed in the cold and has a drop. The Giants boil down to Brandon Jacobs. If he runs well they have a slim hope.

Teans vs Baltimore. This is a Fred Flintstone club defensive war. Baltimore wins a brutal defensive battle 13-3. John Goodman comes out after the game and screams NERDS.

The NFL has some good stories this year in the sucsess of a real good guy Tebow and a Rocky style Victor Cruz stardom out of nowhere. Now if the NFL would stop tilting the balance to offense it would be a better game.


Ducky's here said...

His name is Tom Brady.

Next week should be fun. The Pack mauls the Giants and Tebow goes down.

Ducky's here said...

The weather should be mild as this unusual winter continues.

beakerkin said...

Remember if the man upstairs can part the Red Sea for my people he can come up for some bad weather for Tebow.

Im rooting for Tebow

Rita said...

In 27 days this town will be exploding. You wouldn't believe all the preparations being made here. Of course we were all hoping that Peyton would be leading the charge, but looks like his days are now numbered.

If we can't have Peyton, Indy is definitely rooting for Tebow. NO ONE like cheater Brady here.

I learned last weekend that ours will be the first NFL city where all of the NFL teams, officials, celebs, etc will be able to stay in the same city.

Obviously Dallas was completely unprepared for the ice, but Indy is use to ice and snow and we have a ton of enclosed walking bridges and underground tunnels to allow nearly all the visitors the ability to get from their hotels to restaurants to Lucas Oil Stadium.

They are sectioning off the streets and will have huge outdoor heaters over the street leading directly into the stadium.

I take my town for granted, but it really is a very pretty and safe place. And we now house the largest JW Marriott in the entire world.

We're rooting for Tebow.