Monday, January 09, 2012

Not Clever

The multi personality dullard mostly known as FJ has gone off his meds. For the most part I ignore his banal posts. He is rather unoriginal and not worth the time. I reacted to yet another one of his anti semitic provocations at the site of the Pagan Temple.

In my spat with FJ, he was consistently defended by Mr. B. Now psycho FJ has turned on his friend Mr. B by paroding him as Quemish with an unoriginal title the Wank Files.

The reason I chose to avoid FJ are the rather clown like antics that are not ammusing. An honest blogger writes his support for Ron Paul and we deal with it. As a Ron Paul supporter you have basically admitted you are a freak of some sort. When person x states they support Santorum or Perry this is basically a difference of opinion. When one states they support Ron Paul and are "true conservatives" this should come with a laugh track. I do not call myself a Conservative, but I respect them when I disagree. I also respect most Liberterians like brother Jason Pappas or Warren. A true liberterian is the archfoe of Commies like our friend the Duck. While Mark Levin and the other Reaganites were fighting the Cold War Paul and Murray Rothbard were advocates of appeasement. We don't see a Code Pink brigade supporting Newt for obvious reasons, but they support Ron Paul eagerly.

As for claims FJ is not antisemitic his comments about Jews and Ron Paul are clear. I disagree with those who give him a free pass on this issue.

FJ do us a favor. Do not visit or comment here. I will do my best to avoid you. As Nixon is claimed to have stated ... "the worst crime is to be boring". Frankly, your antics are a bore and I would appreciate it if you would take this act elsewhere. The blogosphere is a big place and you need not bore me further.


beamish said...

I was pretty much done with the far left Naderite when he started stalking me to call me a "grandma killer" over my views on entitlement programs (i.e. there shouldn't be any) That's what his "Queenish" sock puppet is about, his grudge with me for failing to pretend he's a conservative. (see also my retaliatory sock puppets making fun of his sock puppets... lol I was bored)

You can run over to AOW's and see what's left of FJ after a long debate on Ron Paul there (Jimmy O'Bama thread) Hilarious destruction. Some of my finest work.

theMickey's said...

Hi. Been a while since I've been here. I smell a lot of negative E.

Titan said...

Did your AIPAC paycheck bounce last week when Sheldon Adelson donated $5m to the Gingrich campaign? I was wondering why you seem so grumpy, lately.