Thursday, January 19, 2012

Communist Cryptozoology

The belief that Arabs living in Israel are the indigenous people of the area is the Marxist equivalent of Bigfoot. The Communist mantra that modern so called Palestinians are connected in any way to Phillistines is a myth used solely for the expediency of stoking populist Jew Hatred without the gas chambers and Nazi imagery. Communists do frequently align with actual Nazis. A modern version of this is the Code Pink / Stormfront alliance in their preffered candidate Ron Paul.

The book from Time Immemorial was allegedly debunked by Maoist antisemite Norman Finklestein. While the book may have had an oddity or two in sources that can be ascibed to any book it speaks a basic truth.
There was plenty of Arab immigration to the area and Arabs allready posses plenty of colonized ethnically cleansed real estate. In fact prior to 1967 the cry Jews into the sea made no mention of this so called ethnicity that was allegedy present continuosly.

Commuists are quite fond of the populist Jew hatred industry. There are many people who make a living stoking this Communist need for cover for their own bigotries. Norman Finklestein and many an academic Marxist hack owe their entire career to this industry.

Communists feign outrage over the alleged sins of Israel and the USA. They remain silent over their own treatment of Muslims such as Stalins tactic of deporting them to Siberia or razing Grozny for far less provocations than the Israelis endure. We can add Marxists killings of Indians in Nicaragua. Our own Junglemom did write plenty on the sins of Chavez. She was threatened by the followers of Renegade Eye for speaking out. A comedic classic had Graeme lecturing Junglemom about the sanitary habits of people she lived with. The communist crank got this info by staying in the Holiday Inn.

Thus Communists have created their own modern Bigfoot to stoke Jew hatred to advance their foul revolutionry agenda. If the question is viewed in its proper context indigenous Jews vs Colonial Arabs yearning for additional ethnically cleansed real estate the arguments about Jews mistreating Arabs is about as absurd as Black slaves exploiting white people in the Old South. History does not begin in 1948 because Communists and Arab apologists deem it expedient.

An honest historical discussion needs to take place about how Islam was spread and its colonial history and Jim Crow chapters. Americans have examined these chapters in discussions of slavery and our often criminal treatment of Indians. We do tend to gloss over the Joseph Brandt mess. Indians needlessly involved themselves in a war that they were begged to sit out by Washington. The Indians did commit what would today be described as terrorism in the North East. The English sold out these mercenary flunkies who followed a Crown Lacky common law Brother in law of a gvernment official into dispossesion of their lands
and exile into Canada. This exploitation of American Indians should be discussed in an overall history. Europeans were adept at getting Indians involved in their petty wars long before the American Revolution.
Indians who acquired firearms used them to settle long hatreds with each other initially. The role of disease also needs to be added into these chapters as well.

Americans can look at these chapters with no loss of patriotism. It is time for Muslims and Marxists to confronmt their own histories of Jim Crow, Colonialism, Class Genocide, Ethnocide and slavery. When
one discusses anything with lefties centerists spend too much time engaging in historical arguments with apologists for class genocide and deniers of Muslim colonialism and abuse of genuine indigenous people.

How many ethnically cleansed states do Muslims need? What makes the case of Arab refugees more compelling than genuine indigenous people like Kurds or any African or Indian tribes. Did thne creation of ethnically cleansed states in Pakistan or Jordan lead to peace or just further demands for additional land.

Gingrich was right.

Want Peace. Egypt takes back Gaza and admits the residents there were really Egyptian. Jordan and Israel make a land deal and the PA is disbanded. Israel keeps every centimeter of the Golan Heights. This will never happen because Marxists and their Muslim allies really are more interested in eliminationalism of Jews
than about refugees who have been on the dole fo 60 years. It is time that Arabs need to be confronted with keeping people in camps for generations and demand that Arabs build viable economies.

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