Friday, January 13, 2012

Is FJ an anti semite

There are some that claim that my charge that FJ is Jooo hater is a tad extreme. Lets repeat the highlights of some of the FJ Classics dirrected at me.

After a comment on the site of PT, FJ when on to wax about the Joooooos having in for Ron Paul. Given Ron Paul's antisemitic, racist and homophobic newsletter alone this would be warranted. Comparing Gaza to a concentration camp ( Classic Israel is Nazi usually stated by Communists) and suggesting that 9-11 was a reaction to US support for Israel would tend to irk Jewish voters.

FJ is championing the same mental gymnastics used by Holocaust Deniers and Truthers to claim Paul is not anti semitic. The overwhelming evidence is there if one cares to look. The excuses about the news letters are even more far fetched than Obama's feigned cluelessness about Pastor Wright's racist anti American and anti semitic blather. I do not respond to Truthers and Holocaust deniers who frequently feign noble intentions by stating "we are just asking questions". To engage these types in dialouge is a waste of time as you are really dealing with mental illness and bigotry.

The Farmer has made bizzare claims that all of your familiar Talk Radio hosts are fake conservatives. Funny, but Paultards who form alliances with actual Communists at OWS and so called peace protests are not the arbiters of who is a conservative. The hysterical claims that Mark Levin is a neocon are anti semitic as the author of conservative classics is a Reaganite. The Paulite claims that Limbaugh, Hannity, Lord are corporate sellouts, tools of the Jews are usually associated with bird brained lefties.

The Farmer has stated that I am an Israel firster which is a classic anti semitic cliche about Jews are disloyal Americans. This type of hatred is most commonly seen from lefties and recognized easily.  We point out it is bigoted when stated by Duncy and it remains bigoted when stated by FJ.

The critique offered that why do we allow Ducky to comment and bar those of FJ. FJ has shown an unwillingness to play by this blog's no sock puppet rule. Ducky is also honest about his views and does not pretend to be in the political mainstream. This feigned support for Romney while attacking Paultards is merely the inability of the Farmer to step out of the Paultard closet.


Always On Watch said...

The Farmer has made bizzare claims that all of your familiar Talk Radio hosts are fake conservatives.




Now, I don't listen to the radio at all (I prefer books on CD or something from my own CD collection when I'm listening, particularly in the car, when I can't afford even a jot of more stress).

But I want something unrelated to FJ straightened out once and for all.

Did Limbaugh or did Limbaugh not advocate that conservatives vote for Obama in the 2008 primaries?

As for anti-Semitism in general, that is the most dangerous of roads for anyone to go down.

I do find those newsletters of Ron Paul's to be alarming -- at the least.

Ducky's here said...

Now let's cut to the chase and ask:

Why should Israel be exempt from criticism? Especially when led by a corrupt pig like Nuttyyahoo?

beamish said...

It's a sad, immature play for attention. The sock puppets are just so much more of that sad immaturity demanding attention.

Most other people would present a rational argument for their views and move on, if they could.

But rational arguments aren't exactly the byproducts of Paultards.

beamish said...

But, to answer the question posed by the headline, I have observed nothing with which to defend FJ from the charge of anti-Semitism. He's done stomped the benefit out of the doubt. I doubt the benefits of not considering FJ an anti-Semite.

I don't really care that FJ is an anti-Semite. He wouldn't be the first, and probably isn't the last.

He's certainly not the first anti-Semite to be a leftist.

beakerkin said...


This is a classic example of a half truth spread by Paulites. Limbaugh was not advocating voting for Obama out of support. His advocacy was an attempt to undermine Hillary. At that time Obama was believed to be unelectable. As I listened to that series of shows the context of that claim is clearly dubious.


When FJ calls a Jewish American an Israel firster and makes strange claims about AIPAC it is clear he is an antisemite. It walks like Ducky sounds like Ducky.


The comments are directed at Jewish Americans. FJ is clearly your peer in in anti semitism.

Always On Watch said...

His advocacy was an attempt to undermine Hillary.


How much did it backfire?

Ducky's here said...

Ducked the question as usual Officer Strutter.

You are a fraud and a coward.

beamish said...

Why should Israel be exempt from criticism?

I believe they should lower their standards and behave like respected members of the UN Security Council.

Maybe do a little Grozny on the Gaza Strip, Russia style.

Crush a little dissent under tanks, China style.

Arm up some factionalists and really get the Rwanda rockin' on in Palestine, like France.

Topple regimes that support terrorism against them, like Britain and the United States.

Nah. Too nuanced.

Let's pick nits over how Israel handles their national security with the slack-jawed yokels and lowbrows instead.


beamish said...

I thought Rush Limbaugh's "Operation: Chaos" advocated Republicans crossing into the Democratic primaries to vote for Hillary Clinton, the idea being she would have been easier to defeat had she gained the Democratic Party nomination.

He did this after supporting Romney throughout the 2008 GOP primaries (note to Teabaggers) and after Romney dropped out of the race.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, an obituary for Socrates was posted at another blog.

Now you can stop mentioning him.

Z said...

I guess I think this whole "FJ's an anti semite" is strange because he never showed a smidgen of that in the last 12 years.
It's hard to read the quotes you cite here, Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, if Palestine is phony how do you explain its use by Herodotus?

Ducky's here said...

His obituary. You knew him as Socrates.

This is not a joke.

beakerkin said...


Criticism of Israel does not make one Anti Semitic. The loon MZ criticizes its policies all the time.

Israel has a democratically elected President. The fact that a Commie such as yourself gets worked up so much tells me he is doing the right thing.

Duncy the expert on the poeople and its history is Josephus who wrote at length on the subject.

On the Subject of Socko. I will read and comment later. My kid comes first.

Always On Watch said...

IF "Palestine" belongs to "the Palestinian tribes," shouldn't America be redivided and given back to the Native Americans?

Territories all over the world are seized and repopulated -- and so it goes over the course of history.

Turning the clock back isn't realistically. That's assuming that the "Palestinian clock" is accurate in the first place -- which it is not.

Ducky's here said...

You calling Herodotus a back bencher?

That's pretty insane.

beakerkin said...


Josephus writes extensively about a
subject barely touched on by others and lived in the area. In this respect he is the definitive source and never mentions Palestinians and writes pages after page about Jews.

Simple Palestinians were not present hence there would be a fleeting reference.

Patrick Kelley said...


Josephus isn't exactly the most reliable historian on the planet. He once wrote that a giant serpent-like dragon live in the Jordan River. He even described him. In detail.

Also, most of his legitimate histories were lifted from the works of Nicholas of Damascus, who was close to Herod.

He was also a traitor. He spent the first year of the Jewish War going around the countryside smashing statues of Herod Antipas, and then went over to the Roman side at the first opportunity.

All one needs to know about the present day "Palestinians" is that they are Arabs whose claim to the name is based solely on their claims to the territory. They are a fake ethnicity.

The people who lived in the Gaza area during Josephus's day were Greeks.

Ducky's here said...

The topic is Herodotus.

beakerkin said...

No Duncy the subject is Josephus who lived in the area. How does the
man write page after page about Jews and not a single reference to


Belief in such oddities were cpmmon
and we get into the realm of cryptozoology. Modern Palestinians
having any connection to Philistines is a Communist version of the Bigfoot Cult.

It is believed the talk of the Chinese Dragon was based on the rare but real Chinese Aligator.