Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Violence over Soy Sauce and Underwear

There are those who live in fantasy worlds of simplicity. In these fantasy worlds domestic violence is a heterosexual thing. This may appear so because there are more heterosexual couples but domestic violence is a human issue and does happen to gay couples.

Kwame Harris had a reputation for being strange when he played in the NFL. He was from Stanford and very bright. He was drafted high and did not exactly have a great career. Now out off the police blotter is a bizarre fight over underwear and soy sauce that resulted in a hospitalization.

Domestic violence doesn't fit into a neat box. Kwame Harris may indeed be strange, but it likely has nothing to do with his orientation or intelligence. Domestic violence can occur in penhouses, housing projects, religious sects, communist cults, housing projects, agrarian communities or suburbia.

In general we have to grasp that violence on a personal level is just unacceptable. If you are really that upset just walk away and don't return. The only time personal violence is acceptable is to save lives from criminals or in service for your country.

As I age the small stuff like the clown who has been lifting one or two of my Mountain Dew's from the refrigerator go. Life is too short to waste energy on small things.

The next time you get upset walk away. You can buy another bowl of rice or pair of underwear. You can't buy self respect or dignity. It would be great to see one of these out of control  celebrities say I was out of control there was no excuse for my behavior and I am going into therapy without a PR strategist pointing the way.

Note to Dumb Corporate Fools at CNN

You are tired of your bad ratings. Of course you can try changing the faces and you will get more of the same. If you want to get ratings hire conservatives and stop carrying water for Obama. The problem is that CNN is offering the same product as every other news outfit and viewers have no reason to watch.

The problem is when the network is so closely identified with an unpopular President and makes no attempt at balance there is no reason to turn it on.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to Lefty Animal Farm

There was a time when lefties thought they understood justice. The examples from UC Davis and to a lesser degree Canada show why they don't.

Thuggish leftist clowns occupy a public space and harass Jews. No doubt if this abuse were aimed at Blacks, Gays, Communists or Muslims those on the far left would grasp the concept. A seizure of a public space is not to be confused with Free Speech. While one is in a free space anyone may film and record the activities. The fact that lefties don't want events filmed should cause all of us to ponder what events are taking place.

The students are free to protest, write ill informed and ignorant drivel in the University Paper. However when groups physically remove others from a free space and target Jews they have just violated several rules.

The ringleaders of this occupation should be suspended for one year and any student involved in violence should be expelled.

Now to Canada via Bruce Bawer. The University created a wall where ideas can be posted. A self described gay activist took down the wall because anti gay material might be there. Sorry, but lefties
don't have the right to silence lawful speech. I sympathize with gay rights in general but actions like this make gays look bad. The issue should be argued as personal liberty, human respect and none of your business as opposed to Marxist victimology.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

End for Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz has done some great things. However, looking for a retrial for the predator Weberman  would end his legacy on one sour note.

There are indeed grounds for a retrial. The trial should be moved out of Brooklyn. The Satmar are despised by those familiar with their antics.

While Dershowitz is correct that every person deserves a defense the Satmar community has been a disgrace on many levels. Let someone else deal with this disgraceful predator.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

A miracle in NYC

Normally, in NYC we are used to turnstile justice. We have grown accustomed to criminals getting away with crime.

103 years is an amazing verdict considering cop killers typically get 25 years to life in this state. This verdict is a reaction to the disgusting treatment of the victims family by the Satmar community. Calling a rape victim a whore and threatening their families is disgusting behavior that all of us should be outraged by. A community that protects pedophiles and harasses victims of pedophilia is a sick group that should be reviled by all.

If NY had a functioning adult as governor. the Satmar Rebe would have got an earful. Unfortunately, NY has Andrew Cuomo who is more interested in trying to outdo Obama on gun control and get kudos among the elite national press then governing. Sadly, Michael Bloomberg has not been vocal enough on this issue as well.

Kudos to the Jewish Daily Forward for turning up the heat on sexual abuse in the Ultra  Orthodox communities and leading the other media into this story.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anti Muslim Legos

I read a story about racist legos. Now I know creative people have done all types of crazy things like making lego jails. There was even a Lego concentration camp purchased by an art Museum.

This time according to Drudge the Jaba the Hut play set resembles the most famous Mosque in Turkey
and Jaba smokes a Hookah and practices slavery and terrorism. At first I thought this was some sort of brilliant prank from Rusty Shakleford at My Pet Jawa or someone at the Onion playing another joke on the public.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Now on Fox the Last American Patriot Staring Mr B

Are you tired of all the politically correct sitcoms? Welcome to the year 2013 and the last American Patriot is Mr. B. Each week he will deliver comedic justice with a touch of napalm Missouri style.
Watch as Mr. B interacts with the mighty Beakerkin arts players

Ducky: Now why exactly do no need an assault rifle.
Mr. B: It is easier to get an elk with an assault rifle then this Porsche here.
Ducky: You peasant trash that is my car.
Beakerkin: Correction was your car.
Ducky: I'll kill you peasant scum for this.
Mr. B: If communists threaten to inflict class genocide on us remember it is better to give then receive
Ducky: You idiot you shot my big toe socialized medicine, gun control........

Tune in next week as Mr. B explains why taxes should only be raised on Marxists.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama 24/7 BS

Despite the headlines about assault weapons, Americans are more apt to be run over by unlicensed illegal aliens then be killed by assault weapons. Americans looking for work are unlikely to find jobs due to Obama's arrogant malfeasance then to be killed by an assault weapon. Americans are more apt to be killed by a recidivist criminal freed by Obama's henchmen in the ACLU then to be killed by an assault rifle.

What we are getting is MSN old progressive version of bread and circuses.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Predator Webberman to be sentenced on Tuesday

The Satmar sexual predator will be sentenced on Tuesday. Since then several other victims have approached the media. The community continues to harass the families of the victim. It is time for Gov Cuomo to tell the community stop harassing the victim or face prosecution.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Few Missing Childhood Experiences

I always wanted to see the Harlem Globetrotters with my father. Hopefully, when they come in I will get a few tickets and take him. The Globetrotters are just fun and an enjoyable experience.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

RIP Conrad Bain

Thank you for the many hours of entertainment on various TV Shows. Bain was a modest gentleman in the one or two times our paths crossed. Unlike many stars he was gracious with a warm smile and genuine warm personality.

Amazingly the last cast members of Different Strokes are Todd Bridges and Charlotte Rae.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bloomberg Okays second Spouse

In a novel development Mayor Bloomberg has stated you can have a second spouse as long as they are not over 20 ounces.

Join the Cult of Obama

Communists of the world drop your manifestos and listen to the real savior Barry O. Throw down your tired and dated manifestos written by a racist Jew hating dead white fool who couldn't earn a nickel.
Replace Marx with Dreams of My Father I barely met.

 Demand that all episodes of Scooby Doo be redrawn. The Mystery Van gets redrawn as the Choom Mobile. Barry O replaces Shaggy, Biden replaces Scooby Doo, Emmanuel replaces Fred, Hilary replaces Velma and Susan Rice replaces Daphne. Yes young kids can watch Barry O solve crimes while stoned.

We need to remake the Beverly Hills 90210 with the story of Barry O in a prep school in Hawaii. You can mix in elements of Saved by the Bell with Joe Biden playing Screech with a brain injury.

We need to recast Happy Days with Barry O as Fonzie. We need to redo Mork and Mindy with Barry O as Mork. We need to reshoot Batman with Barry O as Batman and Joe Biden as Robin. Ann Coulter will get to play Catwoman. Chris Cristie plays the Penguin. Rush Limbaugh plays the Joker. Newt Gingrich plays the Riddler.

Why bother venerating dead failures when you can watch Barry O abuse the Constitution with a variety
of executive orders, dismantle our military and blame everyone on the planet for his own failures.

Who needs Marx when you can have Barry O.  Who needs reality logic, economics, the constitution, sound management or leadership when we have Barry O.

Toss down your manifesto and hail the chosen one Barry O today.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Solution to the SWP Problem

Across the pond there is a severe problem among the ignorant followers of the planets greatest imbecile Lev Bronstein aka Trotsky. The SWP is in open revolt because a politically connected nerd was sexually abusing his lower ranking morons. Rather then report rape to the police like a normal human the reject sends a complaint to a select crew of cronies that rationalize the abuse.

Trotskyite imbeciles of the world reject your allegiance to the catcher of the icepick and join the Cult of Obama, We have a catchy acronym COWARD. Cult of Obama Worshipers And Retarded Dupes.

Why worship a failed communist who accomplished nothing when you can worship the all knowing and omnipotent savior who knows all.

He was born by immaculate conception in Hawaii. Nobody knew his parents were a couple. No marriage certificate has ever been found. No photos or witnesses to the marriage occurred.  Amazingly,  the government was notified of this immaculate union and placed notes in the saviors fathers A File.

He was raised in more prep schools then Al Gore and smoked more weed then Cheech and Chong Combined. He drove around in a van thinking he was Shaggy from Scooby Doo but the only crimes they ever solved were those of fashions and really bad hairstyles.

Obama learned the true religion from many Communists and airheads starting with his mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama performed many miracles in his college days, He did poorly in Occidental but somehow managed to get accepted to Columbia. He then gets accepted into Harvard law. All of the saviors records are sealed as we are not worthy to see his grades. He gets hired into a University and teaches a political course for 12 years without publishing a single peer reviewed article and maintains his job. He sat in a racist anti semitic church for two decades but managed to not hear anything.

Obama has managed to get over 90% of the Black vote while conditions in the Black community are worse then ever. He managed to get elected despite doing everything in his power to keep unemployment high and exacerbate the global recession.

Who needs Trotsky the mendicant when you can worship Obama instead.   

Frum Zombie Retards

Once again the Frummies have invaded and really don't grasp that I hate them. I merely was annoyed at them up until this summer when they invaded and placed me through hell for 16 weeks. Of course none of this happens if asshole relative doesn't procrastinate and cost her kid a summer job. Of course the moron does and her son needs to attend a special yeshiva only found here. The entire family of religious mendicants stays for 16 weeks while I roast in hell.

Did I say I hate these people.

You can't enjoy a normal meal because they bring their religious idiocy with them. Of course the Sabbath ends and they stay until the last possible second and do not leave until 3am on Monday. Their kid is said to suffer from Epstein Barr but I swear it is from messed up religious parents who keep the kid up until all hours of the night.

I have grown so disgusted with these relatives that I purchased a cemetery plot in Guyana to escape these morons.

The subject of religious people showing absolutely no consideration for others never gets discussed. They think they have a divine right to piss people off. Don't they have other relatives to annoy.

just floored

I am  just perplexed how and why groups as varied as the Boy Scouts, Yeshiva University and now the loathsome SWP have failed basics in handling sexual abuse cases. Part of me is just floored at how much abuse is out there and has probably been there for years.

Of course we have the antisemitic Duck with his snide remarks about Hasidic Jews. However, now we have a case of a Communist group messing up almost as badly if not worse then the Satmar. The Satmar do not claim to be revolutionary agents of change and thus their fall from grace is much further. Previously we have had the antisemitic freaks at OWS failing miserably at this.

First Lesson Rape is a criminal matter that should never be investigated internally. Rape investigations should only be handled by trained professionals who understand how to prepare a case for prosecution, question all relevant parties and prepare a case for a judge. The penalty for rape should be jail time not expulsion from some wacky cult of Communist fools. Actually there are some who would pay to be banished as a badge of honor. The SWP could even market certificates of banishment if they fall short of cash. For $100.00 you can be expelled with a formal decree and for an extra $100.00 we will throw in an expelled mug and T-shirt.

Second Lesson: Investigation into abuse needs to be conducted externally by trained professionals working with law enforcement most of the time. Reading the Dimwitted SWP star chamber admission that all of us knew the accused and describing the complainant as that woman are naked admissions of bias.

Twice in my lifetime I have run across people who later turned out to be child molesters. I remember feeling sick to my stomach that people I knew could do this. The warning signs were there but I missed them. If a person makes multiple jokes about under aged girls stay alert. In the second case the person was a sexual animal that appeared to sleep with everything, but his wife. Even the other day when I discussed this with coworkers they were shocked. Real monsters don't have signs on their heads that they are sex fiends. One loses perspective by working closely with someone and you delude yourself that someone you knew couldn't possibly do this.

Third Lesson: In sexual harassment cases the proceedings must be transparent. The whole matter is best investigated promptly. While there are some people who make up fake charges these cases are minor. If multiple charges against the same applicant are made then chances are overwhelming that this person is a problem.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Well this bites

I don't know what messed up programs the phones used but the facial recognition technology matched my facial features to Grace Kelly and the Cary Grant. I think the app is measuring symmetry and where
the features are other them mass.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Not on this crash

I have spent time with folks I haven't seen in 25 years. The family next door moved in on the very same day. It was tough to see a person I have known all my life pass away. I grew up with her children.

I was amazed to see a peer from next door. I am almost mortified by my hairdo at 13. I must be unusual in that I think very little about my childhood. I am not the type to reach out on Facebook and reconnect  My friend had a visitor who was in the kindergarten class with us. I was there but do not remember many of my classmates. I do remember my sweetheart from that class and she lives up the road.

I am amazed how when I look back my thoughts are more or less directed at the Hotel that is long gone or days in the Catskills.

Time is funny because although I have lost some hair and added a few pounds the there is next to no gray. My great grandfather died at 90 with almost no gray hairs and my grandmother dies at a similar age with none..

Maybe I am unusual in that I don't really think of the past. There are times folks track me down and I am mostly embarrassed at the lack of thought. Perhaps other then my time as a fashion executive I spent my days like Ringo Star surrounded by more interesting people

I was not on the Ferry that crashed. I got calls from Guyana and many other places.

The folks that are next door and are aware of my family history had a few laughs at my expense. Apparently, they are perplexed at how I became Guyanese. Usually when I describe the family overseas I describe the family in Guyana. Folks at work have laughs about that one. Unfortunately, when we have diversity fests I get listed as Belorussian, Ukrainian, Polish, Austrian, Hungarian, Turkish, Israeli, Russian but I state Guyanese. I apparently do not look Guyanese, but these people have never met a Guyanese person. Actually, when I was in country and someone asked, I joked that I got one head two arms two legs and pointed towards a man with one arm. Obviously he is not Guyanese.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Walmart unusually stupid

We usually have the highest respect for Walmart and I do own stock in the company. I was quite surprised to find a costume for Grand Rabbi being sold on its site. This is stupid and offensive and above all else a valuable waste of space that could be used to sell products that kids want.

Last I checked Walmart doesn't sell creepy Communist outfits. It would be great to dress kids up as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel or Che and entirely appropriate for Halloween.

Walmart could have made even more money by selling a Michael Moore larda$$ suit to the kiddies. Zombies are currently in and a Bill Ayers and Dorn set of costumes would be great sellers. Ayers swears he has never been a zombie but John McCain described him as a "washed up terrorist".

The Final Chapter

A woman who has resided next door has passed away. It is tough to say goodbye to a person you have known your entire life. She kept her illness quiet but it was known in the area. Why she worked almost until the end is unknown.

Then again how we write that last chapter is up to us.

For the second time Rav Roov will have to deliver a eulogy for someone he has known for decades. Most think it is best to have a clergyman who knew the deceased perform this function. The sermon is more personal and moving. In those cases it was the request of the deceased themselves who knew the final chapter was near.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Quit Bashing RG3

RG3 tried and posses a giant heart. He wanted to win and give his all when his body could not. If he didn't posses the spirit or drive to overcome he would be a lesser person.

RG3  and America are lucky the injuries were not worse. He does posses the requisite skill to make it as a pocket passer. Lets hope that we see that down the road and continue to enjoy the charming athlete with the heart of a champion.

Never fault a man for trying his best.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Wagon Train

I was watching Wagon Train on You Tube. Fans of John Wayne movies will recognize Ward Bond. I watched a hysterical episode where Wally Cox turns everything upside down. Indians hold children and Wally Cox wants to solve things peaceably. He does in a hysterical bit of comedy using science and music.

Wagon Train also has what is likely the last appearance of beloved comedian Lou Costello in an nontraditional role. Here he plays the charming drunken father figure to a runaway girl. You also see clearly that if cast in the right role he could act.  

Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Rape of the American Taxpayer

The greatest failure of Romney was his inability to explain that those of us who remain employed are going to be burdened with higher taxes for his idiocy. Obamacare has helped perpetuate unemployment and has exacerbated the rise of part time workers.

Obama continues to do nothing about the costs of higher ed and even go near featherbedding. The latest batch of students may not see work in their majors but have mountains of debt. Of course it is easier to blame the banker then to blame over paid lazy faculty like our own Ducky.

The jobs won't be there. There will be more people legalized to apply for the few jobs that remain and wages will be in the toilet.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A story about love and acceptance and a special girl

There are some imbeciles who portray Judaism as a racial supremacy type of religion. My mother and father are traditional liberals who supported Civil Rights, but were anti communist.

My daughter is different from us in many ways. She is much darker then even my brother who is much darker then myself. She is sweet in nature and more into crafts then books. My brother and I would read books that way ahead of schedule. We come from a very proud tradition of intellectual debate and love of arts and letters. My daughter does not come from those traditions but has learned to appreciate a classic musical and is perplexed by my loathing of Streisand.

As my parents age and they work less the phone calls and visits from my daughter mean very much to them. My mother seldom gets angry at me and she let me have it when I told my daughter not to bother her with crafts. My mother was going in for a serious procedure and at such a time making Jello with a sincere nine year old seemed silly. My mother saw her right away and spent time in the Kitchen making Jello before a major medical procedure.

When my daughter encounters people from the community they are very loving towards a sweet kid who is different. Maybe, she lacks the reading ability of members of my family and she also lacks my mischievous
sense of humor, but she is good natured. If anything members of the community have reminded me about patience and that the abilities displayed by members of my family are exceptional and not the rule.

My daughter may not be book smart but she has learned to observe things in an almost officer like way. At a
community event she noticed that members of the local community are very respectful. I might be in the Kitchen creating some monstrosity, but I take the time to listen to a neighbor confused about law. I sometimes even let them share the meal and am modest about it. My poor kid can even repeat the part where I explain about law being a confusing process and its no trouble. She does prefer to let me talk in businesses but is not shy among my friends and family.

One of my first bosses lives by Coney Island. He is in his seventies and has no family. My daughter was like a ray of sunshine to this friend. It seems absurd but he enjoyed playing Ski ball with two grouchy old timers and she made a sand castle or two to the amazement of this friend. It meant very much to him and my daughter got to hear stories of long forgotten entertainers and how physically strong I was. He is like an extra grandparent.

It comes as a great shock that some people are making odd claims about being pressured to marry Jewish due to the Holocaust.  Even the family of Rav Roov is very respectful of my daughter. I avoid contact with them because at times they appear socially backwards. I am pained often being frum translates into selfishness, cluelessness, cultural ineptitude and lack of graces.

The moral of the story is that members of my family and community accept and welcome my daughter despite her differences in appearance and abilities. We accept and love her as a sweet kid. Maybe the only thing she ever learned from me was be yourself and don't apologize for it. It also helps if you are naturally good natured.

I remember a previous relationship where my lack of religious conviction was twisted into my being amoral
and unfit to be around kids. The criticism hurt at the time and I took it to  heart. I remember AOW saying the
whole thing was silly. Yes, I do spend time with the daughter and am very loved by the step grandkids even if they raid my stash of food. I remember a rant about NY Deli pickles and letting one of them steal a few packs of Sweedish fish. How the kid even figured out what was in the wrapper was priceless. She pronounces fishes almost like the word feces.

The kids listen as I tell them stories about the strange people that live in the land of snow and beer.It is an amazing place where neighbors help each other and the very poor live off the land. I remember joking about female neighbors skill with chainsaws and firearms during Sandy. That being said I never saw a pink chainsaw but I saw all types of women from smoking hot babes to ordinary grannies use them.

I talk very much about being an officer that sometimes reading this blog I am also a family man. I remember the top boss being very charming and patient with my daughter at an event. Officer Beakerkin, I didn't know you had such a wonderful daughter who loves you very much. I guess those that see me slaying dragons and serving the public imagine me differently. While being an officer is part of my existence being a father and grandfather is even more important.

Maybe you know you are old and certified when your dreams go from sexual conquests to reliving a day at the amusement park with the kids. Maybe you are old when your most cherished possession is a hand made fathers day card instead of a stock certificate.

Never, planned on being a father or thought I would embrace the role. I remember my parents, AOW and close family friends telling me you will do fine just be yourself. Just being yourself is how I live my life and parenting style. Like any other parent I have my moments like the time my daughter stole a spinach roll from me at Ben's Best Deli on 38th. I remember the waitress cutting me off and saying having a daughter want spinach is a good thing. She also ordered another one on the double. Maybe someday I will take some of the older grandkids to Bens Best.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New photos in the office

I have decided to place a photo of Wally Cox in my office. As a young child watching the Hollywood Squares he was a funny man who sounded like Underdog. Over the years I have grown to appreciate his subtle brand of humor. He was typecast and it is fun watching him turn up in strange places like Lost In Space, Bonanza and Mission Impossible.

I found two episodes of Hiram Holliday on the Web. Unfortunately, they only made 23 episodes of that show. Maybe someone will get all of his work together in a DVD collection including Mr. Peepers.

On the town

I have a nasty cold so my trip into my past was short. I visited a place I worked twenty years ago and said hello to old friends. It is odd that I moved on from that world of Fashion into a vastly different field. Having an education prevented me from being typecast.

I went to Ben's best for my New Years Day Lunch. One half a sandwich brisket, matzoh ball soup and farfel
wich is called egg barley. I make a variant of this at home with chicken soup. I prefer Bens Best but my daughter likes Daddy creating a meal.

I went to the comic book store and then to the hardware store. I passed my college and saw the faces looked the same but I am much older.

I took the ferry dismayed at all the stores and places I remember that were a part of my life that are gone.
There were the bookstores, hot dog vendor, barber and many others who just packed it up in Obama's economy.

Another year that I hope will be better, but with Obama running the show not likely.