Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Walmart unusually stupid

We usually have the highest respect for Walmart and I do own stock in the company. I was quite surprised to find a costume for Grand Rabbi being sold on its site. This is stupid and offensive and above all else a valuable waste of space that could be used to sell products that kids want.

Last I checked Walmart doesn't sell creepy Communist outfits. It would be great to dress kids up as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel or Che and entirely appropriate for Halloween.

Walmart could have made even more money by selling a Michael Moore larda$$ suit to the kiddies. Zombies are currently in and a Bill Ayers and Dorn set of costumes would be great sellers. Ayers swears he has never been a zombie but John McCain described him as a "washed up terrorist".


Ducky's here said...

Walmart doesn't know how to manage its inventory?

Why don't you apply for the job?
Might even pay more than pushing government paper.

I saw the title line and I though this was going to be an essay on Walmart joining the Biden gun commission.

beakerkin said...

Whoever put this item into Walmart should be fired. I hear that you will
be running to Walmart to get your very own Gulag Commissar costume. This was you can relive your glory days of jailing Zionists who want to leave the workers paradise.