Thursday, January 24, 2013

A miracle in NYC

Normally, in NYC we are used to turnstile justice. We have grown accustomed to criminals getting away with crime.

103 years is an amazing verdict considering cop killers typically get 25 years to life in this state. This verdict is a reaction to the disgusting treatment of the victims family by the Satmar community. Calling a rape victim a whore and threatening their families is disgusting behavior that all of us should be outraged by. A community that protects pedophiles and harasses victims of pedophilia is a sick group that should be reviled by all.

If NY had a functioning adult as governor. the Satmar Rebe would have got an earful. Unfortunately, NY has Andrew Cuomo who is more interested in trying to outdo Obama on gun control and get kudos among the elite national press then governing. Sadly, Michael Bloomberg has not been vocal enough on this issue as well.

Kudos to the Jewish Daily Forward for turning up the heat on sexual abuse in the Ultra  Orthodox communities and leading the other media into this story.


Ducky's here said...

Is the Daily Forward still publishing in NYC? The old office in Boston still has the Forward logo on it prominently but it has long since ceased reporting.

You must yearn for the good old socialist days when Trotsky wrote for them. It was a great paper.

Ducky's here said...

I notice that Allen Dershowitz's dirt bag kid is poking around and calling for a mistrial. Took time off from pimping for Likud.

He's also organizing the appeal. This ain't over.

beakerkin said...

Yes the Forward publishes in NYC. They led on this story and the other papers followed.

In general they are hated because of their socialist orientation.

Dershowitz does have grounds for a retrial. In essence this trial needs to be moved away from NYC. However, with additional victims it is over.