Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Solution to the SWP Problem

Across the pond there is a severe problem among the ignorant followers of the planets greatest imbecile Lev Bronstein aka Trotsky. The SWP is in open revolt because a politically connected nerd was sexually abusing his lower ranking morons. Rather then report rape to the police like a normal human the reject sends a complaint to a select crew of cronies that rationalize the abuse.

Trotskyite imbeciles of the world reject your allegiance to the catcher of the icepick and join the Cult of Obama, We have a catchy acronym COWARD. Cult of Obama Worshipers And Retarded Dupes.

Why worship a failed communist who accomplished nothing when you can worship the all knowing and omnipotent savior who knows all.

He was born by immaculate conception in Hawaii. Nobody knew his parents were a couple. No marriage certificate has ever been found. No photos or witnesses to the marriage occurred.  Amazingly,  the government was notified of this immaculate union and placed notes in the saviors fathers A File.

He was raised in more prep schools then Al Gore and smoked more weed then Cheech and Chong Combined. He drove around in a van thinking he was Shaggy from Scooby Doo but the only crimes they ever solved were those of fashions and really bad hairstyles.

Obama learned the true religion from many Communists and airheads starting with his mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama performed many miracles in his college days, He did poorly in Occidental but somehow managed to get accepted to Columbia. He then gets accepted into Harvard law. All of the saviors records are sealed as we are not worthy to see his grades. He gets hired into a University and teaches a political course for 12 years without publishing a single peer reviewed article and maintains his job. He sat in a racist anti semitic church for two decades but managed to not hear anything.

Obama has managed to get over 90% of the Black vote while conditions in the Black community are worse then ever. He managed to get elected despite doing everything in his power to keep unemployment high and exacerbate the global recession.

Who needs Trotsky the mendicant when you can worship Obama instead.   


Ducky's here said...

Who pissed in your corn flakes this morning?

Relax Beak, don't get your blood pressure going.

beakerkin said...

Drop Marx and join the Obama Cult.