Tuesday, January 01, 2013

On the town

I have a nasty cold so my trip into my past was short. I visited a place I worked twenty years ago and said hello to old friends. It is odd that I moved on from that world of Fashion into a vastly different field. Having an education prevented me from being typecast.

I went to Ben's best for my New Years Day Lunch. One half a sandwich brisket, matzoh ball soup and farfel
wich is called egg barley. I make a variant of this at home with chicken soup. I prefer Bens Best but my daughter likes Daddy creating a meal.

I went to the comic book store and then to the hardware store. I passed my college and saw the faces looked the same but I am much older.

I took the ferry dismayed at all the stores and places I remember that were a part of my life that are gone.
There were the bookstores, hot dog vendor, barber and many others who just packed it up in Obama's economy.

Another year that I hope will be better, but with Obama running the show not likely.


Always On Watch said...

Happy New Year, Beak!

dismayed at all the stores and places I remember that were a part of my life that are gone

I experience the same here in Northern Virginia -- especially over the past four years. So many places that I used to love but now are gone.

You sure are getting a lot of colds and such lately. Stressed out?

beakerkin said...

There is a nasty cold running around that has been through my office. Got
it from my folks.

It was good to be almost where my career started and to see old friends. I am just wondering how many still remember the good old days of the second Reagan term.

Mr. AOW said...

Happy New Year, Beak!

Here's to hoping that you will visit us in 2013! Give us enough notice, and Mrs. AOW will cook a special dinner. She cooks a mean venison chili; it is a cold weather dish.