Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Odd Couple A Beakerkin Tribute

The mighty Beakerkin Art Players Present

The Odd Couple   apologies to Neil Simon

Intro: On October 15 Felix Ducky was asked to leave. That request came from his wife. Deep down he knew she was right because everyone hates Commies. But someday he hoped to get back to her. With nowhere else to go he appeared at the home of his childhood friend Oscar Beakerkin.  Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy.

Ducky: Look at this place its post modern landfill.
Beakerkin: See that is your problem always with the big mouth.
Ducky: I love my wife and miss my kids. It was a Zionist Conspiracy that we got divorced.
Beakerkin: You embarrassed the crap out of them by telling their Teacher Exodus is Zionist Propaganda.
Ducky: But Uris is the worst type of propagandist. He created a myth....
Beakerkin: Unfortunately  Comwad they were doing a school play about Moses.
Ducky: That is the biggest Zionist of them all. Separation of Church and state.
Beakerkin: The story that appealed to men in bondage everywhere. When your friend Paul Robeson the Fink was singing Let My People Go what was he singing about.
Ducky: So you are going to take the word of a Stalinist.
Beakerkin: How do you like that Y & R is offering me $50,000 to appear in an ad campaign.
Ducky: That is great and you can tell them that your official photographer is Felix Ducky. I could use the money. The connections to a huge ad agency can do wonders for my business.
Beakerkin: Not so fast comwad. The ad is for Hebrew National Salami
Ducky: Zionist artery clogging sewage....

Part II  to be contined


Ducky's here said...

Once again you make the mistake of other sharing your obsessive compulsive disorder concerning Zionism.

beakerkin said...

Actually it illustrates your obsessions quite well. Zionists wear the label proudly unlike commies who lie about who they are.