Friday, December 07, 2012

Demand an end to Satmar Cult Bufoonery

Part of the problem with the Webberman trial is that it shed light into rather disgusting barbaric practices of the moronic Satmar cult. The Satmar is hated by the rest of the Jewish community.

The presence of a modesty patrol in the USA watching the clothing and social  life of young teenagers are disgusting. This if anything is a parental issue and not the business of self important freakazoid losers whose identity is unknown like KKK night riders. Now my religious relatives may be annoying and frumpy but this is not behavior they would condone or accept.

While I am critical of the therapy community the last person who should be involved with helping misguided teens is a circus clown like Weberman. Weberman has no training in this area and does not appear to have taken a single college course. He was a driver for a prominent person in the community.

The example of this communities reaction to the scandal shows clearly why this community is despised. Many faiths have dealt with child molestation. The Satmar alone have had an official spokesman call the victim a whore. The Satmar have tried to bully and then bribe the victim into silence. The Satmar abuse of the victim continues and is a warning to victims to suffer in silence or face additional abuse.

Compounding this scandal was the fact that the family of the victim was ordered to pay for the abuse so the victim could remain in Yeshiva. This part of the crime is particularly insidious and rises up to almost RICO proportions.

It is time for Gov Cuomo to get directly involved and order an investigation into the practices of this community. A community that has shown this type of intransigence and disrespect for the law and safety of children requires governmental intervention. The abuse scandals and reaction of cult leaders is more akin to Jim Jones and David Koresh then Judaism.

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Always On Watch said...

I had to Google search the name to learn any details about this trial. No coverage here in our news media.