Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cliche Idiocy At Harry's Place

A prime example of outrageous cliche Anti- American bigotry is on display at Harry's Place. A Post by Marc Goldberg addressed to America and signed by all the sane people on the planet is on the current site.
Unsurprisingly, this is yet another mindless rant by a foreigner stereotyping Americans about the subject of guns and gun culture. What makes this rant unforgivable is that it was penned by an Israeli who should be very familiar with condescending ill informed rants from arrogant people who claim to speak for the entire planet.

I was hardly shocked by the brilliance of Michael Ezra who objected to the tone. He likely supports gun control and the substance but the tone is beyond acceptable. Those of you who read this know I am not a big second amendment guy. I do respect rural people who own guns and live in a culture where gun ownership is a rite of passage. I support the rights of homeowners to keep weapons locked up. In a home with severely mentally unstable residents this may not be a great idea. Maybe the time has come for national training and psychological testing. New gun owners would have to pass a test similar to a driving test with the focus on storage and maintenance.

The deranged comments about Americans obsessed with Guns comes from the American correspondent who seems to base his ill informed opinions of his countrymen based on Michael Moore films and Huffington.
Amazingly Gene, who is a dual national, fails to grasp what is so offensive about a post signed by all the sane people on the planet.

The topic of gun control is a serious issue that is best left for municipalities to decide for themselves.

I was glad to see many of the non Americans object to the tone and stereo types in the post.

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Ducky's here said...

I support the rights of homeowners to keep weapons locked up.

Who cares.
Do you support the "right" of someone to keep a Bushmaster and a few thousand rounds of ammo just lying around?
Would you make it a criminal offense to keep a firearm unsecured? That's the question.