Saturday, December 15, 2012

Well Done ESPN

First I want to say that all of us should root for people like RG3 who are positive and make watching the  NFL a great experience. The era of the "Black Quarterback" is a thing of the past. It is great if kids of all colors look up to RG3 or Tim Tebow as great role models.

The fact that an athlete has a spouse or fiance that is racially different is frankly not the business of the anyone
other then the athlete himself. We saw very little said about Tiki Barbers firet wife being Asian or second wife being white. Barber is a world class jerk and RG3 is a positive fun loving guy.

There is no evidence that RG3 is a Republican. If it were this is none of anyone's business. He certainly does not talk about this. The notion that requires all Blacks to think the same is racially offensive.

Certain athletes lend color and fun to the game. Martellus Bennet's off beat personality is certainly entertaining. At times the passion of a Brandon Jacobs led to problems but give me heart felt passion over apathy any day of the week.

True Cornballs like John Madden, Michael Strahan and Terry Bradshaw make the game fun. Lets enjoy the sport but also never forget it is entertainment. All of the above are mostly positive for the game.


Always On Watch said...

So far, I've been impressed by RG3. I hope that he remains a good role model. Kids could certainly use one!

Always On Watch said...

Rob Parker has been suspended for his "cornball" comment.

Always On Watch said...

See THIS at Urban Dictionary.

beakerkin said...

The phrase cornball brother has a different meaning then cornball.

This is sad because I happen to like cornballs. They are the funny guy in the cube down the hall. You are having a miserable day and they come out with a witty classic and everyone laughs.

Last year we had a classic where a top manager ask me why I was not at the Christmas party and in a foul mood. Some lawyer wouldn't return my phone call and I was annoyed. The boss told me don't take it personally he is in jail. That is a great excuse for not returning calls. I did have a great laugh and
it was shared by many