Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Marc Goldberg

This is in response to your condescending BS article addressed to my nation on behalf of "all the sane persons of the planet".

Sane people usually grasp that they speak for nobody other than themselves. Your condescending rant about
the American people and our love for guns is full of stereotypes. As an Israeli you should be very familiar with the sort of rant you directed at my nation. I am the first to defend your country from this type of rant and will continue to do so. I also do not lecture Israelis or any other nation with democratically elected representatives about their internal politics. Those matters are reserved for those who live there each and every day. Were I to visit your country I would not comment or feign expertise that I do not posses about its people and legal traditions.

The issue is no longer gun control. It is your obnoxious tone  and disrespect for a country and its traditions. Even those who support gun control in theory have noted your condescending arrogance and ignorance of our traditions. A wiser man would apologize, but it is apparent you lack both the intelligence and the class to do so.

The so called American correspondent talks about Americans obsessed with guns. Americans are obsessed with all types of things if you don't believe me kindly visit Comicon, your local auto show or memorabilia store. Guns owned by collectors are almost always legally owned and very seldom ever involved in a crime.

It is clear you are not familiar with the American people and our legal traditions. I suggest you stop reading Huffington, Mother Jones and similar sites and do boots on the ground insight. Kindly, come to NYC and visit high crime areas, then get in your car and watch and listen to the people around you. Spend some time in a small town church, a truck stop and visit a NASCAR event. Unlike you I don't feign expertise in local matters when I travel and insist upon visiting strange places like barber shops, local markets and small stores.
The locals warmly remember my visit and have asked me to return multiple times. Unlike you I don't pass judgement on other people and enjoy my visits in a respectful manner. It also helps that apparently I eat like a local deity and share whatever odd foodstuffs are in my bag with the locals.

There are ways to discuss a point rationally and logically. Insulting and stereotyping people you are clearly
not familiar with is not a good idea. Kindly ask one of your socialized medical practitioners to remove the boot from your backside and try again.


Ducky's here said...

Spend some time in a small town church, a truck stop and visit a NASCAR event.
Have you ever?

beakerkin said...

Other then the NASCAR done them all.
I have been to plenty of truck stops
and small town churches. I attended a few motorcycle races in Jersey and VT
that are more about real people then NASCAR.

This Goldberg clown would get dragged behind some bike about 30 seconds after he started talking.