Sunday, December 02, 2012

Creating Odd Memories Unintentionally

Over the years I worked many jobs and did many things. We learn odd skills and really don't think much about them.

I was surprised that my daughter enjoys me preparing elaborate meals from scratch. Every year I swear this is the year I quit and let Bens Best make my meal. I don't care what the family thinks, Bens does it much better then I ever could.

My daughter prefers the theater of the absurd. I go to several places before I find the right turkey. If I were in Vermont I could just ask someone to hit it with a Volvo. Then I head to the gourmet shop and look for the best ingredients. Maybe one out of ten Texas White Onions makes the grade. I insist on Maine potatoes as anything else is an insult. I live NY or Vermont Maple Syrup and I found Honey from Poland to meet my standards. I try and find Israeli Citrus products and Florida for my Turkey.

I don't cook very often but when I do I insist on making a superior effort. So even when I make a turkey loaf
the ingredients and care take time. When its prepared on cookie sheets it cooks very fast.

I guess my daughter prefers watching me use long forgotten skill learned at Hotels that are forgotten memories. Perhaps the memories and knowledge imparted is more important than culinary perfection. I learned long ago never compare my grandmothers dishes with those found in Bens or Mendys. Unfortunately, I am thinking that it is the memories that color the holiday cooking. I prefer the classic perfection of Bens to my catching lightning in a bottle results.

Maybe my daughter will let me buy the sides at Bens for the winter holidays. She prefers to make Jello with tons of fruit and cool whip as opposed to the more elaborate desserts.

I find it odd that my daughter has no interest when her mother cooks West Indian style. Maybe it is the excitement of picking the best or that I am using skills from days long gone. No doubt she will learn my tricks and develop her own style. I guess you can't learn how to cook from great restaurant food and it doesn't make memories and perhaps that is what the holidays are about.

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