Saturday, December 15, 2012

Running For Office

I did ponder a run for local union office on a very low level. I found my name linked to insurgents when I am not one of those. The incumbents gave me a lecture and treated me like Judas. Then why don't you run with us. I pointed out I am running my own campaign as an independent on the lowest rungs. I endured attacks about my sex life. Pretty much in the mind of the incumbents if a man and woman are friends they must be sleeping together.

Of course a racial angle was added. Having an Indian family was added to a curious mix. The insurgents who  I have never met just happen to be white. Thus the insurgency is a white plot ...... The reason you have Indian family is because you are not a real Jew. If you were a real Jew .... This is quite a curious way to treat a supporter.

In essence I declined the nomination for the low post. Despite demonstrating once again that these charges flung at me by the union were incorrect I get accused of "being shady". If shady means that I think for myself 
then it is accurate. 

I do have some ideas that I would like to see implemented. I would like to have low level functionaries at every work site and one per every 50 employees. The functionaries would serve at the grass roots level as the face and ears of the union. They also would be conduits of information at the lowest level.


Always On Watch said...

From what I know about unions, any thinking that is not group think is unwelcome.

Ducky's here said...

This sounds like complete paranoid nonsense.

beakerkin said...


You of all people should know Union Politics are ugly.

What we have is an entrenched machine that has on the whole done a great job. At times it is indeed tone deaf and is immune to constructive criticism.

The notion of an independent candidacy is a apparently unheard of. Many of the complaints do have
some legitimacy. Why shouldn't the union have more representation at the grass roots level.