Monday, December 03, 2012

A Reminder from the Gay Community over why Progress has been Slow

Every now and then the aspect of obnoxious childish members of this community remind us of why progress has taken so long. Today's headline is a demand Bill Clinton should apologize for signing DOMA. Bill Clinton and Barak Obama are great at making stupid apologies to the wrong people. Why Bill Clinton apologized to Africa for slavery when it was a cultural norm there is beyond me. Any apology should be directed at Americans. FYI Indians should get the first apology, but sometimes even then bad choices like staking your future to poor leaders like Joseph Brandt should be understood.

Over time my position on gay issues has evolved. This evolution occurred by meeting and talking to gay coworkers, friends and people in my community. Sadly we miss former friends Rob Bayn and Justin Morris but their example of talking to reasonable people with humor and patience over time was part of conversations taking place everywhere.

I want to point out the deranged antics of the far left members hurt the cause. Why even involve gay issues with toxic causes like Mumia, Communism and Palestine especially when the latter has a clear record of abusing gays. The temper tantrum antics of Act Up interrupting mostly Catholic services and blaming Reagan for Aids caused years of damage.

There are those out there who do hate gays. Talking to people who have hatred in their heart is a waste of time. Black people should not talk to KKK clowns and Jews should have stopped talking to Marxists stooges long ago. The conversation should have been held with reasonable religious people and civil unions would have been a realistic compromise.

I want to point out even in places like Vermont and NYC the abuse and hostile attitude that some exhibit towards gays is shocking and frankly disgusting. The question is would you have lunch with a gay coworker.
My response was why not. I don't delve into the private lives of everyone I take to lunch. If I did I would not
sit in at a meal with Communists or Anarchists first as they are pariahs. Someone in Vermont concluded I was gay because I was asked what would you do if you found you were in a gay bar. Probably, finish my drink, hope they weren't playing Bette Midler music and go to a bar more suitable to my interests. The amount of animus from West Indians who would end your career for imagined racism in seconds is shocking.
The belief that women posses gaydar is common. Perhaps some of these guys that are labeled gay don't like high maintenance divas.

Over time I have come to support gay marriage, but I would prefer civil unions. I don't like laws that turn otherwise law abiding people into criminals. The law should have reasonable options for those who live diferently. No denomination should be forced to alter scripture or perform gay marriages. However, any denomination urging criminal violence against anyone should  be dealt with. Usually violence is more apt to come from Muslims or Marxists then the 700 Club viewers.

Stupid comments from far left freaks have hurt the cause way more then bigots because these comments make gays looked deranged. In truth the people I have come into contact with professionally are just not exceptional otherwise. They are the person in the office three doors away or the lively person at the laundromat.

More progress is made when reasonable people talk then from years of activist rants.

On the flip side, it is rare that Christians and Jews who oppose gay marriage do so out of hate. One can see it in the tone and deal with it accordingly. Never apologize for being yourself, but understand reasonable people ( communists are never reasonable) can disagree.


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