Friday, August 31, 2012

I am bummed out

I was going home yesterday the pain in my ankle has spread to my knee. A woman with a cane called my name. It took me a few moments to recognize a beloved friend I sorely miss every day. To me she was always the loveable hippie chick forever eating whatever health food was in at the moment. She raidiated a rare type of beauty in that she was stunning and clueless about it at the same time.

She was very private about what ailed her and many took her absences as her being a nut. She came in yesterday to officially retire in her 40's. Inside I was crying that I would miss a valued friend and likely will never see her again. She laughed because I was floored and pointed out that typically I would get on her nerves for trying to cheer her up. The sound of her laughter had a musical quality. Somehow, people either loved her or hated her.

She let me in on a little secret that she always knew I was a Republican. How she figured this out is not clear. Attorneys from various communities assume I am a Democrat and an Obama man because I believe in fair treatment. I also despise cronyism and nepotism which is rampant at work.

I had no idea what this ailment is, but I miss my friend. I miss riding to work with her and her subtle beauty and grace. I miss laughing together with her. I can't say there was a minute that I never felt anything less than blessed by her friendship.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Lord

Every now and then I am reminded that I am surrounded by people unfamiliar with the local culture. Someone born in the West Indies asked me what language Dion and the Belmonts were singing. I responded that Doo Wop is basically mostly local NYC English. At times it is comedic when another asked if Ramalama Ding Dong was the family name of my girlfriend's Guyanese family. As Ramalama Ding Dong is local slang for nasty alcoholic the answer is yes.

Sometimes, I am floored by the ignorance of Rav Roov. He apparently fell asleep when the subject of art came up. Likewise his children are complete and utter zeros when art or culture are discussed. Apparently, these areas are sorely neglected in the religious education. Then again any of AOW's students is miles ahead of these kids. Apparently, the stringent dual education of my youth has given way to sloth. I see zero value imparted by wasting a childhood with hours of religious education. Given the price of private schools one would think that a more streamlined religious studies would evolve. I find spending any length of time with Rav Roov to be an annoyance. He has gone from well balanced to a cartoon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The disgusting abortion tirades

As a person who has never been pro life, I frequently find the behavior of those who agree with me to be an embarrassment. Those who support abortion are are overly emotional, condescending, obtuse and  absurdly hypocritical in exchanges. Abortion is not and is not a divine right and the same people who talk about rights seem to jump through hoops with every other aspect of governmental intrusion into the lives of people. Abortion is a divine right but your right to smoke or kick back a beer must be examined by the nanny state.

The number of people seeking abortions for classic stranger rape is not statistically significant in the overall discussion of abortion.Abortion is most often a mater of economic choice and just as rape is an extreme example that is rare so are those who decide to abort for such reasons as wrong gender of the child. Abortion for gender selection does happen but it is not the norm. No doubt one could likely write a book about the vacuous reasons some make this serious decision. Of course you can get pregnant from being raped. You also can get pregnant from an affair with a married man with a wife dying of cancer or a consensual relationship with Mr Disgusting I Can't Believe I Did That Jerk. Getting pregnant via consensual poor partner choice is likely more probable than getting pregnant from being raped because these poor partner selections as in the case of John Edwards involve multiple encounters.

What did these same jerks say about investigating the rape accusation against Bill Clinton? The same people screaming about poor adjectives lionized Ted "Chapaquidick" Kennedy and stood by as the legal rights of a maid were violated to free a French Socialist Baboon.

I have always supported abortion, but the antics of those who agree with me are vile.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monica Crowley What the $^$^& Hppened

I am a huge fan of Monica Crowley. I used to listen to her and correspond with her when she was a local NYC radio host. After a scare with a creep she stopped communicating with the public. The person I knew over the years is what you see on TV witty, brilliant and she has a great sense of humor. She chided me over enduring chick flicks and having to buy a pashmina several girlfriends ago. Probably 1% of all guys know what a pashmina is and that it has to bee 100% cashmere for NYC style authenticity.

When I was stationed in VT, I was unable to follow her show. I do not recall why, but it was a combination of working Saturdays to avoid a coworker who was worse than the ten plagues. She was the one who complained that guys talking about motor oil and car parts makes an uncomfortable atmosphere and the rather idiotic complaint about mistaking a word from a Mitchner book for a Yiddish racial epithet. Mitchner was not Jewish and the term was in Afrikaans.

I am in the early stages of reading her latest book. It seems as if she has dialed up the comedy in a manner one does not normally associate the elegant and brilliant Crowley from listening to her in regular media. In fact her skill at comedy in a pleasant way was one of the most endearing manner. The best women can laugh at the sometimes clueless way men go about mundane tasks. I am prepared to risk my life in times of danger but if you want to see me in terror make me go to a greeting card store to pick out a Valentines day card. I can solve complex legal matters in a way respected by the best attorneys in my area, but ask me to pick out a pashmina and I am lost.

The last few years have been rough on us as the Obama administration's ineptness or malfeasance has run amok. Often I look at empty storefronts and aliens self deporting for lack of jobs and wonder what were we thinking when America elected an arrogant neophyte endlessly droning on about hope and change. Crowley states what many of us feel in our hearts, but in a witty stylish way.

If this should read Monica could you send a copy to Patrick Kelly aka The Pagan Temple who is in the hospital with heart difficulties.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The pain in my ankle is mind numbing. In spite of the pain I guided a small party of NYC Tourists between stations durring the Subway problems. I do not grasp why but in times when locals are nervous I become a natural leader.

I guess having a plan and being confident inspires others. I should have rested but the situation required I lead the party onwards, cracking jokes all the way.

I am paying for my excess.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Breaking a Vow for now

Those of you who are long term readers are aware of my revulsion of racial garbage. In truth sometimes our friends have disgusting views. Patriotism and Americanism are central values in what makes me who I am.

I am a Jew and this is part of my identity. Funny, but when the subject of the Satmar come up I find myself echoing some of the things Ducky has said. These should be the Duck's favorite Jews because they reject Israel and badmouth the community they demand alms from.

My criticism of the Satmar comes from a different place. They are a sick and twisted cult of sloth that has embraced evil in many forms. They bad mouth Zionists and Jews in general but when you fight back they try the religious bit.

Let me start by saying that after Marxists/Anarchists the Satmar are the most despised people in the Jewish community. Their community members are well aware of this hatred and they frequently resort to dishonest tactics. Tactic number one is denying they are Satmar. When caught they state they privately disagree with their leaders, but remain in the group for family reasons. They will collect for charities and carefully avoid mentioning it is a Satmar institution.

Many religious groups have been rocked by child abuse scandals. Only the Satmar try to bully the victims into silence, try to bribe victims and hold rallies for perpetrators. This is a sick cult led by morons and in a totalitarian community the question is what did the leadership know about the sexual predators and are they involved in attempting to silence victims.

The rates of welfare and creating hordes of unemployable kids are not a divine right. The taxpayers should not be burdened with families who clearly produce more children then they can afford. The Satmar hate the Zionists but have no problem demanding aid from the Israeli government they betray and the larger American community they insult with their bombastic arrogance.

Whenever, there is criminal behavior in the Chasidic community the Satmar are front and center. A Yeshiva is involved in money laundering invariably it is those all moral Satmar. A ring of benefits fraud is discovered and it leads back to the same people.

The Satmar are a sick cult with Jewish pretensions that really deserve scorn by other members of the Jewish community.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Very Odd

I have always been known as a fast healer. The swelling is way down and I am close to pain free. Unfortunately, I had to go in because of that situation with the particular case. Two cases in a row with a particular practitioner whose cases are difficult and she is always late is vey hard.

This may sound funny but punctuality drives me up a wall. Hey can you possibly be any later. I am waiting for someone to say two hours isn't late enough.

I was very angry at the peer who did this to me. There are certain practitioners who drive me up the wall. This one is probably near the top because she means well and takes on some of the most difficult cases. This is not a problem if you are a legal star and there are many in NYC. It is funny but even the very good can handle some difficult cases.

A great attorney said Beaky what will it take to get this case done. I told her a very simple but crazy idea. Provide a one page memo on why this section of the law doesn't apply to your client. In short mere possesion of that item does not violate that section of the law it requires an affirmative act. I was floored that this information was on my desk in hours and her client approved pronto.

90% of being a great lawyer is listening to your client and being prepared when you have to present your case. The first part is what is going on here. Even the greatest lawyers have clients that lie.  Did your client talk to you about his arrests.  No Beaky can I have 15 minutes. Certainly it is a reasonable request. Lawyers can't help clients who don't tell the whole truth. In many cases the failure to tell the truth is a greater problem than the crime itself. Only a handful of times did the information make the case impossible. Having a client that killed someone and then jumped bail in a foreign country is an almost impossible case. Note, I do not say impossible for maybe there is some legal star who can deal with this and turn defeat into victory. However, the legal stars I know would not touch  this.

If you are well prepared a good officer can look at the presentation and say if it passes the grade. The case of the attorney who needed a short memo was an excellent example. She was well prepared knew the case inside and out and got her client very close to their goal. If I write the memo it may be two weeks or more.

Applicants frequently cry in my office especially after going through years of paper. I joke don't cry until you see your lawyers bill. Everyone laughs but I add without a dedicated professional you definately would not have made it.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Racial Supremacistsa are A$$wipes

Those of you who read this blog comprehend that I take the nature of racial arson to be so offensive that I parted ways with a friend who had never wronged me for having a blogsite known as Stormfront Lite. I have no patience for racial arsonists of any color. Nor are repeated descriptions of any citizen as nego multiple times acceptable. In reality Obama is 50% white and was raised by an upper middle class white Marxist family. He had next to no contact with the African community save mentor Communist Frank Marshall Davis. Barak Sr. looms as the mythical son of an African Post Colonial Marxist Eden.
In reality Obama was a pothead preppie nerd that could have played in Save by the Bell Along With Screetch.

Early in the campaign there were gripes from Jessie Jackson about authenticity. When we talk about the African American Experience one is usually talking about inner citties, poor rural enclaves of hard working God fearing rural folks, middle class suburban professionals who are the backbone of their jobs and communities or people educated at historically Black schools. This description does not describe Obama who is the mythical son of Africa raised by his far left white family in almost a cartoon like reality.

It is okay to hate Obama and his policies. It is never okay to hate him on racial or to a limited extent religious grounds. The bombastic rhetoric of Pastor Wright is not far removed from a Black version of Stormfront.

This attack on a Sikh Temple was an attack on America and its values. Furthermore Sikhs are a wonderful people who work hard and are great members of their communities. Those of you who know the Great Gasmasked Patriot have witnesssed his disgust for this type of hateful unamerican mindless pointless violence.

Just as 9-11 was an attack on America so is this crime. There is no rationalization or excuses for pointless acts of violence aimed at our fellow American citizens based on skin color or clothing.

POINTLESS Hatred of people on RACIAL, RELIGIOUS or Individual Legal Choices is UNAMERICAN

America and its great traditions are too important for political losers to steal our patriotism and nationalism in the name of IGNORANT hatred.

USA USA USA Our values and historical birthright belong to each and every American Citizen. We don't have second class citizens in my country. Jail is earned after inappropriate behavior after a trial.

USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!Our Country!!!!! Our People!!!!!! Our Traditions and Values!!!!!!!!
A birthright to some and hard earned birthright  to others who legally joined us.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Oh my .....%^&^%^&

If matters with these religious slackers weren't bad enough now I have a sprained ankle. The pain was so bad I had to crawl up the steps. I can't sleep because of the pain and unless I die I must make it in early. One of the junior officers stuck me with two cases with an attorney who drives me up the wall. She takes cases over her skill level and I have to do triple work.

I explained to the junior officer who cried to my boss. You may no longer socialize with me and do not ask me any questions. You can win a battle but lose the war. My boss was shocked to see me so annoyed, but I just spent two hours with this same attorney who took yet another case over her skill level.

The junior officer was upset and said Beaky if I knew this would end our friendship... I did not respond and pointed her to the door. People are well aware that when someone annoys me I don't talk to them for years.

My boss asked me do you think that is a bit extreeme. I told her dealing with that attorney for four hours is that annoying. The attorney is a good person who means well, but not all of us are stars. If an attorney is prepared I am really nice.

I can't even put my shoe on.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Watching the Informer

I was visiting a good friend and the subject of old films came up. There are certain films that only film heads recall. One of the films we discussed was the Beast. That is likely the best film ever shot about the subject of Afghanistan. We discussed older films I intended to watch but never did. As soon as I discussed the Informer his eyes lit up.

When watching the movie it is likely best viewed with the frame that you ultilize when going to a play. A basic familiarity with the story of Judas and redemption are helpful.

I sat rapt in awe of what is in many ways an art film. The use of lighting and scarce dialouge makes careful viewing necessary. It is a great film and the lead actor is more familiar to modern viewers as the brother of Maureen Ohara in the Quiet Man.

Gypo plays a dimwitted giant who is more functional than the one portrayed in Mice and Men. Like in Mice and Men he needs the help of a more clever pal to get by. He sells this friend out and is plauged by guilt. He spends the money foolishly and is killed for his actions. After being shot he stubles into a Church confesses his crime to the mother of his friend rises and dies.

Later on no doubt the Duck will talk about the charachter Gypo in class terms. The theme of the movie is about redemption and the consequences of ones actions. Gypo does get another person to think for him in the form of a groupie who is there for King Gypo as long as the money is there.

I would rather shelve the cleansed depiction of the IRA. The IRA is treated  almost nobly and in reality the matter would be solved with a bullet in the head.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bad Satire Pirates of the Carribeakerkin

They ply the water between the keys and Guyana. Woe onto thee whose ship sees the dreaded Black and white Gasmask flag. Shoulod your ship contain vegan fare and Lite beer you might be keel hauled or made to watch Ducky's art films.

The Anti Semitic Duck and Welfare Queens

The Duck has zero problem using the generic welfare Queen bit on Jews in Kiryas Joel but if you extend this to housing projects you are a racist.

The problem of religious slackers is deeply personal. My family is not Chasidic but Modern Orthodox. The troubles do indeed have a mental health component that mimics many inner city problems minus the broken families, drug use and promiscuity.

The inability to plan long term is a key annoyance. My family thinks it is no great deal to make plans at the last second. They drop in at the last second and stay for weeks annoying the rest of the world. You can't ever get an answer from them when you need to plan. The reality is they don't give a shit about your time and respect others.

Chronic tardiness and disrespect for the clock save the Sabbath. I am at wits end with the lack of punctuality. I get BS we make the worship on time but goof off the rest of the time. I live in a time conscious world. I rise head to work racing the clock meeting impossible deadlines each and every day. I am floored how this relative has allowed his wife to ignore the clock save the sabbath. They talk and make no plans and the kids have zero structure. My relative complains he works three jobs. My response is ass wipe you have allegedly worked three jobs because your wife refuses to work one. Her lack of punctuality is really a tool for controlling others. The religious bit ensures that most of us bite our tongues.

Being on the phone all day. The idiotic relative uses her cell phone so much a surgeon would need to remove it. It is not normal to call your kids multiple times at 2 AM. Then when the kid sleeps absurd hours its Epstein Barr and off to a series of doctors. Telling the moronic mother to have structure like the rest of us and get a job and a life is not happening.

Paranoia and viciousness. Despite feigned devotion they are nasty people who push your buttons. This relative honestly thinks he is the center of the universe and gets upset if he thinks you joke about him. If I died tomorrow my desk would be filled the next day. Maybe a few people I came into contact with would remember an anecdote or two and that is it. It is the nature of the world rivers cut mountains over time. This is why I could care less what other people think and worry about doing the right thing for its own sake. This relative is quite vicious and lives in a fantasy world where I even discussed my life with him. In reality, I would never do so because he is useless and mean spiritted. He will say the most hateful things about your personal life and want you to feel sorry for his lot.

A long time ago I faced a similar challenge. The woman I loved was a slacker. I probably would have gone to law school but I chose marriage. I worked a series of jobs for family and broke my tail. My wife stayed at home did nothing while I worked like a dog often 15 hours a day. I did not come home to a meal and got lectures about going out. She played games with going back to relatives and ultimately I had to change the locks. I lost the woman I loved with all my heart, but I was not going to be made into a donkey.  I made this tough choice and despite the pain it was the correct choice. Had I made the error of having children I would never be free. Some people wonder what became of so and so. I really am not like that and prefer not to know about lost loves and old friends. Her picture does sit tucked in the corner, but I never regretted that choice. This relative made a different choice and fears being alone.

People who know me seldom see me curse. This spouse and her annoying ways have gotten under my skin. I actually told this religious nut we are like Jacob and Esau. I want nothing to do with you  and our relationship is over.

Were this a single mother in a housing project many racists would use the pejorative welfare queen. This family is not on welfare and teeters near debt because of Yeshiva bills and sloth. Had this person been gainfully employed over the last 20 years life would not be so tough.

There is a place for psychotherapy but there will be no help here. This is not sloth in their eyes it is devotion to God. Having been on a cellphone all day and the Internet figures in ways beyond my

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Richard Cohen moron and Harrys Place Failures

The NY Daily News is an amusing paper in that it allows two of the greatest morons to foul its pages with idiocy on the op-ed section. The king of morons is Richard Cohen whose classic" the founding of Israel was a well intentioned mistake". writes of Romney the Tea Party Parrot.

Romney's comments about culture were factual and long overdue. Cohen is unable to find a factual error so like a drunken Beltway Bon Vivant he uses a hack writers cliche about Tea Party Parrots. Comparing the imbecile Cohen to a hack is an insult to hack writers everywhere. Cohen is the Gold Standard of idiocy.

Harry's Place is usually interesting reading and its coverage of subjects in the UK is usually good. The writers  tend to be fair across the board and will discuss excesses of the left such as criminal rioting.
In fact when leftist riots were responsible for vandalism the authors of Harry's Place addressed the subject promptly.

The problem with Harry's Place is its American coverage is run by a poorly selected political extremist who is the laziest blogger on the planet. He writes post after post critical of the Tea Party lifted from Huffington and ignored the criminal mayhem and Jew hatred at OWS.

Gene is an open socialist who yearns for the days of "big labor". He is critical of Chavez and Castro and wants to see the USA become EU lite. He views Americans who prefer smaller government as quaint talk radio junkies. He has a Greek chorus of flunkies the Maytag repairman Josh Scholar who screams Obama critics are all racist and ponders about critics of Obama's penile functions. The mindless sophomoric Sophia who spouts cliche anti American drivel and stupidity. She does not trust a video of David Duke voicing his support for OWS because it came from a right wing source. The video shows Duke in his own words. There is the foul tempered Vildechaya who claims to be against Marxism and the far left but constantly rails at every Michael Ezra post incoherently. He sees no Marxist link to anti Zionism.

A recent illustration of the stupidity of Gene who claims Palestinians are similar to Jews because they respect education and have a tradition of business ownership. Gene fall back on repeating  the standard Cuban cliche about literacy rates. Cuba has a high literacy rate and the people are not given the freedom to read what they wish. Cuba remains a basket case because its people are held back by a Marxist thugocracy that has zero respect for property rights and is a leftist kleptocracy.

The claim the Palestinians value education is amusing. One sees plenty of honors accorded criminal terrorists who target civilians. Their state controlled media is frequently on the level of Der Shturmer.
The GDP is largely transfer payments from abroad as kleptocracy stifles any attempts to build a normal society with a functioning economy.

While Gene wrote post after post about imagined Tea Party racism, he failed to write any posts about actual OWS Jew hatred and criminality. He could not find a single factual error in anything Romney stated but clings to the myth that Obama supports Israel. Actually Romney seems to get along with Israeli leaders quite well.

HP needs a more mainstream American correspondent to be taken seriously. Gene's off the wall views and his Americans are backwards attitude has left many pondering if he is American. His off the wall views are typical of Beltway Bon Vivant airheads waxing off about working class folks they never see save the odd domestic they exploit and Gore Vidal novels. His intellectual sloth and shallowness have made an otherwise fine resource into a joke.