Monday, August 06, 2012

Oh my .....%^&^%^&

If matters with these religious slackers weren't bad enough now I have a sprained ankle. The pain was so bad I had to crawl up the steps. I can't sleep because of the pain and unless I die I must make it in early. One of the junior officers stuck me with two cases with an attorney who drives me up the wall. She takes cases over her skill level and I have to do triple work.

I explained to the junior officer who cried to my boss. You may no longer socialize with me and do not ask me any questions. You can win a battle but lose the war. My boss was shocked to see me so annoyed, but I just spent two hours with this same attorney who took yet another case over her skill level.

The junior officer was upset and said Beaky if I knew this would end our friendship... I did not respond and pointed her to the door. People are well aware that when someone annoys me I don't talk to them for years.

My boss asked me do you think that is a bit extreeme. I told her dealing with that attorney for four hours is that annoying. The attorney is a good person who means well, but not all of us are stars. If an attorney is prepared I am really nice.

I can't even put my shoe on.


Always On Watch said...

Damn, Beak.

You're really on a roll these days.

Ducky's here said...

Someone keeps moving my chair