Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The disgusting abortion tirades

As a person who has never been pro life, I frequently find the behavior of those who agree with me to be an embarrassment. Those who support abortion are are overly emotional, condescending, obtuse and  absurdly hypocritical in exchanges. Abortion is not and is not a divine right and the same people who talk about rights seem to jump through hoops with every other aspect of governmental intrusion into the lives of people. Abortion is a divine right but your right to smoke or kick back a beer must be examined by the nanny state.

The number of people seeking abortions for classic stranger rape is not statistically significant in the overall discussion of abortion.Abortion is most often a mater of economic choice and just as rape is an extreme example that is rare so are those who decide to abort for such reasons as wrong gender of the child. Abortion for gender selection does happen but it is not the norm. No doubt one could likely write a book about the vacuous reasons some make this serious decision. Of course you can get pregnant from being raped. You also can get pregnant from an affair with a married man with a wife dying of cancer or a consensual relationship with Mr Disgusting I Can't Believe I Did That Jerk. Getting pregnant via consensual poor partner choice is likely more probable than getting pregnant from being raped because these poor partner selections as in the case of John Edwards involve multiple encounters.

What did these same jerks say about investigating the rape accusation against Bill Clinton? The same people screaming about poor adjectives lionized Ted "Chapaquidick" Kennedy and stood by as the legal rights of a maid were violated to free a French Socialist Baboon.

I have always supported abortion, but the antics of those who agree with me are vile.


Ducky's here said...

Getting pregnant via consensual poor partner choice is likely more probable than getting pregnant from being raped

So what?
Do you even try to reason?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, what do you think of the Bagger candidate for Sheriff in southern N.H. who says he will use lethal force to stop a legal abortion?

Baggers are such idiots.

Bad shooting at the Empire State building. All the wounded were shot by the police. Interesting.
Now I'm not saying the cops didn't do what they had to do but it gives pause next time some Bagger gun loon suggests it would have been all resolved at the theater shooting if patrons had been armed and started shooting in the dark.

Bagger are dumb.

beakerkin said...

I am not pro life. I believe communists, anarchists and socialists should be aborted regardless of age. Bill Ayers should be the first supporter of late term abortion to make himself an example.

Wrong lesson on guns. The shootings happened in spite of the draconian gun laws in NYC.