Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monica Crowley What the $^$^& Hppened

I am a huge fan of Monica Crowley. I used to listen to her and correspond with her when she was a local NYC radio host. After a scare with a creep she stopped communicating with the public. The person I knew over the years is what you see on TV witty, brilliant and she has a great sense of humor. She chided me over enduring chick flicks and having to buy a pashmina several girlfriends ago. Probably 1% of all guys know what a pashmina is and that it has to bee 100% cashmere for NYC style authenticity.

When I was stationed in VT, I was unable to follow her show. I do not recall why, but it was a combination of working Saturdays to avoid a coworker who was worse than the ten plagues. She was the one who complained that guys talking about motor oil and car parts makes an uncomfortable atmosphere and the rather idiotic complaint about mistaking a word from a Mitchner book for a Yiddish racial epithet. Mitchner was not Jewish and the term was in Afrikaans.

I am in the early stages of reading her latest book. It seems as if she has dialed up the comedy in a manner one does not normally associate the elegant and brilliant Crowley from listening to her in regular media. In fact her skill at comedy in a pleasant way was one of the most endearing manner. The best women can laugh at the sometimes clueless way men go about mundane tasks. I am prepared to risk my life in times of danger but if you want to see me in terror make me go to a greeting card store to pick out a Valentines day card. I can solve complex legal matters in a way respected by the best attorneys in my area, but ask me to pick out a pashmina and I am lost.

The last few years have been rough on us as the Obama administration's ineptness or malfeasance has run amok. Often I look at empty storefronts and aliens self deporting for lack of jobs and wonder what were we thinking when America elected an arrogant neophyte endlessly droning on about hope and change. Crowley states what many of us feel in our hearts, but in a witty stylish way.

If this should read Monica could you send a copy to Patrick Kelly aka The Pagan Temple who is in the hospital with heart difficulties.

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