Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Richard Cohen moron and Harrys Place Failures

The NY Daily News is an amusing paper in that it allows two of the greatest morons to foul its pages with idiocy on the op-ed section. The king of morons is Richard Cohen whose classic" the founding of Israel was a well intentioned mistake". writes of Romney the Tea Party Parrot.

Romney's comments about culture were factual and long overdue. Cohen is unable to find a factual error so like a drunken Beltway Bon Vivant he uses a hack writers cliche about Tea Party Parrots. Comparing the imbecile Cohen to a hack is an insult to hack writers everywhere. Cohen is the Gold Standard of idiocy.

Harry's Place is usually interesting reading and its coverage of subjects in the UK is usually good. The writers  tend to be fair across the board and will discuss excesses of the left such as criminal rioting.
In fact when leftist riots were responsible for vandalism the authors of Harry's Place addressed the subject promptly.

The problem with Harry's Place is its American coverage is run by a poorly selected political extremist who is the laziest blogger on the planet. He writes post after post critical of the Tea Party lifted from Huffington and ignored the criminal mayhem and Jew hatred at OWS.

Gene is an open socialist who yearns for the days of "big labor". He is critical of Chavez and Castro and wants to see the USA become EU lite. He views Americans who prefer smaller government as quaint talk radio junkies. He has a Greek chorus of flunkies the Maytag repairman Josh Scholar who screams Obama critics are all racist and ponders about critics of Obama's penile functions. The mindless sophomoric Sophia who spouts cliche anti American drivel and stupidity. She does not trust a video of David Duke voicing his support for OWS because it came from a right wing source. The video shows Duke in his own words. There is the foul tempered Vildechaya who claims to be against Marxism and the far left but constantly rails at every Michael Ezra post incoherently. He sees no Marxist link to anti Zionism.

A recent illustration of the stupidity of Gene who claims Palestinians are similar to Jews because they respect education and have a tradition of business ownership. Gene fall back on repeating  the standard Cuban cliche about literacy rates. Cuba has a high literacy rate and the people are not given the freedom to read what they wish. Cuba remains a basket case because its people are held back by a Marxist thugocracy that has zero respect for property rights and is a leftist kleptocracy.

The claim the Palestinians value education is amusing. One sees plenty of honors accorded criminal terrorists who target civilians. Their state controlled media is frequently on the level of Der Shturmer.
The GDP is largely transfer payments from abroad as kleptocracy stifles any attempts to build a normal society with a functioning economy.

While Gene wrote post after post about imagined Tea Party racism, he failed to write any posts about actual OWS Jew hatred and criminality. He could not find a single factual error in anything Romney stated but clings to the myth that Obama supports Israel. Actually Romney seems to get along with Israeli leaders quite well.

HP needs a more mainstream American correspondent to be taken seriously. Gene's off the wall views and his Americans are backwards attitude has left many pondering if he is American. His off the wall views are typical of Beltway Bon Vivant airheads waxing off about working class folks they never see save the odd domestic they exploit and Gore Vidal novels. His intellectual sloth and shallowness have made an otherwise fine resource into a joke.

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