Monday, July 30, 2012

There Comes a Time to Close the Book

I have effectively ended the relationship with the annoying relative.  One can not divorce a blood relative but I was quite explicit in my instructions. Do not talk to me ever again.

For years I have dealt with a series of slights. The game is that this clod relative or his boorish spouse step on my toes and when I snap knock it off they do the victim act. I am tired of the victim act which I have endured for decades. Sorry, but I am tired of the bullshit and arrogant religious delusions of granduer. I live my own life and will not tollerate airheaded intrusions into my zone of privacy. Quite frankly I am embarassed by this relative and his ass backwards ways.

I live a secular life. I have no desire to be more religious and want my wishes respected. Live your life, but leave me alone. I grow weary of intrusions on my space and time.

Sorry, your life is rough. I have zero pity for you. You have allowed your wife to gold brick for two decades. She does not work and has zero inclination to return to work. You cry about three jobs because your wife works zero jobs. This does not prevent her from giving career advice or lecturing others. Hey moron if its been 20 years since you were gainfully employed stuff it. Of course this person could see a shrink and deal with her time management issues but then its just me being cranky. You allowed this, so either tell her to shape up or quit crying.

I have one more month of this bull shit. Had I been warned in advance I would have traveled to get away from these jerks. Of course I get a series of excuses my life is not stable I can't plan blah blah

The old excuse was the air conditioners broke. Now the new excuse is there are special classes that can only be offered here and not in his more religious community. No big deal the child in question is pleasant and not a jerk, Unfortunately, his mother misses him and needs to be here all week and that where my patience ends.

Sometimes it takes more strength to tell a relative to get lost than continue on this way. I have a month where I will be lucky if I get three hours sleep a night, This I can endure and will survive because I am tough and meaner than the next man.

Long ago this relative should have told his wife to shape up or ship out. Instead he permitted her to become a walking labotomy. This labotomy has no clue about time. She is late for everything and does not grasp leave me alone means leave me alone. People that know me for thirty years state they have never seen me curse but this jerk takes the cake. He is too weak to divorce this clown and wants pity. There is no pity as twenty years of sloth and tardiness is too much.

In some ways we would be luckier if this were an addict. All of us could stage an intervention and get these annoying behaviors into the open. As this person is a religious slacker that is out of the question.


Always On Watch said...

There is nothing worse than a religious slacker!

beakerkin said...


It pains me to see religion used as an avenue for sloth. Twenty years of not lifting a finger and wandering in a religious stupor is too much.

If she were not religious we would say get help. You must learn to be employable again and deal with it. You start to be employable by being punctual and learning to plan.

We would hear about inner city people with these problems. Are they somehow more acceptable when
presented by a religious person?

Ducky's here said...

They should move to Kiryas Joel and get on the public teat.