Saturday, July 07, 2012

Movies and you

When a well crafted movie is made there is but so much that can be conveyed in 90 minutes. Most of this is directed at plot and charachter develpoment. Thus a movie about the Catskills Hotels or set there is unlikely to ever touch upon the troubled transients who washed the dishes and cleaned the floors. Cleaning the flo ors in the kitchen was done by a series of water hoses and wasnt so bad. Running the silverware spinners was bad and clapping plates in the huge dishwasher was the worst.

In film it is just easier and more interesting to portray the owners child or spoiled wealthy kid having a forbidden romance. There likely were many of these between the young college students who were passing through on their way to somewhere else. In general most of these students were from upper middle class families. The parents did not necessarily frown on these relationships so long as everything went well. If it didn't then can expect the worst.

A dance instructor was not a great candidate. They were considered on a lower plane than the entertainers or even the musicians. Yes there was the celebrated marriage of the late Lou Goldstein to a dance instructor. Goldstein was the brilliant activities director and an upper level employee, not a guest or an owners family.

A TV series about the Catskills Era would be a blast. You could have cameos of actual entertainers who played there playing cranky guests while a younger person plays Jackie Mason or Don Rickles. Even in an hour format 15 minutes could be devoted to the show. I doubt this type of series would ever hit paper or come to the attention of studio heads. However, given the bad cop shows and dreadful shows on HBO it would be worth a try. In a TV series the world of the long term employees and the transients can be discussed in passing.

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