Wednesday, July 04, 2012

America are you stupid

Much has been said about the recent moves by Obama to sure up his bases. The most transparent of these moves was his alleged 9th hour conversion to support of gay marriage. Obama always was a supporter but threw gays under the bus in an attempt to make himself look like a centrist on election day. There have been plenty of reports showing his actual position prior to running. He peddles the myth of courage and changes his position and goes directly to a Hollywood fundraiser. Only in Hollywood does a moron like Barbara Streisand qualify as brilliant. Other than James Woods you can not find too many Hollywood types with a brain.

Hispanics are alegedly big supporters due to Obama's last second immigration theartrics. He does this act also right before his head is in the chopping block.

Blacks have suffered disproportionately in this recession. What has Obama done to create real jobs???

Obama is not capable of fixing the economy. Our best hope is that the business cycle will blunt his negligent initiatives. The house members need to strangle Obama care by cutting off all funding. We should also demand a similar cutt off unless with aid to higher ed unless they agree to substansive reforms. The bottom line is that Obama has made no efforts to control costs in these areas. We as taxpayers need to demand accountability in DC and if we get serious about cutting budgets we can negotiate actual reforms.

A vote for Obama is a vote to extend the recession. If you like high unemployment, poor leadership and a self deluded pot head intellectual Obama is your man.

The question for Obama supporters is are you stupid.

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