Thursday, July 05, 2012

Heat Wave

I hate the steaming heat of NYC. This current heat wave is expected to  last into the week end. When I retire I will go someplace beyond the heat. It seldom gets to 95 in Sulivan county as Ferndale is about 1100 feet above sea level. Thee next time the Vermonters call me a Flatlander I will have to remind them Staten Island is also way above sea level and Fendale is likely higher than wherever they live.

In January I will be at blog post 3000.

I am working on a very long one about the real world of the Catskill resorts as I saw it.  I wish I could locate my uniforms from the resort I worked it and donate it to the Catskill Historical Institute.  Much of this history is being lost and reclaimed by nature. All those memories of fun and families, entertainers, gangsters and transients lost forever in time.

You might encounter some of this world in Dirty Dancing or Sweet Loraine but this is a fairly tale compared to the real world I knew.

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