Friday, July 20, 2012

Att: Muslims if you love America and its traditions you are a Suck up according to the bird brained Duck.

We do not call people like Mr. B, AOW or Z suck ups for loving our country. Patriotism and respect for the ethos of our country is a core part of our persona. Marxists like our friend Duncy think that as heirs to the divine wisdom according to Marx that they determine who is authentically Jewish, Black, Muslim and so forth. Of course those who reject Marxism are called slurs like Likudinik or Aunt Jemimah by those who reject their foul ideas.

Anyone who reads the writings of Stephen Schwartz grasps that he is a patriotic American who cares about his country and his faith. He understands and embraces our noblest traditions of intellectual freedom and respect for others. As a man of ideas and words he embraces our Western Tradition.

In essence as a person of wisdom and faith Schwartz and the CIP grasp that terrorism hurts Islam on many levels. There are no word games or equivocation for pointless acts of violence that are almost branding strategies.

It is insulting to insinuate that Muslims who respect our traditions and others are suck ups. Do we accuse others who have a love of these ideas of being suck ups.  This is typical mindless far left arrogance. In the mind of the Duck the Muslims who serve in our armed forces are misguided.

Are Muslims part of Big Table Americanism? All who respect others and private property are welcome so long as they share the common ethos our country was founded upon.


Always On Watch said...

I am quite familiar with Stephen Schwartz. Yep, he is "the real deal."

Ducky's here said...

oh tie a can on it Beak. He's a stooge who heads the Islamic desk at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

He runs with a swell crowd; Gary Bower, Joe LIEberman, Richard "Psycho" Perle, Newt "Fat Stuff" Gingrich, the Krautzenjammer Kid, Louie "World Be" Freeh, Steve "9-9-9 Plan" Forbes and Billy the Pimp Kristol.

He shuffles real nice for the master. That's what you like. As long as he knows to be subservient to Likud he's a good raghead.