Saturday, July 28, 2012

Before Reading Unorthodox

The left has a history of foisting fraud and passing it on as fact.  The most celebrated fraud I Rigoberta is still is used in Universities despite being proven false more than a decade ago.  The Obama bio is chock full of exaggerations such as composite girlfriends.

The Satmar are easy to hate. Most Jews support the State of Israel the exceptions are Communists/Anarchists and their useless idiot allies the Satmar. Many people hate hasidic people because of their odd dress and at times condescending arrogance towards more secular types. In their effort to remain insular rumors and small exaggerations are rife.

Deborah Feldman is a serial liar and is no heroine. The Satmar with rare exceptions are not criminal . There have been serious issues with sexual abuse in many communities including many Christian ones. The media goes on a crusade when religious organizations are involved but summons no similar outrage when unionized educators commit similar acts.

Unlike those who leave Islam it is highly unlikely anyone will ever threaten her. In most instances members of the community will likely shun her. Given her mental problems and propensity for playing games with the truth avoidance of this dimwit is a true blessing. Any comparison between this mental defective and people fleeing Islam is misguided. When was the last time the folks at the View spoke with someone who wrote a similar book about leaving Islam and faced genuine threats?

Her true gift is to make a truly loathsome community seem sympathetic after her serial lies. I still can't stand the Satmar and make it a point to avoid them as much as possible. They are well aware that their idiotic Rabbi's political views have made them pariahs in the larger community. A few have said in private that they disagree with these positions.

I do enjoy my meetings with the Lubavitchers. They are well loved within the community for their charitable works. Unlike missionaries they do not seek converts. Rather they seek to get those who are Jews to be more Jewish. With great charm and zeal they engage secularists like myself who prefer to just live as the person in the next cube. The other orders are not held in contempt by the general public. Mostly they go about their business and enjoy cordial relations with other members of the community.

The clueless leaders of the Satmar have yet to deduce that their bonehead political views damage their reputation more than idiotic books authored by mental patients and irresponsibly published without basic fact checking.


Ducky's here said...

We should keep shoveling food stamps, Medicaid, education subsidies to the useless welfare queens in Kiryas Joel?

beakerkin said...

Ducky funny but for a person who never objects to endless welfare you finally found some people you want to pull the plug on. The Satmar are usually law abiding with intact families. Their children are unlikely to do more than annoy law enforcement.

These Jews should be your darlings as their sole use is to shield hard core Joooo haters from anti semitism
charges. Commies should pay them for this service and be glad to foot welfare checks in perpetuity.

I don't mind footing a check for struggling in tact families and those
down on their luck. I guess all your concern for the poor ends when the families are in tact and religious as opposed to broken and criminal.

Ducky's here said...

How about subsidizing bus transportation?

They have to ride by themselves so taxpayers subsidize bus routes for these welfare freaks.

Their social system is virtually identical to sharia and not a peep. Not only that, we subsidize it.

You should tell Pam Geller.

beakerkin said...

Really I don't see any severed limbs
for transgressions. Outsiders are not apt to be involved in its legal proceedings. There is zero history of Jim Crow style laws.

People withn the community have been
fighting for the courts to stay away from criminal matters like sexual predators.

I have never advocated subsidizing those routes. However, many forms of public transport are subsidized. The green/red mafia is fond of lower carbon emisions are you being a hypocrite again.