Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Lost Worlds

The younger officers I mentor sometimes hear me wax on about the Catskills and or the Garment District. Today, they are vestiges of what they were and I may as well be talking about dinosaurs. My journey across those lost worlds to become an officer is a story in and of itself.

A favorite of the younger crowd was the antics of Captain Scott. The Captain lived across the hall from me for many seasons. He was a legendary playboy who literally who was so busy it is a miracle that his privates didn't fall off from all the abuse. People think the antics I describe were part of a comedic routine but they were based on fact. What was amazing with all of those women he never got killed by venereal diseases, a jealous boyfriend or a psycho chick. He was also the greatest practical joker, I ever saw.

Now amongst my travels, I located a short paragraph written by the Captain. I will show the paragraph to his fans who think of him as a literary archetype/comedic foil. Some day, I seriously have to pen a tome about all these crazy adventures across the lost worlds in the various industries. If I were reading about some of these people I would think they were fiction. In many ways reality is much stranger than fiction.

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