Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dr Obama my @$#^&^*I(

There is a poll out there that shows a large number of doctors are thinking about giving up the practice of medicine because of  Obama care. The media has burried this poll because mission number one is to save Obama and this abomination of a bill. This is the one bill favored by elitist snobs who don't do actual work. They sit around and BS themselves that they want to be more European.

I am amused at the Obama camp who are focusing on Romney's money. Romney was born into a family of wealth and has proven he is adept at earning it. This is compared to Gomer Kerry who marries it or Obama whose wealth comes from where????

Fact Obama has been to more Prep Schools than Al Gore. Unlike Al Gore he mainly ran around in a pot induced stupor and mindlessly repeated every idiotic cliche his teachers tossed at him. He is so brilliant that his grades are a tighter secret than Coca Cola. How one gets into elite Universities after doing poorly is a mystery. The truth is that he likely used and abused affirmative action and the Old Bolshevik network connections of his grandparents and spaced out hippie mother. Obama's grades did not prevent him from getting into elite Law Schools and as an educator. Most likely this is an area where he expeditiously contrived some interesting accounts of his birth when it was advantageous.

Would you accept someone who has blatantly lied on their resume and messed up royally on the job to go for a second round.

Fire Obama and elect anyone.

Hope and change starts with sending Obama out of DC and onto a golf course where he can not damage the economy and merely bore everyone with his feigned brilliance. I may not have like Bill Clinton but he was not stupid or dangerous. Obama is a disaster and the joke is on the American people. It has ceased to be funny about two years ago.


Ducky's here said...

There is a poll out there that shows a large number of doctors are thinking about giving up the practice of medicine because of Obama care.

Yeah, they're going to give up their practice to become a homeland security paper pusher.
Utterly moronic.

Always On Watch said...

I saw that poll.


Mr. AOW's recent cataract surgery should have cost at least $5000; at least, that's what the hospital bill showed for the OR, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, and the various post-op eye drops that Mr. AOW is still taking these three weeks later. Medicare allowed the hospital about $1500 in payment and the surgeon a pittance a few hundred dollars. We paid a grand total of $250. How is this kind of payment protocol sustainable? It is not!

As for BHO's failure of his first term, the failure is undeniable. Yet, the mainstream media continue to evade and obfuscate?

Is the American electorate capable of seeing through all the smoke and mirrors?