Sunday, July 29, 2012

American Jews being exploited by the GOP? Say What

The incredibly dense Nancy Pelosi has not deduced how arrogant her comments are. The Jewish vote is not a monolith and those that practice the actual religion as opposed to a fake touchy feely variation
tend to vote more conservatively. Thus your guys at Chabad are more apt to vote for the GOP than the Rabbi "Snagglepuss  Lerner or Arthur Waksow.

Jews like the rest of the population are impacted by the economy. If you have family that is looking for work and given up hope your religion does not matter. If you walk past main street and see business after business boarded up your religion doesn't matter. The corner pizzeria that I went to for thirty years is gone. My usual Chinese place is gone. My dry cleaner is here for now and the little grocer struggles. These are parts of my weekly life. Now a certain argument is small businesses rise and fall. However, seeing store after store boarded up and wondering what happened to the lovely waitress who brought me me Mongolian Beef takes a toll. It is as if a bomb has torn the edges of the fabric of my community. The bomb is the Obama economy where everyone other than the clowns in the faculty lounges of higher ed have to tighten their belt.

All of us know people who have lost their jobs and have given up. Some of these people are family and close friends. They are shells of their former selves. Those of us who remain are working live zombified slaves and all types of abuse and bullying are the norm. Those of us who remain tolerate this abuse because saying a peep would end our careers and we would join the ranks of the unemployed.  The level of abuse would frighten and shock even the most jaded minds. In a normal economy people would get up and leave, but where to Obama in an economy with no jobs and no hope.

We go onto Israel which trails the economy in the minds of most. The claim that Obama is more pro-Israel than any member of the GOP not named Ron Paul is hysterical. Romney as an unknown is not burdened by supporting the antisemitic OWS, Romney did not sit in an antisemitic racist church for two decades. Have you even read the statements of Obama buddy Bill Ayers on Israel. Sorry, but Obama has made zero demands on Arabs while holding Israel to the fire.

Ultimately in the words of Bill Clintoooon


I don't want stupid social programs. I want jobs that can support a family. I don't care about green Eden, I want jobs.

Obama kept his change promise by making everything worse. Our only hope is that he loses.

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Ducky's here said...

With Romney you're going to get austerity.

You ain't seen bad yet but it's coming.