Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bettter for business to stay out of politics

There are those that complain about Chick Fil A's corporate policies and positions. If you don't like the policies don't go there. Many companies on the left make their policies known. I will not touch Ben and Jerry's even when it is offered for free. I prefer to get my ice cream from a rational company run by adults. This was a running gag in VT where I would not touch the stuff and bought Hagen Daz.

I remember when I was younger being subjected to dreadful Benetton Ads showing President Reagan with Aids sores. After seeing those ads I never set foot in one again. I will not give the niece a GAP gift certificate. Instead I will go out of my way to make sure the gift certificate is from some retailer with more traditional ads like Macys.

I used to shop at Men's Wearhouse about six times a year mostly for shirts and one or two suits. As they appear to have supported Occupy Wall Street I will never shop there again. All their good work and great products and customer loyalty is ruined by a really bad decision. Were they even thinking about their loyal customers feelings? A place that sells quality men's clothing should grasp that even appearing aligned with OWS is bad for business. Now this may indeed be a case of a rouge employee, but this should have dealt with long ago.

I have never set foot in a Chick Fil A's. However, I intend to do so in the near future. There are plenty of businesses that hurt their bottom line by catering to the barking mad moonbats.  I have supported Civil Unions for a long time and in truth gay marriage is not even near the top my thoughts the economy is up there. I am annoyed by shrieking ads as a rather needless intrusion into political activism.

Do I know the political views of the small store I buy my clothing from? No. I do know and that is my business. I will not be returning to a store I went to for years because of a poor decision. In the end it may be that an employees choice to place a sign has caused me to take my business elsewhere. This employee has seriously hurt the brand and it would take multiple advertisements to undo the damage.

This is post 3000.

We are still here and our critics are long gone.

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Always On Watch said...

If you don't like the policies don't go there.

Yes, it really is that basic.

Good point about the businesses that are Leftist -- and outspokenly so.