Monday, July 30, 2012

What Romney Said is true

Romney has stated a basic truth that dives politically correct people up a wall. Basically, the greatest resource a country has is its people. A country that invests in an educated work force will have a greater economy than one with natural resources.

The truth is that allowing the population to utilize its talents entrepreneurially  creates more wealth and freedom than imagined workers paradises. An engineer must be free to seek the employer of his choice or form his own company. Armies of engineers and doctors without freedoms to invest and change employers produces zero.

There is a marked difference between Israel and its adjacent states. You have a Capitalist democracy, with an independent judiciary based in civil law, with guaranteed rights and respect for private property vs less free totalitarian states with more corruption.

A society that fails to educate women is starting from a handicap. The talents of women are essential to a modern economy.

It takes no skill to raise a gun and say death to whatever. You are not a hero when you slaughter in hate. It takes a greater person to build an economy and peace. It is time the Arabs accepted Israel is not going away and end this madness.

Of course having bug eyed zealots (Marxists) rationalize the most extreeme depraved acts of criminal violence and claims has not helped peace or Arab refugees.

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