Monday, July 30, 2012

And the sick keep coming back for more

The deranged lunatic from Chicago has called threatening to report me to google. These are the relevant facts.

1) This deranged nut did knowingly pass on my identity to a sick anti-Semitic blogger from the UK. I had a series of threats to my family which I do not find amusing.

2) Mr. Divinsky was very aware of the threats to my family and the blog made by a person his friend contacted that depicts me as a pedophile.

3) Being that my privacy was invaded deliberately and maliciously by this moron he is crying because I returned his favor. Sorry but as you can not undue the threats to my family the posts will remain as is. I encourage the folks at google to contact me directly for a series of witnesses that will verify every word.

Word to the wise extortion only works when your victim has fear. You played your trump card and it was stupid and unforgivable. You were asked to walk away multiple times and never return. Having had my family threatened and having a blog call me a pedophile based upon your treachery you get zero sympathy here.

You made your bed. Kindly lie in it. Sometimes in life you have to live with your actions. Your stupidity caused my family to be threatened. In turn I described you accurately and you are crying.
When you blackmail people don't expect forgiveness and don't blame Myers. Freedomnow and others told him to stop but he swore you said you don't care.

Cry me a river.

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