Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Reluctant Post . What is terror and terrorism ?

This is an open thread because I think some of us still cling to the old illusions as to what is terrorism. However most of my readers are out in front . The problem is we are clinging to a 1970 mentality that is not relevant.

In the 70's there was a romantic aura that surrounded some . The terrorist was portrayed as an idealist fighing for a cause . There was a twisted for of romance that never had any relation to reality. Thus the IRA ,Red Army and PLO were portrayed incorrectly by a largely left wing press.

What we have learned is that people like Abu Nidal and Mougniyah were basicaly assets of certain rouge states. Most function as mercenaries for a price. Bin Ladden has met with Mougniyah and Abu Nidal. The myth that terrorist do not collaberate unless their cause is correct is also hurting the war on terror.

I think we have to change match the reality of the world today. This is an open thread so I want to hear from everyone . is the old wisdom outdated ?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Paradox of Vermont

Vermonters are just a wonderful people and it breaks my heart to hear them rail about the outsiders trying to ruin their way of life. Often I hear them wonder if I am really a NYC resident. Howard Dean, Bernie Sanders and Ben and Jerry are all transplants.

Vermonters are more libertarian then liberal. I prefer their anti war message to that of the Marxist swine in the big citties. "I wish we could bring our sons home".
No conspiracy theories, no stupid slogans and zero patience for the vile Communists.

Vermonters should be able to manage their own affairs and I am beging to believe in the Hillary rule. All elected officials should have to reside in a state for twenty years before running for office.

The reality of the Dean propoganda and the poverty I see daily is wide. There are plenty of homeless here and strugling families. Vermont is not Utopia but its people are warm and friendly and have looked after this lost NYC boy.Most of what I see in the locals is a left wing variant of libertarianism. Stay away from sin taxes and do not mess with hunting and fishing.

!67 I am not hiding and you know where to find me.

I will not post elaborate answers on you folk tale blog of lies. Why should I waste my time and effort to have my comments blocked or deleted. Show some courage (gufaw)
and step into fray.

By the way comparing Joooos to Nazis is a regular staple on your blog. Anyone with half a brain knows I am an anti- communist moderate. My contention was that liberals (whom I respect) discredit themselves by allowing Communists (Answer, Code Pink and You ) into their ranks. This message has been fairly consistent but reading and rational thought isn;t your strong suit. Try sending more crying emails to my readers.

By the way what are the other names I blog under. You have accused me and Warren of being the same person. We do know who the low loader was. Would you like a reprint of the best of your crying.

Monday, June 27, 2005

The wacky world of 167

Evertyone's favorite anti- semitic clown is at it again. He is calling for the dismantling of Isreal to protect the Joooooos. The Jews should not have the IDF protect them they should be protected from themselves by the UN and some blue helmeted Fijians. The fact that he picks the worlds only Joooooish state is a mere coincedence. Yes the Wacky world of the Recididoofus is filled with a number of them.

He rails about Rachel Corrie and another useless "Peace Activist/ Commie" but is oblivious to Saddams mass graves. A country that uses WMD on its citizens has a right to self determination and genocide is just a leadership variable. How dare you place your Western standards on Saddam.

What leader waged warfare on two of his neighboring countries and lobbed scuds at another country unprovoked. How dare you judge Saddam it is all evil zionistic media.

What leader had extensive ties to terrorism sponsored ABU Nidal , housed Abu Abas and employed the architect of WTC 93 Ramzi Youseff as an intelligence officers ? All evil neocon zionist media propoganda.

To those who ask if I label all Israel critics anti- semitic the answer is no. However Jewish cabals manipulating the White house and non stop mono focus on the worlds only Joooish state is anti semitic . This latest batch of hypocrisy is over the top even for the brain dead 167.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rethinking Alcohol and a broken heart. Count your blessings.

I do love Vermont and the wonderful people but I am rethinking my view of alcohol. I never really cared for the stuff and I am not in favor of prohibition. Yet I am just amazed shocked and heartbroken at the devestation it causes in a small town.

I have hardly lived a sheltered life and I witnessed the devestation of drugs in our inner cities. I never got used to it or accepted it. I learned to live with it like it was death and innevitable.

Yet I can not write these words without being heartbroken. I am watching people commit suicide in slow motion. In many ways this is frustrating but I am but a small person. Alcohol has a draw I can not fathom but I pity those who stop eating for a shot.

Each and every day I count my blessings. I understand that life is fleeting and I am blessed with a wonderful family and great friends including 90% of you who read this. The key to happiness is within each and every one of us. Do not worry about your neighbors and keeping up. When life gets you down remember there is someone out there who has it worse then you. There is no crime in falling down but there is shame in not having the honor to pick one's self up.

We are all not here forever so tell the people important in your lives that you love them. If you fall hold your hand out and do not let pride get in your way of help.

Alcoholism is heartbreaking, evil and a tragic waste of a life.

Toe Tag Special

One of my friends in VT is horrified that I still eat breakfast like a NYC resident. I eat what I call two slices of rye and fly.

He isnsisted I join him for breakfast and his plate can be descibed as an orgy of glutony. Three eggs sunnyside up, Two links of Sausage. Three strips of bacon, hash browns and a stack of pancakes covered with butter and local Maple Syrup.
" My god I can feel the cholesterol in the air. Don't you understand that heart disease and stroke is no laughing matter.I am amazed anyone can eat like that and make it to thirty. What do you call that the toe tag special." I said.

" As we say in VT what the f8&^&^& . The key is to have a six pack every night and the alcohol washes away your cholesterol" my friend said.

"Good heavens that will kill your liver"I said

" Details , details you big city folk worry to much" he said.

Let me assure my friends I will never eat a toe tag special. I didn't come through all of the adveristy to die of a hearty breakfast. Beakerkin RIP WTC 93 survivor and 9-11 witness felled by VT breakfasts is not the way I want to go.

There is a demolition derby in the next town but I will be in the stands. Some people think I should be driving based upon my normaly bad driving. I have head clutch of death to describe my grip on the steering wheel.

I like VT and the locals are great but the food is dreadful seriously .

Sedition is what the far left does best

I am amazed at the idiocy of the far left. 3,000 dead in NYC is not enough to warrant a long term solution. Where is the alternate vision for fixing the problem. The utopian left is in denial.

I read the familiar blogs of bloggers I disagree with and there are missing names. I hear plenty of condemnation of Goerge Bush and the religious right described as terrorist. As far as I know Pat Robertson did not ever sing Cumbayah while beheading Gays or Muslims nor did he ever shoot school kids in the back.

There is a decided problem and the left has zero answers.

The far left is not interested in working through the system. Their goal is bringing down Capitalism and much of the furor over the war and against Israel is anti capitalist. Liberals who allow Communists and far left types into their coalition serve as useful idiots for Communists and apologists for terrorists. I have spoken at length about patriotic dissent but I see next to zero of it except in VT.

The far left is not about peace except in the clever words of Warren rest in peace as they have sent 100,000,000. The far left has a history of world wide sedition and human rights fiascos. Peace is only a gateway to bring others under their ageis.
Any comparison between Pat Robertson and a far left type like Tom Hayden is grossly unfair to Robertson as he never betrayed his country.

It is time for the anti war crew to come up with solutions and step away from the Commies. Working with Commies just discredits one and makes you look like a dupe.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dishonoring 9-11

Regular readers know why I place a high priority on 9-11. I have been outraged by the behavior of the looney tune left. 3,000 people lost their lives at ground zero and they continually desecrate their memory with insane conspiracy theories. They desecrate the memory of the victims by blaming everyone but the perpetrators.

Now some idiots on the far left want to include anti american art in a museum at ground zero. When the families of victims are outraged the left ignores them. Or when they reduce the terrorist threat to a mere nusaince they tell people like myself to shut up.

Ground Zero is sacred soil and the left should have class. It would be nice if some of our antiwar liberals would get on board. If you want to display your anti American trash you are free to do so just not at Ground Zero.

Ground Zero should be reserved for the dead their families and be left as a solemn place for reflection.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Does anyone remember Ari Halberstam

The media highlights certain stories and burries others. I just want to know if any of my readers can tell me who Ari Halberstam is and why he died ? No looking at the internet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The wacky world of the far left

The far left gets more insane with every passing week . I grow more disgusted each and every day with the arrogance lies and sloganeering. There is never a plan on how to deal with terrorism. There is even denial that there is a problem. I have seen the problem up close and they tell me it doesn't exist.

The far left fools seem more concerned with Falwell the Bin Ladden. Sorry, I can not get worked into a tizzy about tuition tax credits or school prayer. Last we checked Pat Robertson did not fly planes into office towers.

There is a deranged sickness that ignores beheadings, bombings and general mayhem. Scoring political points is more important then winning the war. Yet the second we get hit again every cook crank and creep will be pushing conspiracy crap.

The far left has been proven wrong throughout history but its adherents never learn.

The Beakierkin Memo

A recent exchane with the Chemist on Upon Further Review is fairly typical of the far left. The Chemist is uncomfortable with my right of free speech as a 9-11 eye witness and a WTC 93 survivor. My message is terrorism is very real and gamble with your own life not mine. I have zero patience for the Bush lied troops died sloganeering. Bodies hitting the pavement and smelling an evil burning death smell does not lend itself to slogans.

Perhaps the Chemist wants to play a version of the Recidoofus's good joooooo game. Good eyewitnesses and survivors agree with his far left vision of the world. Sorry , unlike you I saw the look on the firemen's faces as they raced into history. You nor any other leftist will ever silence me .

The Chemist is fond of memos and wants links and sources. Laurie Mylroie has written extensively on Saddams extensive connection to WTC 93. The links of Saddam to Abu Nidal and Nidal's ties to Bin Ladden are widely reported. I will not take the complaints of a blogger who writes three lengthy posts on David Horowitz and then admits he has read zero of his books seriously.

Chemist my friend Kajando specializes in Iran. Maybe you should look at his blog instead of the Green Lantern er Knight.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I am not hiding Recididoofus

A short time ago the comedian known to our readers as 167 made series of charges. I have challenged him to repeat them here in an uncensored forum.I find it amazing he fails once again to show courage .

Make your charges of Homophobia and racism here. You can bring all of your anti- semitic storm troopers as well. I rather enjoy Hawke and Zombie as unlike you they are rational. They are not bigots in my opinion , but you will need all the help you
can get.

Warren and I can easily handle your crew. If I remember correctly you ran as soon as Jason showed up.

I am not hiding show some courage.

Honor Manhood Patriotism and You

I am tired of the defining terrorism as a cultural variant. There is good and evil in this world. Blowing up civilians in Pizzerias , shooting school children in the back and smacking planes into office towers violates honor and every form of manliness as it is defined by humans.

People who make excuses about poor opressed people are aiding and abetting nihilism. People who act self righteous about Iraq are thirty years late. This is not guerilla war in any form but a celebration of mayhem and evil.

Real men protect lives and serve armies with a purpose. It is unthinkable that any type of civilized soldier would machine gun kids in the back.Yet the left wants to rail about Falwell but ignores religious extreemism of deadly variety. Falwell may say a loopy thing or two but he is not seditious or homicidal. We have had several instances of Muslims raising money for terrorists in the USA. Yet the left clams up and screams Islamophobia.

Your job is to remind the liberals that the culture of excuses ends here and now. Deliberately massacring civilians is evil and I could care less what the rationalization is. Communism can not be rehabilitated and colaberation with Commies
hurts your cause. Code Pink, Answer are communists front groups and last I checked they killed way more people then David Duke. Are the Leftist going to talk about practicing true Nazism or slavery next.

I am a moderate and I love my country. There is no room for dialouge with Communists as there is no common ground. They have free speech but it is our job to ridicule and remind them of their legacy 100,000,000 dead. The communist legacy is contained in the Black book of Communism.

Our legacy is in the 99% of American people and our Constitution. I count my blessings each and every day . The joy of being an American is that idiots have a right to gripe about stupid crap. Let the liberals try it in Cuba or Syria and see what happens.

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Cold Warriors are still with us

I am fond of a regular named Rob although we seldom agree. I am sure that to him I appear as a dinosaur .Yet the cold war is still with us but the labels have changed.

I am a product of the eighties and I was a Cold War liberal. JFK in my generation meant an appeaser named Kerry. Reagan led a series of proxy wars and bled the Soviet Union to death.

The bitter appologists for the cult of death took on many labels. They made every excuse for the cult of death and are doing so today.

Early on I pegged the Recidivist as a Commie. He dennied it vehemently but then goes on to run the standard well true Communism was never tried line. 100,000,000 dead is quite enough for me. This same knuckle head will cry about Zionism but is silent about the ills of Marx. JB of Citzcom and Jason had the same conversation at the Chemist. The bottom line is he wants free speech for an ideology that has produced more death then any force in world history. Yet he wants to deny my right to free speech, sounds like a hypocrite to me.

There is a sick irony in a man appologizing profusely and trying to rehab Communism
and shreiking about Zionism. The Recidivist is the SAMS club of bigotry and hypocrisy. I do not casually toss Commie around lightly but like Briendell have zero
problem applying it correctly.

A non PC July 4

Every July 4 I pause to remember those who are not free and why. I remember the Cubans and Vietnamese who the liberals sold out. I remember the North Koreans and Chinese who history dealt a harsh reality to. I remember the Nicaraguans who the liberals still moan about. I remember the muslim world who the left view bigoted as genetically predisposed to totalitarianism. I remember those states in Africa we refuse to hold to the norms of civil rights. I remember the brave Iranian and Chinese students who risk harm against oppression. I remember the real indigenous people like Assyrians , Copts, Karen, Kurds, Montagnards who the left ignore while promoting fake indigenous people.

I remember the people who sacraficed for my country and those who served in the military. I remember the firefighters and that look as they passed me on 9-11. I remember that I live in the best country on earth. I remember that 99% of Americans are my brothers in freedom.

To that other 1% David Duke, Chomsky, Hayden, Farakhan and all you Commies and Greens
who are really Red count your blessings and step away from my wallet and back under the rock with the worms. In the USA our price for freedom includes suffering fools.
Remember those who do not share our freedom today as we celebrate our own.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pointless Violence

I am not nor have I ever been a pacifist. Pacifism is dangerous and allows those less noble to win via compromise or collaberation,

My problem with liberals as a moderate is a consistent refusal to adress evil head on. Marxism and Jihadism are Nihlistic insults to humanity. Falwell and Bin Laden are not equivalents . Bush and Saddam are not equivalents. The problem is moral relivism on the part of some liberals.

The problem with Marx and Jihadism is they seek to reshape the world. The problem is that you and I are expendible parts in their quest. The problem we face is Nihilism via Jihad or Marx.

I could not shoot school kids in the back . I could not behead a peson in a demented religious fervor. I could not smack jetliners into office towers and incinerate life for nothing. The problem is nihlism and the devaluation of human life. When life has little or no value all of humanity suffers.

We can sit and pretend like ostriches that the terror threat doesn't exist. My problem is I have been through this twice and it is real to me.

To the good liberals I implore you kindly step away from the commies. Are we going to rehabilitate Nazism next and say true Nazism hasn't been attempted yet. Maybe these yokels will rehabilitate slavery. 100,000,000 dead is enough proof Marxism is evil. 1300 years of colonialism , slaverey, ethnocide and genocide are the legacy of jihadism. Using a moraly neutral compass is bad logic and will get us killed.

The dark side of Messianism

I have often taken heat for my pro christian views as a Jew.I am not a Christian but the apex of good messianism is in Christianity. The notion that kings and peasants and all of man is a promise of what man can be and should aspire to. Judaism aspires to this in my opion as well so I do not see the incongruity of my admiration. I am still a Jew but admire the noble principles of Christ.

I have written extensively on the revolutionary falacy. Marxists and Jihadists seek to reinvent this world through destruction . David Horowitz writes on this theme in his latest book The End of Time. I have contrasted Mohammed Atta's vision of sexual utopia and hated of women with my thoughts of my family on 9-11. Horowitz compares the zeal of Atta's religious fervor with his fathers marxist utopianism.

I guess I am simple in that I do not see a world that needs a fiery cleansing. There is much beauty and joy at hand if we do not get all caught up in ourselves. Who cares if your friend has a better car then you, be happy for him. The truth is that the only person who can give us happiness stares at us in the mirror each and every day.

Happiness through Marx or Jihad is an illusion. Learning to create joy in ourselves and in our lives is realistic. Revolutionaries rant and rave but they are doomed to never see the forest for the trees.

The other night I did something unusal I just stopped to look at the stars and wonder. We do not see the stars much in NYC and the Vermonters must have taken me as a fool but I was greatful for the freedom to wonder and the beauty of possibilities.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Mental Rot

I find myself not as sharp as I once was . There aren't six newspapers up here and most of the news is local. In NYC I would be through the NY Sun and Post by now. I find myself reading more. I am trying to read Horowitz latest but this blase lifestyle is getting to me. The locals are wonderful but I am homesick. I miss Staten Island and adventuring in NYC.

I am going fishing with some of the locals. I haven't done that in almost 30 years.
Vermont is almost like a time trip to the beloved Catskills of my youth. It will be good to get out on the lake. I bet I strike out but you can't catch something unless you try.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Vermonters are not NYC clones.

Vermonters are very fond of nature and wild life. The like it sauted, broiled ,roast with great seasoning and the appropriate wine. I have yet to encounter the Woodstock refugees that NYC dolts think populate VT. Vermonters are not a cross between Ghandi and Grizzly Adams. They are down home folk who love to laugh at my misadventures.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My kingdom for a knish

I love Vermont but I am regressing. I have gone from fantasizing about Supermodels to
dreams of Knishes and Corndogs. The locals do not know what this Knish thing is.

There is a kosher section in the local market so somebody is buying this stuff. I have allready dropped five pounds. Do not worry I will not starve to death.

Smiling is infectious

I can not get over the heartfelt smile and cheer of my neighbors. They do not understand many things. Yet they make their children and families the centerpiece of their lives. I can not tell you how refreshing this is from a place where spouses and kids are viewed as accsessories. I rarely see eye to eye with the locals but this common sense approach to life could teach many socialites in NYC a lesson. Sometimes we NY are a bit too self absorbed. We get caught up in the arts and fashion a tad too much. None of this really matters at all unless the family is happy. There are many in NYC who should be sent here for a month. Perhaps the NYU crowd would get their heads out of their tails and learn about life. VT is seductive
and charming but I belong home amidst the chaos,dischord and fast pace. The loss is mine as the ultimate beauty in life is simplicity like VT

Monday, June 13, 2005

Vermont Fantasy and Reality

Liberals in NYC paint VT as a liberal utopia and the local residents as hayseeds. This is the reality of VT there is a strong libertarian left sentiment up here. I pity the politician that campaigns on gun control , tobacco taxes and gas taxes. The liberalism is a patriotic kind , no flag burning.

Many a time people ask where did you learn that. The rsidents are family and home focused. What is more important Plato or your kids. I haven't had so much fun in years. I keep praying for knishes and barell pickles but nobody knows what they are.

NYC is my home and I love it but VT is great.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Beakerkin gone Native. Seduced by VT


I am in Vemont and it is like another world here. The locals have been exceedingly friendly and courteous. To Bum from Jersey I did spot about a handfull of blacks and Asians here.

I miss NYC because it is my home but I am learning to like it up here. They do not allow hunting of Yuppies so a fishing liscense will have to do. On the way up a bald eagle swooped over the car on I87.

When my cable is up I will post more.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Journey Continues

It's drummaster2001 again posting for the Beak. He is currently in VT looking for an apartment. I just spoke with him on the phone and he said to let the readers know that everything is going alright and he will be up and posting soon. Until then, you'll have to remain in suspense.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Journey beginsToday

I am temporarily relocating to Vermont for a short term project. The trip will take at least six hours but I took my computer with me . I will try to post from Vermont tommorow night. I have to set up an appartment and bank accounts so my time will be tight.

By next week I should be able to post regularly again.

Here we go again 167 lost in Space

The Recidoofus is at it again.

I have not been hiding I am en route to Vermont and I just do not have time to spank you.He is a blatant liar , bigot and congenital moron . He should just step out of the closet and admit he is a Communist.

Rushed for time.

Lie Number one: My comments were never unblocked not that I care
Lie Number two : The offer of the reward was genuine.

He also sent emails to some of my readers who fowarded them to me. They know my positions far better then you . This is a sign of desperation on the part of 167. No I am not threatened by your IQ. I am laughing at another blatant fabrication 167/4 is more likely.

Now if you want redemdtion or a response you will have to step into my site. I have never ran from anyone or had the need to censor. You are going to have to be a man and step into this site.You have showed zero courage , zero honesty and zero content.
Have you seen the low loader . You know him quite well.

You want an answer I have not been hiding.

Your site is a warehouse club of bigotry. Some Anti- Semitism in row one, Mormon bashing in row three.

Beaker as a Metaphor of life

A beaker is a multi purpose Chalice that may contain the water of life. Liberals see
the beaker as half empty. Conservatives see the beaker as half full. Leftist Utopians want to steal the beaker for your own good. White and Black power nuts want to shatter the beaker.

What does the moderate see ? He just sees the beaker and that is enough. He follows his heart and soul. He watches his wallet when the liberals come around. He holds his nose when the leftist utopian vermin and racial wackos pass by. He admires the spirit of the conservative.

The Beaker is me and more you then some of you realize.

A Prayer at Ground Zero

Regular readers need no introduction to my perspecive on 9-11 as a witness and at WTC 93 a survivor. 9-11 America was attacked and it was my city aflame. Most of you watched on TV in horror but I had a front row view. The WTC was a part of my life and it was being attacked again.

I joined the exodus North away from history as heroes bravely raced towards history and their destiny. While Beakerkin fled North what was the world doing. Most of America and a good part of the world watched in horror. Jihadist laughed and danced at the spectacle handing out candy. The exception was Iran where candle light vigils were held.Left wing Utopian vermin were planning to blame 9-11 on America. In NYC they held a Communist sponsored rally while the fires were burning that Saturday in Union Square Park.

I offered my prayer on behalf of all my readers, friends and family who can not get to Ground Zero. I will be away for 13 months and unable to do so for a while.It was my way of remembering and making peace. Sadly, I will not be there when WTC 7 emerges from the ashes of 9-11 like the Phoenix. Perhaps Jason, Pam or my NYC blog bretheren can post a picture of that event.I am not leaving as my appartment is ready and awaits my return. I am a NYC person in my heart and soul and that tie can never be severed by proximity.

"This is the site of the former WTC. I was first attacked on Feb 26 1993 as I had just entered the building. That attack is largely forgotten as only two handfull
of people perished that day. This event is over shadowed by 9-11 but should not be forgotten.

On 9-11-01 America was attacked by religious nihilist who have a warped view of humanity. Their version of paradise rationalzed wanton waste of human life for some depraved sexual fantasy. The rest of us celebarate and cherish life.

I was one of the thousands of faceless people who saw way too much and fled North after seeing way too much. I fled away from history after natural rubbernecking.
Brave men fled towards danger and sadly many of them lost their lives in an effort to rescue others. The courage of those brave men is an example of the best of humanity contrasted with the worst all in the same event.The rescue service personel represented the best of humanity.

The other victims were ordinary people going about routine daily functions. Some were going to work in the WTC or the Pentagon and others were traveling across the country. The were cast into a maelstrom ofv deveststion all due to some idiots twisted view of religion. They died for no other reason then being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My prayer for all the victims of 9-11 is that they find whatever verion of heaven thet sought and that they dwell in peace. I pray for the families that they have the strength and fotitude. I pray for all of those who were touched either on TV or fleeing on foot as I did.

You do not have to be a NYC resident to feel the pain of 9-11.There were plenty of people who felt the pain in Virginia , Texas , Indiana and the red states as well.
People felt the tragedy in Canada, Israel, Australia and in Tehran. All you had to do was see a familiar face or story similar to your own.

The reaction of our enemies was predictable celebrations and giving out candy by Jihadis. The seditious Utopian leftist vermin planed on blaming America. They did so
in a disgusting rally in NYC with the buildings burning in the distance on the Saturday after 9-11 in Union Square Park. The behavior of the aforementioned proves that our enemies are barely human. The leftist utopians are terrorist enablers.

I pray that the perpetrators burn in hell for eternity.History will be unkind to the left wing utopian vermin. They were wrong in the Cold War they are wrong again. The liberals and the rest of the country can squable on specifics but Leftists Utopians are always wrong.

I pray that all who were left in distress on 9-11 find peace in their hearts "

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

167 as the Worm Turns

I am in the process of packing for my move and our favorite moronic anti-semite is at it again. The Recididork who allegedy doesn't read this site is whining again. I readily admit I read his folk tale facts free blog . His blog is a cornucopia of bigoted sophmoric rants.

Well Comrade Recididoofus if you want your silly charges adressed you are going to have to step into this blog. No more hiding behind blocked and deleted posts. Be a man and step into the fray. I am not hiding and nobodies comments are blocked . Courage is not your strong suit.

Over the next few days I will be on the road . Perhaps 167 needs to make his feeble attempts when the entire world knows I am busy. I just do not have the time to spank you today.Why don't you and your one reader sit and stew in your juices. Now remember to spell Beakerekin and the name of the blog right. Keep up it is more amusing to have a pet communist Anti-Semite and I now have a pair. Beavis is here so where is Butthead 147. Last I heard he was having an acid flashback and seeing Jooos in the anxiety closet.My own pair of Communist Anti-Semites I wonder what they will
fetch at Christies. You two are cheaper then Chimps but less intelligent.

Any one of the regular posters can easily handle you with or without me. Bring your entire crew and interestingly they all have closed blogs. None of my friends has one
or needs one. Lets see Pam at Atlas Shrugs with about ten times your vollume needs no censor. The reason you need it is you are a moron and can not back up any of your claims. Now go cry that that was a threat when a semi inteliget (not you moron ) knows that term refered to shredding your stupidity.

Will the Recididoofus be a man or run.Stay tuned......Coming atractions Simon says with Anti -Semite deluxe Simon Jones. Simon says jooooooos run around calling everyone the enemy.

Beakerkin and Barron take the subway

My roomate and I took the subway to go to my parents house.He doesn't get out of the appartment much. In fact it has been twelve years since he left the appartment. My roomate is a three pound turtle with a surly disposition. His name is Barron and he is an adult version of one of those green cute turles. He is the size of a small luncheon plate. Turtles grow throughout their lives unlike people but at a reduced rate.

I put him in a huge pail and our adventure began. I sat in the front car away from everyone else. A stunning Latina said to me " A turtle in the subway ??? I have never seen that before". I told her that " Sure if they can have mole people why not turtles in a subway car. He was rather well behaved as he can be agressive and you will be sorry if he gets a hold of you.

We got onto the Staten Island Ferry and the DHS gaurd said " A turtle on the ferry ". " Why not maybe I will take him on an airplane next ?" I said. He seemed to be almost enjoying the attention. A hot dog vendor threw him some swarma and he ate it.

The most common question was " How old is he and what does he eat ?" He is 32 years old and eats anything and everything. Most of the time he eats live fish but he eats
table scraps and insects. He seems to be fixated on scrod but he will eat salami.

The Barron seemed to be a crowd pleaser." He is so cute " was a common refrain. I have heard of men upstaged by dogs but a turtle must be a first.

Responding to Critique

A few on the left have objected to my critique of other blogs. There are two type of critiques on this site.

1 Friendly Critique done to illustrate a point. I have respect for the Disgruntled Chemist and John Howard of Upon Further Review ( Never critiqued here. ) I like both of them personally but my critiques are based on tone and style. I never question the patriotism , intelligence of either. Both do tend to veer into Angry mode and we do not tend to do that here. The problem with both somewhat is that they do not understand how a moderate percieves the anger and profanity. Great people whom I mostly disagree with. I will add AC Patriot in here also nice person whom I respect but rarely agree with.

2 Critique of cartoon bloggers.

Robert Lindsay is a Communist and admits as such freely. Communism killed 100,000,000
people. He has posted the Jewish Question on his blog and this has obvious unsavory
historical implications, think Holocaust. His description of joooooos as a tribal people is more comedic then offensive, Jews are cosmopolitan.

He has critiqued this site and turn about is fair play. John Loftus an Irish Catholic becomes a Jooooooo. He knows nothing about FARC and drug smuggling. In fact correcting his stupidity would be a full time job.

Lindsay is an Antisemite in addition to assorted other quirks. My opinions are backed by his statements here and in his long winded blog.

Simon Jones is a prime contributor to the virulently Anti-Semitic Jewish tribal review. His posts are filled with goodies Jooos percieve all gentiles as the enemy.
Jews are responsible for polution and alienation. The Protocols of the Elder of Zion is Accurate just sub Zionist or Neocon.

The Recididummy has also sent a series of charges in this direction. The liberals of course do not ever talk of that. His facts free,folktale, fiction and fantasy blog serves as a comedic foil. He calls other people illiterate and cries when 93 word 18 coma ( Pun Intended) are routine. One can read this blog for a grocery list of stupidity .

He is an Antisemite and is the Sam's club of PC leftist bigotry. I have enumerated his bigotry and Holocaust minimization games. He has posten numerous statements here
that qualify US Joooooos are paranoid yada yada yada. Anyone who wishes to see can freely look through the archives. I have given him the courtesy to respond here a courtesy he denies others.

He is a communist appologist and one can read his statements. He makes every excuse under the sun for the wacky death cult of communism 100,000,000 customers served er deceased and rising. John Brown , Jason Papas and others pointed out his wacky observations on the Chemist as well.

We generaly treat posters in the manner they come. Rob , B , Kafkaesque and AC Patriot come in peace and I treat them with respect. I encourage those who disagree to come here. I am not afraid to debate or defend my positions.

If White Supremacists came here I would attack them just as vigorously as I do anti-semites. I love 95% of my country with the following exceptions left wing utopians,
white power idiots and felons. My advice to liberals is step away from the leftist utopians.

While I am away

If any of you leftwing utopian hacks need abuse while I am in transit kingdly vist Big Bubba House of Pain. There is a link on the right that has your name on it mindless twit magnet.Big Bubba is direct and to the point.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Flights of Fancy 167 Bawls

167 has posted a rather falacious reward of 500 pounds to anybody who can prove the assorted bigotries. Yet he bans the people who could readily prove this information.

Among his rather silly routine is he is claiming I wished him dead. That was never said even in jest. The point the moron may be refering to is that the people he champions violently persecute gays as governmental policy. The point that was made was go live there. It is only his rather limited inferior intellect that interprets
this point in such an assanine manner.

He has also claimed I am homophobic what he bases that upon is a mystery. Any simple reading of this blog has lengthy posts in favor of Civil unions. There are plenty of people who have read my point Gay rights are human rights. However a person that interprets Muslims, Arabs and alleged Palestinians as racial is illiterate by definition. We have proven the Recididope can not even read a simple chart on hate crimes.

The funny part is that while he bawls I laugh at his stupidity.What part of the infamous racist fascist Judea- American neecon war on terror fraud does he want to go into. Does he want to go into Simon Jones whose works are featured in the virulently anti-semitic Jewish Tribal review ? Does he want to go into a post that he complimented that claims jooooos call all gentiles the enemy and are responsible
for alienation and polution. The same articleclaims that Americans are defacto Joos
because there is a Holocaust Museum. I wonder how he will spin the Hugenot site downtown or the African slaves burial ground.

What a dope.

A post you can Booo

I think I have seen every topic covered in Blogs but one. I shall break every known Taboo and post on love. We can post on war , taxes , race but rarely if ever on love.
I am ready for the rotten fruit and the boooos , relax 167 that was booooooos not joooos.

Love is lifes most precious gift and for those who live without it I feel sorry. I remember the contrast on 9-11 the fanactics motive was sexual paradise. Yet as I fled north my prayer was faith and salvation. I thought of my girlfriend , my family
and especially my brother the beloved Rav Roov.The contrast between healthy love and unhealthy love couldn't be clearer.

The terrorists were seeking the most base kind of love eros. Eros is alot of fun and all of us are affected but it tends to be fleeting and shallow. Thus when I talk of love I do not merely talk of eros.

The other types of love are also important . I am filled with Philea or brotherhood.
I am a patriot and love 95% of my fellow americans. My scorn is reserved for left wing utopians ( raise your hand 147) , white supremacists and jihadist that belive blowing up civilians is political expression. Yes I even love liberals but wished they would step away from the commies, greens and other nuts.

I feel a brotherhood with most Jews except for the same leftist utopians. I have a feeling of deep admiration for Chritians and a variety of ethnic groups. I also have a special fondness for certain localities like my beloved NYC.

There is a familial love that is shared with an extended family. I adore my nieces and nephews, even when they abscond with my Ovaltine. My sibings and in laws are part of the extended family. This is a healthy kind of love .

There is a spiritual kind of love. A healthy kind of love that is expressed through a salvation. Contrary to popular belief Jews do believe salvation. The problem with Jihadist is that their rapture is accompanied by destruction. In the Judeo Christian nexus this is clearly not the case. There is no destruction prior to the love of faith.

If you need to know the contast just remember the contrast of eros and my deeper kind of love on 9-11. I wasn't thinking about 72 virgins as I headed away from history. Conan the Barbarian has the best quote " Virgins are boring". No my thoughts were of messianism and of my family . I guess the love of friends and family is enough for me. I would rather have that then the 72 virgins and last time I checked I was happy with one. Maybe these Jihadists are lazy and don't plan on doing anything so the women can talk to each other. What does one do with 72 women anyway ?

You may now all toss fruit and boo.

Temporary Setback and Foward March

I am in the process of temporarily relocating to Vermont. This will be my first time
away from my beloved NYC . I will be back but life in Small town America looks to be
fun. I will be arriving early Thursday morning.

I will miss suicidal cab drivers. I will miss Veronicas resturant and the Art Exhibits and Broadway. I will not miss the Union Square Anarchists and assorted Jerks. I hope that my thick NYC accent is not altered by an 18 month tour.

I am not a big City Slicker and have spent summers in small towns in the Mountains but NYC was a mere 130 miles away.

Robert Lindsay you and I finally agree on something. Pam of Atlas Shrugs is a stunning woman. However I would not start with her because she will whip your tail.
Consider yourself lucky that I am moving as I do not have the time to deal with your stupidity.Pam also throws out better writting then you are cabable of. I have seen your blog and you are verbose and disorganized in addition to having a single digit IQ.By the way you are a liar and blocked me after one post on your writting style.

AC Patriot we will disagree but you are always encouraged to post here. My site is larger then people assume. The crowd on the Chemist seems to think I have two readers. I started out small but grew into a decent size blog. I have no need to censor anyone as I stand behind my material. The experience of the Recididoofus is unique as he is an anti-semite and serial bigot. Robert Lindsay is a stupider version
of the Recididope. We do not like Communists here.

APB For My favorite MIA Reader BIG BUBBA of Mindless twit Magnet. Where is my good
buddy known for his common sense and humor.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The New And Improved Beak Speaks

This is drummaster2001, beakerkins nephew. He writes a mean blog but doesn't know a thing about computers, so I am doing the first guest blog on The Beak Speaks. These links were overdue and sorry for the delay. Should we link the anti-semites 167 and 147 just to make fun of them because they seemingly get no traffic? Let us know what you think. By the way, my link is nicotine and rock- all about the great music. Anybody that wants a link that doesn't already have a link, contact me via my blog and I will make the correction ASAP. Big Bubba, you already have one.


9-11 and Religion

You should tell children that our country was attacked by religious fanatics. True
religious people cherish life and do not fly air liners into office buildings. There is no excuse or rationalization this was an act of inhumanity.

Religion is the celebration of life within a set of divine principles. Life is a gift from god and it is not to be wasted calously. Cults do not value life and treat it as a throw away comodity. The perpetrator rewards were 72 virgins in a garden. The brave heroes thought of duty and saving lives at great risk to themselves. My prayer before death was the messianic I believe in everlasting peace. Christians no doubt were thinking about salvation.

9-11 shows the difference between Nihlism and Humanity. What do your extreemist do after 9-11 . They hold rallies and blame everyone except the perpetrators, Marx is a death cult with 100,000,000 served oops victims. They dance in the street in much of the Muslim world except Iran where vigils were held. They invent conspiracies involving Joooos, Neocons, Likud ect.

Any person who justifies 9-11 or shooting school children in the back does not worship god in my understanding of the term. Warfare is to achieve a goal or objective . What town was captured on 9-11 ? What goal was achieved except for publicity ? 3000 dead at the WTC and we were lucky the number wasn't higher and for
what publicity.

There is no cause or rationale for this behavior. Any time we even listen to people who commit terrorism we are acting as an enabler. I do not care what your cause is shooting school children and blowing up Pizerias is evil. Do not enable evil and be firm . Sorry I do not care about your cause as you are not fit to be with civilized
people. You may dream of 72 vigins and a glorious death but I see my girlfiend and family and dream of life.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The revolutionary falacy

One of the things that amazes me about some leftist Utopians is a lack of vision. The
scary thing with some on the left is they honestly do not know how to talk to a moderate. Some do not even know what a moderate is . The bottom line is that I am exactly the type of person liberals need to win over.

This is the falacy of the radicals. Screaming loud and being self righteous may make
you feel good but it advances nothing. The anger and rage feeds itself and nothing ever gets advanced. People do not listen to angry whiny voices and they push people away.

Radicals blow up bridges and get nowhere . Moderates build bridges and move ahead
towards their objective. The question I ask radicals do you want progress or do you want to make a mess and feel good.

The question the liberals need to ask is who lost the Beak. Why am I a moderate so complettely disgusted with the left ? The answer is incompettance on the part of the liberals.

1 Communist Utopian leftists are not to be coddled . They are seditious by nature and for every vote they give you it costs you three. You may rail about Falwell but given the choice of Falwell or Michael Moore most americans would choose Falwell.

2 Do not accept excesses of speech on the left. Bush = Hitler is an absurd offensive
campaign. The whole Bush lied bit is a problem

3 Pick one topic per rant.I like Rob Bayn but placing Iraq, Gays and about two other
topics together dilutes the message. If you want to adress an issue one at a time
otherwise it becomes a rant

4 Stay positive in your message and hold the door open. I always leave the door open
for people to join me except for Communists and White Supremacy idiots. Some day AC
Patriot or B might agree with me on something so the door is open.You do not open doors by ranting on Religious figures or faith.
This post eliminates 167 as he is a communist, anti american , anti semitic etc .

5 Stay away from blame America first. You may worry about what they think of us in Europe and the Muslim world. This is a two way street and they should start showing
concern with how we percieve them. What you are essentially doing is aping Euro-Muslim Anti-Americanism. Most of the former is based in anti capitalism and the later
religious fervor. You are enabling a sickness and being masochistic when you play that game.

My advice to Rob Bayn is that burning bridges is easy. You might even have a fun time doing it. However if you think advancing Gay rights will come by a radical -liberal alliance you are wrong. You must reach out to people like Neptune, Warren,
Jason and the Beak somewhat. I add somewhat in my case because it is a largely won battle in my case. We disagree on style and minor points build consensus move foward.
It is harder to build bridges but it is essential for true progress.

Revolutionaries and Radicals are great for tearing down structure but blowing up bridges is more romantic then building them.

Leftist Utopians and Free Speech

Utopian Leftists like to rail about free speech and being silenced. However they seldom practice it on their own blogs. We have no need to delette comments or block people from this site. I stand behind each and every word that I post. There are no throw away clip posts here. We post no little surveys just honest editorial content
and some researched posts for education.

My critics the Recididoofus, Robert Lindsay Lohan and Simon " KC " Jones all block
critical commentary. They cry about being silenced but do not practice free speech
on their blogs. They love to wail about being victims especialy the recididoofus. Today his highly intellecutal site has a map of Jesus Land and a picture of Karl Rove with a Nazi Insignia on his mouth. Don't you dare call him anti- american or he will call you a racist, homophobe. He has been crying about the spanking I administer to him on the Chemist and Dirty Liberal words. I am a gentleman but if you start with the Ad hominem I will kick your tail. Respect your blog host and all is fine. AC Patriot , B and Rob posted here without a problem. I treat my guests in the manner they enter.

Today Comrade Linday is defending Syria a brutal repressive regime . Syria is ruled
by an Alawite clique that comprises 13% of the population. Its brutal human rights record is one of the worlds worst. Lindsay Correctly notes they have WMD and have had
Chemical Weapons since the 70's. Assad is not a fool any use of Chemical weapons on Israel will see the end of Syria. Syria also has a lengthy history of funding terrorism. However when you are a pathological anti Semite these are just minor points.

Meanwhile I say to all those critics of this blog Bring it on. I am here and I hide
from nobody. Freedom of Speech is my birthright as an American.

Saying the N word in Union Square

I am going to say the N word and some you aren't going to like it. Beakerkin is a moderate he would say the N word. I used the N word and almost started a riot in Union Square . The Radical leftist utopians were outraged at the nerve of a person in 2005 using such viscious barbaric language.

I am a NATIONALIST and I love my country and its people. Now some of you were thinking I used the other N word. No that word is an ethnic slur and should never be
said by anyone, including Rap Artists. There are a whole range of these words that should not be used and I wish weren't. Now the leftist Utopians want to equate my Patriotism with Nazism.They want to turn love of country into an evil thing.

I love my country and the people who live in it. I love the hard working men and women who serve in harms way each and everyday in the military, law enforcement and rescue services. I am proud of my countries history and accomplishment . Yes there
were some dark spots like Slavery and the injustices done to Native Americans. This
is part of any nations history.

Freedom of speech is my birth right and my legacy is the defeat of Nazism and Communism ( except at universities ).My legacy includes Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Dr Martin Luther King, Antonin Scalia, John Wayne, Chief Joseph and Sandra OConner. There are some Americans who renounce their own they follow Marx, Castro, Stalin,Che , Ho and Mao and their legacy is the Black Book of Communism. There are
KKK types and Storm Fronter White Power Nuts, NOI and other seperatist types they are also not part of my legacy.

At Union Square my use of the word Nationalist started the Leftists hyper ventilating. "You can't be a nationalist by definition that means that you feel superior to other you evil SOB".

Yes I am superior to the followers of the Marxist Death Cult. My way of life has not killed 100,000,000 people. Yes I am superior to Johny Jihad. I do not shoot school kids in the back , fly planes into office buildings, kill gays as a matter of law, treat religious and ethnic minorities as second class citizens.

I am an American Nationalist and if that word bothers the leftist utopians they can kiss my rear in Macy's window at Cristmas.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Coverage from non readers and sloth at the Chemist

One of the things that makes the Recididope hysterical is his claims he doesn't read
this blog. He doesn't read this blog but I get more coverage in his blog then my own.
He correctly mentions that I was involved in getting a poster banned from Front Page Magazine. The poster used an ethnic slur ZOG and broke the rules. He was warned and did it several times. My response would have got me banned nor was I the only complaint. The other person liked to refer to womens body parts and I was one of about 100 people who complained.

Moonbat Central is a major site with several hundred visitors. I supported Richard Poe's attempt to clean house. Unlike this Blog Poe runs a major site with about 100
times the vollume. He does not have the time to monitor his board. A major commercial enterprise is different from the Beak Speaks. We are a small blog I cater to my readers sometimes writing a post with individual readers. My dedication to free speech is unquestioned. I have not and never will ban a poster. Unlike the Recididoofus I endured 100% personal attacks. I rather enjoy those attacks as they provide comedic opportunities.

The Recididoofus , Chemist and JRH do not seem to understand this blog has grown bigger then I dreamed . The days when they could pooh pooh the size of this blog are over. I do not link articles or make short three word posts. Every post takes effort
and there are no rush jobs or polls here either.

The problem with the liberal blogers in general is that seldom visit conservative blogs. I visit several to keep me sharp lean and mean. The general problem with some
of these liberal blogs is the bobble head syndrome. The Chemist has one real Conservative Amicus an Anti Communist Moderate Me and Bum from Jersey who is independent. The rest of his cast marches off the map way too the left.

The problem is that they have a double standard B and Kafkaesq object to the term
leftist so I subbed leftist utopians. I recognize that there are patriotic liberals
like B and Kafkaesq. However when we discuss Guantanamo and the behavior is called typical American behavior we are entering anti - Americanism. The fact that the rhetoric of an anti- american , anti-semitic marxist clown is matched by those on the Chemist. There is almost a masochistic Self loathing of America by some readers there.

I remember the near riot that ensued when I described the forum as the blame America
first club. I stand by that remark and I add that some are way too soft on communists.Communists are not to be coddled , they are to be loathed and made into pariahs. The culture of excuses lies and rationalization and historical ignorance is appalling. The Recidivist likes to deny the 100,000,000 dead in Communism and he likes to trivialize the 6,000,000 Jews in the Holocaust. Communism =death and Mayhem.
Yet some of the readers are talking about good Communism and making excuses.

There is a near masochistic sentiment on some of the liberal sites.The problem with some is that they are more consumed by hatred of Bush then concern over America's welfare. I am waiting for one of the liberals to offer another strategy on the war on terror. All I hear is Bush lied troops died. What is the alternative plan for dealing with the issue. Even more preposterous are the idiots that try to make it a skin color issue. There are plenty of brown people in India but it is not a target. I
keep waiting for the patriotic dissent I disagree with this policy . I hear excuses
cabals, slogans and zero vision.In fairness to the Chemist only one of his wacky group has advanced the Neocon Israel being responsible for the war. He has never said that stupidity but he has not denounced it either.

The Chemists crew also is quite sensitive over my charges of Anti-semitism. The Chemist is not responsisble for the blogs of anyone else but at times he has posted
reprints from 167. The most infamous was the Zionism is racism slur but this was long ago and he has not posted anything since.

I am somewhat troubled over the lack of respect for religious people . The liberals feel they have carte blanche to ridicule religious people. Part of the problem with liberals is they assume they are smarter and better read then religious people and conservatives. Yet if you even think a single negative thought about Islam , you are a racist. The fact that Islam is not racial does not detter this mass stupidity.

I am proud to be an American . I do not agree with every policy but there is a limit
to my patience. Disagreeing with policies is normal and healthy. Blaming America and paroting Euro-Anti -Americanism does not make you an intellectual. This behaviour makes one a lackey . Even if you do not agree with the policy and this is not typical American behavior.... The key is to show some pride in one's dissent.

The Beak is nobody's flunky and I care what they think in Paris TX . I do not give a
second thought to what they think in Paris France.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Culture of excuses and lies featuring 167 and 147.

I live in NYC and get to watch Communists up close . I have reported earlier I spent
more then six months . I spent four years listening to left wing utopians in NYC in college . I know the routine and the dodges better then the Communists themselves.

Thus when I first tangled with 167 I pegged him right away. In my first series of exchanges I told him his legacy could be found in the Black Book. He whined and cried and carried on. Notice that I do not get too worked up about his charges. His claims consist of an allegation that I banned posters and censored coments. Who I have banned is never mentioned and the one deletion was a private message hello from a dear friend Donal.His other complaint is racist , facist , liar , homophobe , hypocite, propagandist . I do not get worked up about his charges because he has zero credibility. My favorite it his claim my blog is illiterate. Meanwhile , he writes 143 word sentences with 16 commas. Reading his blog is like watching a train crash.

Enter another Commie Bigot Robert Lindsay 147. He posts it in the open but claims to be a new kind of Communist. He praises FARC and has zero knowledge of their drugrunning.He claims not to have heard of the name Breindel. However he does know
Joel "Illucid " Kovell and the possibly fake Israel Shamir. He also like to play a version of Howard Stren's Who is the Jooooooo with authors and bloggers.

Now on the Chemist he wants to rehabilitate Marx. The guilty parties are authoritarians and the Cold War wasn't an epic victory for Capitalism. True Communism hasn't been tried yet. The culture of excuses and lies is endless as the Leftist Utopians invent more excuses and create more labels such as "Progressive".

Lately Anarchist variations are fashionable among the Morons of the left. They try to create new term old left, new left, leftover left, left behind , out in left field
but the message remains the same. The legacy of Marx is 100,000,000 dead and climbing. It is all described in the black book of Communism in nice details.

Now my friend 167 The Recidivist has been defending Marx and he objects to my Visine
Republicanism. For my readers overseas this is an eye care product. Get the Red Out is the slogan.

I think we should help the Recidivist step out of the Red closet. We will give him a nice slogan that he can chant .

We're here and We are Red
Lets get another 100,000,000 dead.

We can also do a public service message. Communism is just another alternative lifestyle option. Thus we must stop the rude Marx bashing.

Hi I am Mark your friendly Neighborhood Communist. There are evil vile people out there like Beakerkin and that dreadful overtestosteroned Mr Beamish who are spreading ugly rumors about us.

Communists make great friends and neighbors and if they don't they just fink you out to the secret police. Seizure of private property is a lifestyle issue that you should not fear. Gulags and killing fields are set in rural locations with plenty of fresh air. You aren't capable of deciding if you would like to go to the gulag so we will make the choice for you. You will be fed a starvation diet and enjoy all kinds of role playing free of charge. Think about how much money we will save you disgusting NYC residents who pay 400 and hour to play with Mistress Zelda. Killing Fields are for your own good as is government sponsored starvation.

We have 100,000,000 endorsements of our lovely lifestyle. Meet Ivan Peckeroff
Ivan : Communism is very good for you. Meet lots of friends in gulag but friends keep
disapearing. You promise me turnip where's my turnip.Cheap baaaaaaastard where is my
turnip.I can not live on fisheads alone.
Mark : Pie down or it will be reduced to a brussel sprout , you peasant scum.

If you don't like our lifestyle you can take our nice open yacht trip to live with the Capitalists dogs. For those cheap peasants there are innertubes and you can just
float your way to Key West.

We also have a great educational system in the Simon Jones wing.
Instructor: All of you in Western Civ are joooooooos . Lets see you live in countries with bank interest and have Holocaust Museums. Jews are responsible for alienation , polution and they run around calling all Gentiles enemiec.

Lets take out the Simon Jones Reader. The Potocols of the Elders of Zion are a valid doccument but we must substitute Neocons and Zionist for Jooos.

Student: Why does Mr Jones have an obsession with 15,000,000.
Instructor: You are going on a nice trip to the Countryside in Perm 37.Yipee
Student: I feel so lucky for the oppoutunity to go to a gulag and be starved and role play until I am just like the recidivist ,brain impaired illucid and antisemitic.

Recidivist : Now that you have seen the truth do not listen to that Nasty Marx Bashers. Here is the official enemy list.

Beakerkin: Zionist evil Jew should be liquidated.
Esther: Same as Beakerkin
Pam: Shoul be liquidated twice
Mustang, Big Bubba, Warren , Neptune: All served in imperialist Cold War Military not
suitable for the Simon Jones Accademy.
Mr Beamish: Vile and Evil Liquidation
Jason Papas, Always on Watch, Always Sourced : Unable to be retrained at the Jones accademy.
B : We must retrain him to hate his people and scream zionist capitalist. He does think for himself.

Now kindly don't put us back in the Red Closet. There is a biological cause for Marxism. I was born a super genius with an oversize ego and deity complexes.Don't
hate me for my 167 IQ. I was born to Lord over you unwashed peasant scum. It is for
your own good

This message was brought to you by CREEP.

Recidivist: So the next time you hear that Satanic Zionistic Neocon Brute Beakerkin or his budies the Evil Mr Beamish or Warren you know the fats. Commies are just Cute and Cuddly People with alternative lifestyles. 100,000,000 people can not be wrong.

I guess this takes care of the Charge that we do not give equal time to members of the Marxist Cult of Mayhem.

Now I understand that some of you may be offended by this satire. Liberals should take gulag, torture, human rights abuses and murder under Marxists half as seriously as they take Gay Rights and I would be happy. Killing people and general mayhem is not a valid alternative lifestyle.

9-11 Dreams, Loss and Patience

This will be a different post then my readers are used to . There will be no bombstic politics. There will be no fighting or antisemitic idiots.

Most of you who have read this know I am a witness to 9-11. I am also a survivor of WTC 93. I do not enjoy talking about the horrors I saw. The exception was when I was with sailors last week .They wanted to know my story and where I was . Who am I to deny heros the reason they are fighting. I told them I am no hero just a witness to a horrible event . Every day goes by and I remember the images that I pray none of you see and the smell of death eerie and haunting.

The WTC was a part of my life I passed through there each and every day with my late
friend Big Bad Larry Yeah Yeah. We would eat at an overpriced bakery and meet up with coworkers Booker and Winston. Big Bad Larry did not die on 9-11 . He passed away of a stroke at 45 way too young.

Every time I pass the WTC there is a hole in the life of this NYC resident. I spoke of the perfidity of the left stabing America and at that time I knew my life had changed. I was no longer the happy go lucky man I was before. My mission was to get involved any way I could. I am too old to join the military but there are other options.

I took a federal test and waited through impossible hurdles my life was turned upside down. I waited through a score of dead end Jobs and impossible working conditions for this day. I lost relationships as nobody ever believed in my dream.
My dream came true a few hours ago and I will be off to due my part . People thought
this day would never come. I had no idea that the call to give my urine last week portended my call.

I consider it an honor to serve my country. Each and every day I serve is dedicated to the memory of those less fortunate. I will remember the brave look of the NYFD as they ran into action as I ran for my life. I will remember the people who I saw fall
from the sky and hit. I will remember the smoke and confusion in 93.

There is an anti-semitic person that writes about the "Fascist Judea American Neocon
War on Terror Fraud". This war is no fraud to me and I was there. Do not talk to me about Chicken Hawks as I am doing my part but it will be in the USA. Maybe this is a game to you leftist vermin by the Beak doesn't play that tune. This is real and I was there for the opening Salvo. Do not tell me about exagerated threats you didn't live through this twice.

Never forget why we are fighting, my city was attacked twice and there are scores of other attacks overseas. My enemy thinks of 72 vigins but I think of my nieces and nephews and the world they will inherit. I cherish life and love and the wonderful friends .This is a battle between love and hate on some levels.

I would like to thank my blog band of Brothers . Warren your courage and fire is an inspiration to me. Jason you have an amazing blog. Big Bubba I wish you were around
anywhere I hang my hat your home. Always on the Watch and Kajando you guys are great.
Esther you are beauty and class personified. Pam you are the toughest fighter our cause has. Adam Guri you have excellent potential and the most underated blog on the net. JB of Citzcom you are a classy man and a pro. Last but never Least is Mr Beamish
who rocks and keeps it simple. He makes the complex simple and that is a gift along with his sense of humor.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Chimps at Union Square and my Jihad

In a recent post I wrote of my reawakening after September 11. The perfidity of Leftist Utopians(morons by definition and reality)stabbing NYC and America in the back in Union Square was too much. The utopian Leftist had gone too far and it was time to have my own Jihad. My Jihad is non violent and metaphorical but the utopian leftist traitors deserve ridicule and scorn.

I decided to sit down and observe the enemy up close. So I sat in with the Groucho Marxist at Union Square for six months at their speaking. Individually they are nice people with one exception. There is a nasty vile German ignoramus named Andy who I
have dubbed Elmer Fudd.

Andy is exceedingly antisemitic and uses the terms ZOG ,Zionist media and equates
Auschwitz with Hiroshima. The world is one great Jewish conspiracy according to Andy.
Jewish computer programmers fixed the election in Ohio for Bush. They did that despite the fact the John Kerry has Jewish blood. The Zionist media torpedoed Dean for the Jewish blooded Kerry.The fact that Dean's wife and kids are Joooooos seems lost on Andy. If his whole conspiracy idiocy was correct why not push Joe Lieberman a real practicing Jew. The Zionists could never do that they need to work in secret.

Andy's greatest hits
1 Jews were the Bolsheviks
2 Jews manipulated the US into war with Germany
3 Larry Silverstein and the Neocons/Mossad/Likud blew up the WTC . The planes were remote controlled by Zionists to give Islam a black eye.
4 Sirhan-Sirhan was framed and Jews assassinated both Kennedys
5 The Zionist media covers all of the above up.

Andy is secretive about his past. However it did slip when somedody cried about my use of the Zinn model on the history of Islam. " That is unfair what did they ever do to you personally ? " My response was ever been in a building blown up under your feet ? (WTC 93)Ever seen a plane smack into an office building and see people fall from the sky and hit and run for your life ? Did you ever have to smell the stench of a burning evil death for two months ? The larger more obvious comment is that if this model is unfair when applied to Islam it is equally unfair applied elsewhere .
This is their standard model for attacking Western Civilization and Capitalism.

Andy slipped up and said " 9-11 was nothing ever been carpet bombed. He named a city
in Germany and now we know conclusively where his anti- semitism comes from Hitler youth. The fact that a real member of Hitler youth would be able to blend in with the Anti Semitic far left speaks vollumes.

The hardcore leftists are prone to conspiracy theories . They also have zero knowledge of history or economics. The USA and Capitalism are responsible for all the evil in the world. All the sins of Communism are exagerated or mittigated. Every
author of a book critical of Communism is the product of a CIA plant