Monday, June 06, 2005

A post you can Booo

I think I have seen every topic covered in Blogs but one. I shall break every known Taboo and post on love. We can post on war , taxes , race but rarely if ever on love.
I am ready for the rotten fruit and the boooos , relax 167 that was booooooos not joooos.

Love is lifes most precious gift and for those who live without it I feel sorry. I remember the contrast on 9-11 the fanactics motive was sexual paradise. Yet as I fled north my prayer was faith and salvation. I thought of my girlfriend , my family
and especially my brother the beloved Rav Roov.The contrast between healthy love and unhealthy love couldn't be clearer.

The terrorists were seeking the most base kind of love eros. Eros is alot of fun and all of us are affected but it tends to be fleeting and shallow. Thus when I talk of love I do not merely talk of eros.

The other types of love are also important . I am filled with Philea or brotherhood.
I am a patriot and love 95% of my fellow americans. My scorn is reserved for left wing utopians ( raise your hand 147) , white supremacists and jihadist that belive blowing up civilians is political expression. Yes I even love liberals but wished they would step away from the commies, greens and other nuts.

I feel a brotherhood with most Jews except for the same leftist utopians. I have a feeling of deep admiration for Chritians and a variety of ethnic groups. I also have a special fondness for certain localities like my beloved NYC.

There is a familial love that is shared with an extended family. I adore my nieces and nephews, even when they abscond with my Ovaltine. My sibings and in laws are part of the extended family. This is a healthy kind of love .

There is a spiritual kind of love. A healthy kind of love that is expressed through a salvation. Contrary to popular belief Jews do believe salvation. The problem with Jihadist is that their rapture is accompanied by destruction. In the Judeo Christian nexus this is clearly not the case. There is no destruction prior to the love of faith.

If you need to know the contast just remember the contrast of eros and my deeper kind of love on 9-11. I wasn't thinking about 72 virgins as I headed away from history. Conan the Barbarian has the best quote " Virgins are boring". No my thoughts were of messianism and of my family . I guess the love of friends and family is enough for me. I would rather have that then the 72 virgins and last time I checked I was happy with one. Maybe these Jihadists are lazy and don't plan on doing anything so the women can talk to each other. What does one do with 72 women anyway ?

You may now all toss fruit and boo.


Anonymous said...

don't go to

thank you

beakerkin said...

I won't as I do not react to annonymous posts but thanks for stopping by .

nolesrock said...

No fruits or boos from me...just an invite to read my recent blog on love and comment accordingly. It's at, scroll down to "One Commandment" and comment away.

beakerkin said...

CMTdoyle: It was an excellent post but there is a taboo on this subject. I can not explain it but there is an unwritten rule .

bum from jersey said...

lol! i laugh because my friend is actually writing about this topic right now for his site. i told him to read your post before he posted it.

i agree w/ you about hte 72 virgins. i mean even if you are really into sex, you gotta get tired after the fourth or fifth! what fun is that?

beakerkin said...

Who wants a virgin anyway ? I would rather be with someone who knew what she was doing.