Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Beakierkin Memo

A recent exchane with the Chemist on Upon Further Review is fairly typical of the far left. The Chemist is uncomfortable with my right of free speech as a 9-11 eye witness and a WTC 93 survivor. My message is terrorism is very real and gamble with your own life not mine. I have zero patience for the Bush lied troops died sloganeering. Bodies hitting the pavement and smelling an evil burning death smell does not lend itself to slogans.

Perhaps the Chemist wants to play a version of the Recidoofus's good joooooo game. Good eyewitnesses and survivors agree with his far left vision of the world. Sorry , unlike you I saw the look on the firemen's faces as they raced into history. You nor any other leftist will ever silence me .

The Chemist is fond of memos and wants links and sources. Laurie Mylroie has written extensively on Saddams extensive connection to WTC 93. The links of Saddam to Abu Nidal and Nidal's ties to Bin Ladden are widely reported. I will not take the complaints of a blogger who writes three lengthy posts on David Horowitz and then admits he has read zero of his books seriously.

Chemist my friend Kajando specializes in Iran. Maybe you should look at his blog instead of the Green Lantern er Knight.


Drew said...

I have yet to be unbanned at front page mag, you worthless, incoherent, joooo yorker retard. Stereotypes indicating, the jews were supposed to be smart. How come you ain't smart? How about: How come you are mind-numbingly simple-minded. I suppose perhaps its the 'conservative' belief in 'speaking plainly.' Now, listen, boy, you noted, with a sincere lie, that you would attempt to undo what you caused with you race baiting at FPM some time ago. You have neglected to do so, like the free speech hatin', totalitarian minded, right wing dirtbag that you are.

beakerkin said...

Drew I will sendRoberta an email but geting banned is your fault. ZOG is considered an epithet.

You are doing a great job as the official troll of this blog.

justin said...


I would not write anything on this individuals behalf. His inane stupidity is only superceeded by his total lack of knowlege in the use of the english language.

I dont see how one can be race baited unless they are a racist to begin with.

It sounds to me that Drew has a problem with the Jewish Race. Funny how people like this take no responsibility for their own actions. It is so easy to blame someone else for not being able to accomplish anything.

Oh by the way Drew if you read this let me tell you right off I am not a conservative. However, when I see people like you spouting off calling people names and totally trashing the english language I will say something.

Beak stay strong buddy and dont let nitwits like this bother you. He should consider himself lucky you have a open forum even for the dregs of the internet like him.

kajando said...

thanks beak,

and about the slogans, the left has always had better bumper stickers, but check out Protest Warrior they have some good slogans for us idiots.

Communism has only killed 100 million people, let's give it another chance.

America, how can we concentrate on pushing the jews into the sea while you wage your racist war against our people?

or how about:

Saddam only killed his own people, it's none of our business

Warren said...

Let me explain. Drew isn't just a "troll", he is "the beak speaks" official "TROLL".

I'll admit that he has been somewhat lax in his duties as of late, but he is far superior to your average troll.

He doesn't whine, (except for this FPM thingie), and he does a far superior job compared to his anonymous predecessor's.

So don't worry overmuch about his febrile vernacular, (no offense Drew), and his propensity to use derogatory slurs. Just admire his manliness compared to the usual whimpering sniveling trolls that dash off a quick, ("FASCIST BASTARD"), then scurry away.

p.s. Drew, we are still working on that, "the beak speaks", T-shirt or coffee mug with the, "official troll", logo.

beakerkin said...


We gave Drew the official troll title because he is fresh and always original. Warren and I fired the previous troll.

justin said...

Sorry fellas I stand corrected I guess I am a little sensitive to people using racial slurs. But, I do speak out when I see it.

Onward and upward Drew. You go boy.

Warren said...

That's ok Justin.

Drew, has been somewhat lax in his trollish duties, as of late, and you did not know of his offical capacity.

Good trolls are hard to find and some are so stupid that they cannot manage to use the proper combination of racial slurs.

For instance, I had to scold one for using the epithet "ignorant Jew". I explained that he could use "ignorant savage/Indian", "filthy/dirty savage/Indian" or "drunken savage/Indian", when addressing me but required him to use standard epithetic form. Only, filthy/dirty, may be used in combination with both Jew and Indian/savage . Likewise we will not tolerate the use of "hook nosed Indian/savage".

So, although Drew skirted the line with his, "jews were supposed to be smart", comment; he skillfully avoided the word ignorant. Quite creative, (if somewhat wordy).

We hold our trolls, especially our "official TROLL", to higher standards.


Justin said...

oooo good then he can address me as slimey/greaser, filthy/wetback,
nasty/spic or just that stupid/messican. Perhaps I assume to much that he might not be able to spell the word Mexican.

Hey I think Im catching on to all this.

Warren said...