Monday, June 06, 2005

Temporary Setback and Foward March

I am in the process of temporarily relocating to Vermont. This will be my first time
away from my beloved NYC . I will be back but life in Small town America looks to be
fun. I will be arriving early Thursday morning.

I will miss suicidal cab drivers. I will miss Veronicas resturant and the Art Exhibits and Broadway. I will not miss the Union Square Anarchists and assorted Jerks. I hope that my thick NYC accent is not altered by an 18 month tour.

I am not a big City Slicker and have spent summers in small towns in the Mountains but NYC was a mere 130 miles away.

Robert Lindsay you and I finally agree on something. Pam of Atlas Shrugs is a stunning woman. However I would not start with her because she will whip your tail.
Consider yourself lucky that I am moving as I do not have the time to deal with your stupidity.Pam also throws out better writting then you are cabable of. I have seen your blog and you are verbose and disorganized in addition to having a single digit IQ.By the way you are a liar and blocked me after one post on your writting style.

AC Patriot we will disagree but you are always encouraged to post here. My site is larger then people assume. The crowd on the Chemist seems to think I have two readers. I started out small but grew into a decent size blog. I have no need to censor anyone as I stand behind my material. The experience of the Recididoofus is unique as he is an anti-semite and serial bigot. Robert Lindsay is a stupider version
of the Recididope. We do not like Communists here.

APB For My favorite MIA Reader BIG BUBBA of Mindless twit Magnet. Where is my good
buddy known for his common sense and humor.


Robert Lindsay said...

Hi I am reposting this at the top as you asked me to so you could respond to it. I originally posted it in post about Abu Nidal you made in mid-May. Knock yourself out.

Oh boy, a clown festival! Hahaha. Recidivist and Simon are 2 fine fellows. I don't know whether they are anti-Semites or not. I am sure Recidivist is not. Simon is a good friend of mine actually, and Simon, well, he refuses to use the word anti-Semite or anti-Semitic. He is always getting on my case for using that word. Now, onto the fun. Oh, where do we start? Nossair was a good man, and killing the pig Kahane was a great act. I supported that killing 100%! What in the HELL does Nazi Banna (links about the connection between the Nazis and the Muslim Brotherhood) have to do with Abu Nidal, for Chrissake?

The Muslim brotherhood was the precursor to Al Queda

That's not precisely true but it has elements of truth in it. AQ is a product of the marriage of MB members fleeing Syria and Egypt after crackdowns in their countries to Saudi Arabia, where they fell in with the Wahhabis. It's Saudi Wahhabis plus mostly Egyptian and Syrian MB members who fled to Arabia. Mix well and stir.

There is some question as to what the Baath party of Abu Nidal is.

Look man if you are going to write your Jewish Zionist subversive neocon garbage, and least source it right, ok? FYI, there is no such thing as "the Baath party of Abu Nidal". Ok? Nor was it a "cross between Nazism and Communism" though I am not an expert on the ANO. The organization was called the Abu Nidal Organization and it had no organic relations with any Baath Parties. Surely, the ANO were very very very hardline Arab nationalists, I assure you of that.

I don't think that Sabri Al Banna could be related to Hossan Al Banna

Hahahaha! I don't think so either! Crack those books, boy.Post about Arab Abu names is correct.

Abu Nidal is a stage name for Sabri Al Banna.

Huh? Stage name? Come on man. The guy was not an actor! The phrase to use is "nom de guerre".

The person that was a key founder of the Muslim brotherhood was Hossan Al Banna.


Abu Nidal was from Jaffa and the people there were Egyptian Arabs labeled as Palestinians.

What????? What the Hell are you talking about?! For Chrissake man. Put that question to Walid Khalidi or even Dr. Yehoshua Porath at Hebrew University and see what they say? Porath is a Jew, just like you, and a Zionist, too. I'll be surprised if he doesn't laugh in your face. The people of Jaffa were Palestinians, you Zionist Jew lying clown.

It is a longshot but not doubful

Lissen up ignoramus. It's about as doubtful as you changing your name to Xavier, converting to Catholicism, enrolling in a seminary to be a priest, and heading off to Rome to talk to the Pope! Listen closely. Hossan Al Banna was a very pious fundamentalist Muslim from Egypt, ok? Sabri Al Banna was an ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN Palestinian from Jaffa whose family were wealthy merchants and who owned 10% of the land in Palestine. They lost all that land. That's why Abu Nidal turned into such a homicidal maniac, ok? No, they are clearly NOT related.While you are at it, you can now go edit all of these many sections of your blog, dealing with Abu Nidal, radical MUSLIM terrorist maniac psycho. He was a radical CHRISTIAN terrorist maniac psycho, ok? Now, what does that do to your Muslim = terrorist meme you are lamely constructing here? Smash it to bits?

Ah, yes. Abu Nidal was just one of the many pieces of evidence that Saddam was a supporter of terrorism.

LOL! And he hadn't done anything since 1994, either. And what did he ever do against the United States? Not the JEWnited States that we live in now - I mean the *real country* we used to have before Beakerkin and his dual loyalist traitor crowd infiltrated our government and subverted it for their shitty little country.

I read a bit about similar linguistic problems in Raphael Patai's book, The Arab Mind.

Raphael Patai is a dirty Zionist Jew Israeli dog, but the book is actually quite good.

One of the most mysterious sidebars is why Saddam killed Abu Nidal.

I don't know, maybe to get him out of Saddam's hair, so the JEWnited States could not use his presence in Iraq as an excuse for the Judeo-American War on Iraq?

I will post Bodansky version.

LOL!! That filthy lying dog? LOL, I will post the dirty lying Israeli Jewish piece of dogshit version.

There are also connections of Arafat and Hamas to the early partof the current Iraq war.

Yeah they helped fight against US forces in March and April 2003. Next question. I have details if you wish.Re: Arabs lie. Yeah of course they lie, they are some of the biggest liars around, but then, hey, so are JEWS. Hahahahahaha! Maybe it is a regionalism? Wink.

Bodansky writes that they were moved to Syria.

Bwhahahahahaha! Let's all listen to the lying Israeli pig! LOL.

Syria has had Chemical weapons since the 70's.

This is a fact. Indeed, they have 100-200 VX gas-tipped Scud missiles, all aimed right at Israel. Haha! I hope if the Jewish neocons ever invade Syria, Syria lets every one of those suckers fly!

Egypt has had them at least from the 60's.


According to author John Loftus Egypt used them in the Yemen Civil war.

No need to quote the lying Zionist and ?former? Mossad agent Loftus. It's well-known.

There is speculation as to the Israeli nuclear program being a response tothe chemical weapons program of Egypt.

Bwahhahahahahaha! What's this, the latest Israeli lie? What a joke. Israel was working on that bomb in the 1950's. GMAB!

Plus, we did find WMDs - not in the quantities we expected - but they were dangerous amounts in any case.

You lying ignoramus nutcase reactionary. They didn't find a goddamn thing you lying bastard.

I suspect some WMDs were shipped out - perhaps most.

You would. I bet you also believe in the tooth fairy, huh?

According to Mahdi Obeidi, author of "The Bomb in My Garden," [I persoanlly went to hear him speak last March at the local public library] with the snap of his fingers Saddam could have ordered the production of WMD's.

Well tell you what. I know a fellow who was a former nuclear weapons scientist for Saddam. He and all the others contradict everything Obeidi says.

Obeidi also pointed out that many nuclear scientists are "on the loose,"

So? Is that illegal or what?

as are the materials.

Prove it! My friend worked in that program, and I assure you, the whole thing was taken down. Obeidi is an idiot.

beakerkin said...

I answered that way down at the bottom. My time is limited as I am moving in two days for an 18 month stint in Vermont. said...

beakerman, sorry I was so late to this party

up to my eyeballs

check this out

bum from jersey said...

i don't want to sound like an idiot but i will. when you go up there could you just tell me or the blog if there are any minorities in vermont. i am being serious. i have never seen a latino, asian, black, etc, person from vermont, new hampshire or rhode island. i am not being a smart allack, i am just curious about these things (i didn't even know there were gay people in my small town until i was 15 i think).

beakerkin said...

I think I may be the minority in St Albans . There are suposedly six jews. The personel lady seems to think I am a mobster due to my accent.

Warren said...

There is a band of Indians that live in the same county that Beak is moving to called the the Missiassik or Abenaki.

I don't think they are federally recognized and there are't that many of them.