Monday, June 20, 2005

The Cold Warriors are still with us

I am fond of a regular named Rob although we seldom agree. I am sure that to him I appear as a dinosaur .Yet the cold war is still with us but the labels have changed.

I am a product of the eighties and I was a Cold War liberal. JFK in my generation meant an appeaser named Kerry. Reagan led a series of proxy wars and bled the Soviet Union to death.

The bitter appologists for the cult of death took on many labels. They made every excuse for the cult of death and are doing so today.

Early on I pegged the Recidivist as a Commie. He dennied it vehemently but then goes on to run the standard well true Communism was never tried line. 100,000,000 dead is quite enough for me. This same knuckle head will cry about Zionism but is silent about the ills of Marx. JB of Citzcom and Jason had the same conversation at the Chemist. The bottom line is he wants free speech for an ideology that has produced more death then any force in world history. Yet he wants to deny my right to free speech, sounds like a hypocrite to me.

There is a sick irony in a man appologizing profusely and trying to rehab Communism
and shreiking about Zionism. The Recidivist is the SAMS club of bigotry and hypocrisy. I do not casually toss Commie around lightly but like Briendell have zero
problem applying it correctly.


Always On Watch said...

Too many people think that the fall of the USSR signified the worldwide defeat of Communism, and most school history texts teach that misconception.

A few years ago, a Muslim neighbor of mine filled my ear with information about the connections between Russia and Middle Eastern countries. I now wish that I'd paid more attention to what he said. But before 9/11, I wasn't "on watch."
BTW, that neighbor is gone now; he moved back to the Middle East, and our communications ceased in July 2001. Otherwise, I'd ask him some very pointed questions.

You are correct in that last part of your post: Communism cannot be rehabbed. Neither can any other form of nihilism. After all, "nihil" means "nothing," and that's what nihilists want to reduce civilization to.

Robert Bayn said...

We may seldom agree beak, but i gurantee you this, as a libreal, its my duty to fight for everyones freedom of speech, to me thats what being libreal is all about, even if we don't agree.

beakerkin said...

Rob like you I celebrate free speech here each and every day. Yet there is something hypocritical about a man beating his chest about the alleged crimes of Zionism while trying to rehabilitate an ideology that killed 100,000,000. Robert Lindsay is more open and calls himself a commie.

Always on the Watch is correct there were extensive ties between Reds and Muslim terrorist but the
left did not care so long as the victims were Jews.

justin said...

With every freedom there is a price and with every freedom there is a responsibility.

Just because one is free to say what he will does not mean it is to be defended. Many speeches put lives at risk therefore the speaker is responsible for what he says. My Example Dick Durbin who today is Al Quadia's top spokesman.

How many countless lives will his right to free speech cost. Al Jazeera has run his comments for days now.

It is as Lenin said I guess. "The ends justify the means." for these people.

Esther said...

Great posts, great comments. I learn so much at this site, Beak. You do a fabulous job!