Tuesday, June 07, 2005

While I am away

If any of you leftwing utopian hacks need abuse while I am in transit kingdly vist Big Bubba House of Pain. There is a link on the right that has your name on it mindless twit magnet.Big Bubba is direct and to the point.


Always On Watch said...

I'll be visitng your blog regularly and awaiting your return (no offense to your nephew).

I've "moved" only once in my life, and that was from my parents' house to my grandmother's house, where my husband and I did caregiving for some 9 years, until she passsed on. But in the foreseeable future (probably within 2 years), I'll really be moving as the family homestead will be bulldozed in the name of progress so as to make room for McMansions.

All the above to say that I understand that moving from NYC is an emotional experiencefor you--as well as a physical ordeal.

Stay safe!

beakerkin said...

Always on the Watch.

Thank you for the kind words as always. I will be blogging from Vermont as a NYC resident on Sabatical. I am returning to NYC but it is good for me to get away.

There is life out of NYC and it will be fun to see wildlife. I never heard or saw a Robin sing in Manhattan or Queens. I used to be an outdoorsman as a teen. It has been thirty years since I fished and well over ten since I hiked in the wilderness.

AtlasShrugs.com said...

Hate that you are leaving Gotham...hate it

stay in touch, I love your missives and I dig your nephew



beakerkin said...


My nephew is a pro Israel liberal and is a big fan of yours. I will be back in 18 months and will continue posting as a displaced NYC resident.

I am also blogging from VT.

Robert Lindsay said...

My nephew is a pro Israel liberal and is a big fan of yours.

LOL, of course he is a pro-Israel liberal. The kid is probably Jewish, LOL. What do you expect? Jews support Israel, duh. Jews are obsessed with Israel, duh. Pam's Jewish too, BTW, which of course *totally* explains much of her politics and her passionate support for Israel.

Speaking of which, boy, there sure are some Jewish chicks out there, huh? How come I never dated one, anyway? I've sampled a lot of the ethnic varieties, LOL, but not that one.

Killer body, too, check it out, guys.

Pam's hotrod, I mean hotbod

beakerkin said...


Jews should be concerned with Israel's future as should real American's. You are a Communist so
by definition real American does not include idiots like you. Jews are indigenous to Israel and if you
were capable of reading Arabs arived in 700. They colonized and commited a series of crimes that included JIm Crow type laws , slavery and some genocide.

The reason you have never dated a Jewish woman is that you have a unique set of talents that do not appeal to them. Stupid, bigoted, untalented, drug impaired and likely ugly are hardly qualities that an intelligent woman would find interesting.