Thursday, June 02, 2005

Culture of excuses and lies featuring 167 and 147.

I live in NYC and get to watch Communists up close . I have reported earlier I spent
more then six months . I spent four years listening to left wing utopians in NYC in college . I know the routine and the dodges better then the Communists themselves.

Thus when I first tangled with 167 I pegged him right away. In my first series of exchanges I told him his legacy could be found in the Black Book. He whined and cried and carried on. Notice that I do not get too worked up about his charges. His claims consist of an allegation that I banned posters and censored coments. Who I have banned is never mentioned and the one deletion was a private message hello from a dear friend Donal.His other complaint is racist , facist , liar , homophobe , hypocite, propagandist . I do not get worked up about his charges because he has zero credibility. My favorite it his claim my blog is illiterate. Meanwhile , he writes 143 word sentences with 16 commas. Reading his blog is like watching a train crash.

Enter another Commie Bigot Robert Lindsay 147. He posts it in the open but claims to be a new kind of Communist. He praises FARC and has zero knowledge of their drugrunning.He claims not to have heard of the name Breindel. However he does know
Joel "Illucid " Kovell and the possibly fake Israel Shamir. He also like to play a version of Howard Stren's Who is the Jooooooo with authors and bloggers.

Now on the Chemist he wants to rehabilitate Marx. The guilty parties are authoritarians and the Cold War wasn't an epic victory for Capitalism. True Communism hasn't been tried yet. The culture of excuses and lies is endless as the Leftist Utopians invent more excuses and create more labels such as "Progressive".

Lately Anarchist variations are fashionable among the Morons of the left. They try to create new term old left, new left, leftover left, left behind , out in left field
but the message remains the same. The legacy of Marx is 100,000,000 dead and climbing. It is all described in the black book of Communism in nice details.

Now my friend 167 The Recidivist has been defending Marx and he objects to my Visine
Republicanism. For my readers overseas this is an eye care product. Get the Red Out is the slogan.

I think we should help the Recidivist step out of the Red closet. We will give him a nice slogan that he can chant .

We're here and We are Red
Lets get another 100,000,000 dead.

We can also do a public service message. Communism is just another alternative lifestyle option. Thus we must stop the rude Marx bashing.

Hi I am Mark your friendly Neighborhood Communist. There are evil vile people out there like Beakerkin and that dreadful overtestosteroned Mr Beamish who are spreading ugly rumors about us.

Communists make great friends and neighbors and if they don't they just fink you out to the secret police. Seizure of private property is a lifestyle issue that you should not fear. Gulags and killing fields are set in rural locations with plenty of fresh air. You aren't capable of deciding if you would like to go to the gulag so we will make the choice for you. You will be fed a starvation diet and enjoy all kinds of role playing free of charge. Think about how much money we will save you disgusting NYC residents who pay 400 and hour to play with Mistress Zelda. Killing Fields are for your own good as is government sponsored starvation.

We have 100,000,000 endorsements of our lovely lifestyle. Meet Ivan Peckeroff
Ivan : Communism is very good for you. Meet lots of friends in gulag but friends keep
disapearing. You promise me turnip where's my turnip.Cheap baaaaaaastard where is my
turnip.I can not live on fisheads alone.
Mark : Pie down or it will be reduced to a brussel sprout , you peasant scum.

If you don't like our lifestyle you can take our nice open yacht trip to live with the Capitalists dogs. For those cheap peasants there are innertubes and you can just
float your way to Key West.

We also have a great educational system in the Simon Jones wing.
Instructor: All of you in Western Civ are joooooooos . Lets see you live in countries with bank interest and have Holocaust Museums. Jews are responsible for alienation , polution and they run around calling all Gentiles enemiec.

Lets take out the Simon Jones Reader. The Potocols of the Elders of Zion are a valid doccument but we must substitute Neocons and Zionist for Jooos.

Student: Why does Mr Jones have an obsession with 15,000,000.
Instructor: You are going on a nice trip to the Countryside in Perm 37.Yipee
Student: I feel so lucky for the oppoutunity to go to a gulag and be starved and role play until I am just like the recidivist ,brain impaired illucid and antisemitic.

Recidivist : Now that you have seen the truth do not listen to that Nasty Marx Bashers. Here is the official enemy list.

Beakerkin: Zionist evil Jew should be liquidated.
Esther: Same as Beakerkin
Pam: Shoul be liquidated twice
Mustang, Big Bubba, Warren , Neptune: All served in imperialist Cold War Military not
suitable for the Simon Jones Accademy.
Mr Beamish: Vile and Evil Liquidation
Jason Papas, Always on Watch, Always Sourced : Unable to be retrained at the Jones accademy.
B : We must retrain him to hate his people and scream zionist capitalist. He does think for himself.

Now kindly don't put us back in the Red Closet. There is a biological cause for Marxism. I was born a super genius with an oversize ego and deity complexes.Don't
hate me for my 167 IQ. I was born to Lord over you unwashed peasant scum. It is for
your own good

This message was brought to you by CREEP.

Recidivist: So the next time you hear that Satanic Zionistic Neocon Brute Beakerkin or his budies the Evil Mr Beamish or Warren you know the fats. Commies are just Cute and Cuddly People with alternative lifestyles. 100,000,000 people can not be wrong.

I guess this takes care of the Charge that we do not give equal time to members of the Marxist Cult of Mayhem.

Now I understand that some of you may be offended by this satire. Liberals should take gulag, torture, human rights abuses and murder under Marxists half as seriously as they take Gay Rights and I would be happy. Killing people and general mayhem is not a valid alternative lifestyle.


bum from jersey said...

lol, i was just thinking the same thing you were saying about chemist yesterday. i scrolled down to the bottom of his page and it said he was part of a progressive alliance. i grinned and and said, 'get real dude, you are a liberal. no need to reinvent yourself.'

at one time i was actually a proponent of communism. granted i don't think i was a teenager yet but i did support it. why i don't continue to support it is because even though on the surface it appears all are equal that just isn't the case. you already pointed out the millions of people who have died in the pursuit of "true communism" (and i am sure you probably said at an eariler date how people leave in droves to leave a communist government for an open government system like the one we have here in the US). i think what communists can't come to grip with is that for communism to work people have to turn their back on free will (which i think is an innate behavior). for all the 'sharing' that there is, there are rules for how you are to share i, who is to share it, and who can and cannot dictate to share it (it being money, land, commodities, etc, etc). maybe if we were all robots communism could work but since we aren't communism and/or socialism can't ever exist in its true form anywhere on this big blue ball.

beakerkin said...

Bum from Jersey

The Chemist is a smart man he let
the Recidivist get creamed.

Communism can't work because of human nature . People need incentive to work hard and use resources well. People do not forget their nationality and religion and reinvent themselves.

The Chemist had said weeks earlier no Communists here. Clearly there are apologists on his blog.

Many people go through political phases . Mine were not as extreeme
as yours but I had them as well.

kajando said...

Communism has only killed 100 Million people.
Let's give it another try.

Sounds like one more winning (whining) strategy from the left.

beakerkin said...

I thought you would like that bit.

Robert Lindsay said...

Gee how many have the Cubans killed in the last 35 years? Maybe 2 or 3 a year? Wowwwwwwwwwwwww. Such killllllllllllllllllllerrrrrzzzzzzzzzzz. That's about as bad as the US prison system. Fidel Castro is the biggest humanitarian in Latin America. It is the capitalist regimes in Latin America (LA) that kill ppl. Castro keeps his ppl alive longer than any other LA regime - hence, Cuba kills the fewest citizens, per capita, than any regime in LA. To me Fidel means "No Greater Love". To be like Fidel, to be like Che, is to have no greater love for humanity than anyone who has ever lived. No one goes hungry in Cuba, almost no one. 25 million go hungry in the USA. Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the US with 5% of the income. What an achievement. What love for his people! Fidel Castro is one of the greatest humanitarians alive today. He should be an inspiration for all people!

beakerkin said...


Read the Black Book of communism.
Your Ignorance is monumental and it must take hard work to be that stupid.

Russet Shadows said...

This satire had me laughing out loud. Great job, Beak!

beakerkin said...

Russet good to hear from you. I am moving to Vermont temporarily so there will be some disruption in service.

Anonymous said...

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