Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Paradox of Vermont

Vermonters are just a wonderful people and it breaks my heart to hear them rail about the outsiders trying to ruin their way of life. Often I hear them wonder if I am really a NYC resident. Howard Dean, Bernie Sanders and Ben and Jerry are all transplants.

Vermonters are more libertarian then liberal. I prefer their anti war message to that of the Marxist swine in the big citties. "I wish we could bring our sons home".
No conspiracy theories, no stupid slogans and zero patience for the vile Communists.

Vermonters should be able to manage their own affairs and I am beging to believe in the Hillary rule. All elected officials should have to reside in a state for twenty years before running for office.

The reality of the Dean propoganda and the poverty I see daily is wide. There are plenty of homeless here and strugling families. Vermont is not Utopia but its people are warm and friendly and have looked after this lost NYC boy.Most of what I see in the locals is a left wing variant of libertarianism. Stay away from sin taxes and do not mess with hunting and fishing.


Esther said...

i absolutely love your reports and your take on Vermont life. This could be a book someday, Beak!

B said...

What's up Beaks, long time no post. Hope all is well in Vermont, I'm still studying hard for the bar. This post made me think of a story. One of my real good conservative friends met some gay friends of friends of mine. We chatted all night about life, politics, religion, marriage, everything. It was a great talk. So my friends comes away with a completely different view on gay's and gay marriage. Then a few weeks later he reads some news report, probably from drudge, about I don't even know what, and he comes to me and says something along the lines "Every time I have sympathy for gays I read some story that takes me back to my original position."

My point here, most people in this country are moderate, good hearted people. What divides most conservatives and liberals is very slight. But we read these news reports and see crap circulated on the air, read bomb throwing blogs, and it evokes our prejudices, fans our hatred, makes us dislike one another. For what? For nothing. Our real life experience shows that much of what we see on Fox, MSNBC, and CNN is not news, it's crap meant to divide this country.

I've been passively reading your blog, and can't get over how angry it has become. I truly don't know who your audience is. Is it fellow conservatives who want to be angry with other conservatives and yell at those "crazy commie liberals", or is it a place where the left and right can come together and discuss things civilly and come to common understandings. I sometimes peruse the posts and see most people simply agreeing with you instead of challenging you (no disrespect other posters) but it is good to play devils advocate. It helps to reassure where we stand.

I just hope you know that the people who you constantly talk about, Recidivist, 167, and others out there, are such a small percentage of how people think and you would do your self such a service as to just ignore them. It would save your mental health.

As for me, I know most conservatives are good people and even though I have major disagreements with this administration and think they are doing a diservice to American values, I know they do not represent the conservatives I know.

Sorry for the long post. I hope all continues to go well and I'll try to check in again.

beakerkin said...


Great to hear from you. As long time readers are aware I am a moderate in reality. Many conservatives call me a liberal over my support for Civil Unions, Certain environmental issues and a
series of smaller issues.

In any other decade I would have been a Zell Miller/Scoop Jackson style of Democrat. Sadly the Democrats have allowed people like 167 a seat at the table. Anti-Semites , White Supremacist and Gay
(people who want to commit violence
) should have no seat at the table.
I have zero problems with a religious person saying I am hellbound as a non believer but the second that veers into violence
my patience ends.

Howard Dean and other Dems reluctantly dismissed the 167 staple the Jooos and Israel are behind the Iraq war. I do remember
the vast majority of liberals are sane like you and even Rob 95% of the time. However at what point do
people like the Chemist and Co going to step back and look at the anti-semitism and assorted other bigotries and say enough.

I like the Vermont style of liberal
and I wish I saw it more often

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Perhaps you could do an investigative report of what Vermonters think of Howard Dean since he became DNC Chairman and contracted a horrible case of verbal diarrhea.

Esther said...

LOL Mr. Beamish.

b, great post. While I don't think people should play devil's advocate with Beak just to get another position out there (especially if they don't believe it?!), I do agree that Beak should ignore those guys, which I've said to him as well. Good luck with the bar.

beakerkin said...

Esther B is my favorite liberal because he has a good heart. I wish there were more B, Kafkaesq and even Rob on the left. Still it bothers me somewhat when a blatant bigot is codled by liberals. There is also his fixation and excuses for Communism.