Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Responding to Critique

A few on the left have objected to my critique of other blogs. There are two type of critiques on this site.

1 Friendly Critique done to illustrate a point. I have respect for the Disgruntled Chemist and John Howard of Upon Further Review ( Never critiqued here. ) I like both of them personally but my critiques are based on tone and style. I never question the patriotism , intelligence of either. Both do tend to veer into Angry mode and we do not tend to do that here. The problem with both somewhat is that they do not understand how a moderate percieves the anger and profanity. Great people whom I mostly disagree with. I will add AC Patriot in here also nice person whom I respect but rarely agree with.

2 Critique of cartoon bloggers.

Robert Lindsay is a Communist and admits as such freely. Communism killed 100,000,000
people. He has posted the Jewish Question on his blog and this has obvious unsavory
historical implications, think Holocaust. His description of joooooos as a tribal people is more comedic then offensive, Jews are cosmopolitan.

He has critiqued this site and turn about is fair play. John Loftus an Irish Catholic becomes a Jooooooo. He knows nothing about FARC and drug smuggling. In fact correcting his stupidity would be a full time job.

Lindsay is an Antisemite in addition to assorted other quirks. My opinions are backed by his statements here and in his long winded blog.

Simon Jones is a prime contributor to the virulently Anti-Semitic Jewish tribal review. His posts are filled with goodies Jooos percieve all gentiles as the enemy.
Jews are responsible for polution and alienation. The Protocols of the Elder of Zion is Accurate just sub Zionist or Neocon.

The Recididummy has also sent a series of charges in this direction. The liberals of course do not ever talk of that. His facts free,folktale, fiction and fantasy blog serves as a comedic foil. He calls other people illiterate and cries when 93 word 18 coma ( Pun Intended) are routine. One can read this blog for a grocery list of stupidity .

He is an Antisemite and is the Sam's club of PC leftist bigotry. I have enumerated his bigotry and Holocaust minimization games. He has posten numerous statements here
that qualify US Joooooos are paranoid yada yada yada. Anyone who wishes to see can freely look through the archives. I have given him the courtesy to respond here a courtesy he denies others.

He is a communist appologist and one can read his statements. He makes every excuse under the sun for the wacky death cult of communism 100,000,000 customers served er deceased and rising. John Brown , Jason Papas and others pointed out his wacky observations on the Chemist as well.

We generaly treat posters in the manner they come. Rob , B , Kafkaesque and AC Patriot come in peace and I treat them with respect. I encourage those who disagree to come here. I am not afraid to debate or defend my positions.

If White Supremacists came here I would attack them just as vigorously as I do anti-semites. I love 95% of my country with the following exceptions left wing utopians,
white power idiots and felons. My advice to liberals is step away from the leftist utopians.


HB said...

It is entirely possible for liberals to demonstrate common sense, Beak. Not likely, but possible. One of my all time favorite quotations was said by Air Marshal Sir John Slessor, who in commenting about utopian ideologies said: "It is customary in democratic countries to deplore expenditures on armaments as conflicting with the requirements of social services. There is a tendency to forget the most important social service a government can do for its people is to keep them alive and free."

In the quest for a perfect world, your liberal detracters will always argue against actions that will guarantee movement in that direction. Full ahead, Beak . . . you are on the right track.

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

Apparently you did not submit yourself to the proper authorities for your indocrination oops I might PC training. Liberals can call us stupid, mindless, bigoted, etc but if you even raise an objection will then you are not playing fair.

Tell those complaining to get their mommies.

beakerkin said...

HB Welcome to the blog.

Always Sourced the funny thing is these people are seldom under any scrutiny at all.